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What Kratom Costs You In The USA

Kratom, nature’s miracle herb is so popular nowadays that a lot of people buy it from local and online shops frequently.

A lot of people, however, struggle to find the right kratom for the right cost.

In this article, we will not only discuss what kratom will cost you in the US, but we will also disclose prices of different strains of kratom which will give you a good idea regarding the cost of kratom.

But before getting into the cost of kratom, let us ask you, what do you know about the various strains and types of kratom?

The Different Types of Kratom Strains – Red, White, Green Vein Kratom

Different Forms & Strains Of Kratom

Ground crushed leaves are used to make kratom powder. Kratom capsules filled with the same kratom powder are also widely available.

Kratom is commonly found in three colors, which depend upon the color of the veins of kratom leaves. Let us briefly discuss the benefits of these 3 strains:

Red Vein Kratom

Red kratom is popular for its amazing pain-relieving properties. It is used by many for its relaxing and soothing effects, which help people fight insomnia.

Enhanced Sumatra Red Vein Powder

White Vein Kratom

White kratom is an energy buster. It will enhance your mood and will make you more focused, productive, and alert.

Green Vein Kratom

Green kratom is famous for its well-rounded effects. It has mild effects of both red and white kratom.

Green Vein Sumatra Kratom Review: How Is That Different From Other Strains?

Yellow kratom, a rare strain of kratom, produces the same effects as green kratom; however, the effects are a little stronger and long-lasting than green kratom.

How Much Kratom Powder Costs You Online?

1) Super Natural Botanicals

Natural Botanicals Review

Supernatural Botanicals is based in California, USA. It provides top-quality kratom and strictly adheres to its mission of providing premium ethical kratom to its users.

Let us dig deep into the cost of kratom available here.

Super Natural Botanicals Review

A) Red Bali Kratom

Cultivated from the highlands of Bali, Indonesia, Red Bali kratom is one of the top-selling products. It costs $ 11.95 per 28gm (1oz) pack.

This turns the per gram cost to be approximately $0.43. However, the per-unit cost decreases as you go for a larger pack.

A 250gm pack costs $59.95, which means approximately $0.24.

One kilo pack costs $179.95, which further lowers per gram kratom cost to $0.18.

B) White Sumatra Kratom

This kratom exactly costs the same as above. This means if you go for 28 gram packs, one gram of kratom will cost you $0.43.

If you go for one kilo pack of kratom, one gram of kratom will cost approximately $0.18.

C) Sulawesi Kratom Leaf Powder

Grown and imported directly from the rainforests of Sulawesi, this kratom is available in all red, green, and white strain. Yellow Sulawesi, a rare kratom, is also available here.

The price is the same for Sulawesi, irrespective of the strain color. A 28gm pack costs $11.95 while a 250 gm costs $59.95.

2) Divine Botanicals

Divine Botanicals are focused primarily on providing top-notch kratom. They are known for importing fresh kratom directly from Southeast Asia.

Is importing kratom all the way from Southeast Asia a good idea? Why not grow anyplace else closer and feasible?

Kratom is native to Southeast Asia. To grow it someplace else other than its native place requires more expertise and effort.

That is why in the past, it was more popular in the countries which fall in the Southeast Asian region like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.

Back on the topic, let us look into various kratom available and their prices.

Kratom powder is available in different sizes. So, let us look at the costs of different strains.

A) Green Malay

35gm pack for $18
1000gm pack for $220

B) Horned Red Vein

35gm pack for $18
1000gm pack for $199

C) Hulu Kapuas

30gm pack for $13
270gm pack for $86.50

D) White Vein Maeng Da

33gm pack for $18
450gm pack for $150

3) Kratora

maeng-da-buy-kratom kratora

Kratora is one of the few online vendors which offers same-day shipping.

Their products are lab-tested and authentic. They also provide free priority shipping in the US for an order of $50 or more

Following are the price in dollars ($) for one ounce(oz) or 28 grams of various product available:

  • White Vein Borneo costs $11.99.
  • Maeng Da costs 19.99.
  • Thai Red Vein cost 14.99.
  • Green Malay costs 12.99.
  • Green Thai costs 14.99.

Kratora: BuyKratom.us Vendor Review

4) PurKratom


Pur kratom offers same-day shipping and is a GMP (Good Manufacturing Program) approved vendor.

The price per ounce (28gm) are as follows:

  • One ounce(oz) pack of kratom powder of majority of the variety such as Red & white Borneo, White Indo, Red Thai, White Bali, Yellow Vein cost $15.99.
  • One-ounce(oz) pack of Super Green Maeng Da and Red Bali are priced at $16.99, a dollar more than the rest above.

PurKratom Review – High Quality Kratom Seller

How Much Kratom Capsules Costs You Online?

So, let us also discuss the cost and price details of kratom capsules available online.

1) SuperNatural Botanicals

  • A lot of strains such as Indo white Vein, Red Bali, Green Malay, White Borneo are available for the price of $19.99 per bottle, which consists of 50 capsules. This makes the price of one capsule to be around $0.4.
  • The 50-capsule bottle of Red Maengda and Red Borneo is a dollar expensive than the rest ($20.99 each).

