Herbal medicine is the new trend the world is going through these days. Kratom is the latest edition in these herbal alternates which has all the potential of being a medicine and a recreational plant.

It’s a unique extract which offers more than just medicinal effects. Initially, it was only limited to Southeast Asia but thankfully, the globalization has made it possible to reach each part of the world.

Unfortunately, Kratom market only works online. It delivers the products to the users at any region of the world, excluding the areas with legislative restrictions.

There are multiple options which show up in search results to buy Kratom. However, there are only a few which are reliable.

This article is a review of a new Kratom dealing website called “PurKratom”.

It is rapidly gaining popularity. Here is everything which makes PurKratom a trustworthy option.

PurKratom – A New Kratom Vendor Online

The website has been launched recently and it has reached to a sky-high ranking because of its reliability. The site is a fully developed and 100% genuine. It is based on selling only one product “Kratom”.

The information on the web page suggests that it is based in Florida, USA. The idea behind developing the website is that Florida and USA have only a few authentic Kratom dealers.

Many of the users deprive of original Kratom just because they don’t know where to find it from.

The information on the web page suggests that it is based in Florida, USA. The idea behind developing the website is that Florida and USA have only a few authentic Kratom dealers.

Many of the users deprive of original Kratom just because they don’t know where to find it from.

From the natural area of growth, Southeast Asia, it takes a long way for Kratom to reach the USA.

The American Kratom Association suggests that there are a lot of misconceptions regarding Kratom in native Americans.

For this, Kratom needs to be come up with proper information, guideline, and quality based supply. Here is how this website helps.

It makes the native strains to reach the USA and across the world under the strict manufacturing, processing and supplying units.

Which Kratom Strains Are Available?

As the website has been a recent advancement, there are not all strains available. For now, there are some basic kratom strains which are in stock. These strains include the following.

In the native areas of cultivation, the only option to use Kratom was to chew its leaves. The modern technologies have on the other hand created more options.

Now Kratom is available in more than just leaves. These forms include the fine powder of leaves, capsules, tinctures etc.

Among all these options, only the powder and capsule are highly popular, so the website only sells these two Kratom products for now.

PurKratom blog – Why Is That Helpful?

The website PurKratom has a Kratom blog linked to it. It frequently posts articles on Kratom, its uses and benefits for a person.

This is an additional benefit which provides all the necessary information on Kratom as the plant, powder Kratom, and Kratom capsules.

This is not a common thing, only a few vendors care to educate their viewers on what they are trying to purchase or might be missing. The purpose of these blog posts is to help the reader understand why Kratom is a good option to use.

Disclaimer By The Website

The website has a disclaimer which clearly announces that the statement of the website is not evaluated by Food and Drug Administration abbreviated as FDA.

It further suggests that Kratom is legal in some areas of the world. However, not all regions support its legal status.

A user must confirm the local legislature over Kratom before making an order. The age of the customer is also a restriction. PurKratom doesn’t sell any product to a customer below 21 years of age.

The disclaimer also explains that the Kratom products mentioned on the website are not medicine and they don’t prevent or cure any medical condition. These are just health enhancers which improve the status of health.

How To Order?

PurKratom operates completely online. All the products are clearly mentioned on the website along with packing details and price.

It advises creating a customer account to access the products for purchase. Once the login is made, the products are easier to view and select. A user can select between powder and capsules.

  1. Kratom Powder: The Kratom leaf powder available in only one packing size which is 1 oz, it makes 28 grams roughly. All the strains are available in only this 1 oz size pack. However, a user can order up to 9 packs in one order. which means 9 oz is the maximum to order.
  2. Kratom Capsules: Like Kratom powder, the kratom capsules are also available in one packing size only. It is 50 capsule pack which is same for all strains. As per details on the website, each capsule contains approximately 500 mg Kratom powder. The maximum number of packs to order is