*Each capsule contains 500mg or 0.5gm of kratom.

2) Divine Botanicals

Divine Botanicals offers capsules bottles in two sizes. The prices mentioned below are for the majority types of the kratom capsules available, including Green Thai, Green Malay, Green Maeng Da, Red Thai, Red Sulawesi, Maeng Da, Yellow Borneo, etc.

  • 50 capsules bottle for $24.99.
  • 100 capsules bottle for $49.99.
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*Each capsule contains 750mg or 0.75 gm of kratom.

3) Tropic Health Club

A) Tropic Health Red Maeng Da

  • One bottle (60 Capsules) for $39.92.
  • Three bottles (180 capsules) for $119.97.
  • Four bottles + free CBD for $147.95

B) Tropic Health Green Energy

  • One bottle (60 Capsules) for $37.92.
  • Three bottles (180 capsules) for $113.97.
  • Four bottles + free CBD for $140.55

C) Tropic Health White Boost

  • One bottle (60 Capsules) for $37.99.
  • Three bottles (180 capsules) for $113.99.
  • Four bottles + free CBD for $140.99.

*Each bottle contains 60 capsules.
*Each capsule contains 600mg of kratom.

Are you a regular user of kratom capsules looking to save a few bucks?

Good news for you!
Tropic Health Club offers a 12.5% discount upon subscribing.

Tropic Health Club Review

4) Koko Kratom

Koko kratom offers a wide variety of Red, Green, and white strains. Regardless of the price of all types of kratom is standard and varies only by size.

  • 1oz (28gm) costs $18
  • 4oz costs $52
  • 8oz costs $89
  • 17oz costs $129
  • 1 kilo costs $189

KoKo Kratom Review – Should You Buy From This Brand?

Local Sources

Kratom can easily be bought from nearby local shops, minimarts, and gas stations.

Getting your kratom delivered from an online vendor will take some time to reach your doorstep.

On the other side, buying kratom from a nearby store/shop is probably the quickest way to get your hands on kratom.

Buying Kratom From Smoke Shops, Headshops & Local Gas Station

Many smoke shops, minimarts, and stores at various locations and gas stations do often sell kratom as it is legal in most of the US.

The cost of kratom heavily depends upon where you are buying from and varies from shop to shop. Quite a time, these local shops offer kratom at discounts.

The prices are often lower at smoke shops as they often sell contaminated and diluted kratom.

On the other hand, if your local shop is selling imported authentic kratom, it will cost them more considering wastage and high fixed costs of running the store.

Check the freshness of kratom as unsold kratom may sit on the shelf for quite a time. It is highly recommended to check Yelp, Google, and Reddit for reviews on kratom vendors.

A Reddit user claimed to buy 30-gram kratom from a nearby head shop for $50.

Another user from Ohio reported to get 100grams of kratom for $30; however, he complained that the kratom quality was not up to the mark.

Astonishingly some users reported that shop owners demanded more price if they catch the hint that you are not aware of kratom prices.

Are You Interested In Buying Kratom In Bulk Amount?

If by chance, your answer is no, you will surely reconsider your options after reading the below-mentioned amazing reasons why you should buy kratom in bulk.

Wholesale Kratom – Best Bulk Kratom Suppliers Online

Similar to many other products, buying kratom in bulk will help you save a few bucks and will save your time required to order again and again.

Depending upon your seller, you can avail a discount of anywhere between 5% to 30%.

An added advantage is that some online vendors also offer free shipping over a certain amount of order. The bulk buying is convenient and economical.

You can even ask your kratom buddies and friends to pool your order and get in bulk. We guarantee all your friends will be more than interested as this will be easy on their pockets.

Moreover, in this unprecedented time of COVID 19, you surely do not want to run out of kratom only to know that your order won’t be delivered due to lockdown and restricted movements.

Though you can choose any of the vendors you find best, we are here with two amazing choices.

Let us quickly look at what kratom will cost you in bulk when ordering from them.

1) Wholesale Ketum Superior

Ketum superior offers authentic and genuine kratom. With exceptional customer service, they offer free priority shipping on orders above $100. Their bulk discounts vary from time to time.

On some products, they offer 5-15% off depending upon time and products. On others, they offer ‘buy 3 get one free’ type of deals. Visit their website for more details.

Ketum Signature Blends Kratom Is Mixing Up

2) Super Natural Botanicals

SNB makes sure that it rewards well to its regular and loyal customers. They provide special discounts on bulk purchases.

They have reward programs for regular customers by which their loyal customer can avail a 30% discount on routine purchases. They even offer free delivery for orders above $86.

Verdict – Buying Online vs. Offline

Unless you are in urgent need of kratom buying kratom will be a better option as this allows you to save some money and choose from a wide variety of genuine, authentic products.

The costs of kratom vendors vary from vendor to vendor, both whether buying it online or offline.

That is why we have provided you with details on what kratom will cost you in the US.

With additional per gram and per ounce price of kratom, you can now easily compare it to the prices of any other place you wish to get your kratom.

Finally, we can sigh in relief as we are confident that after reading this article, you will never end up buying overpriced kratom.

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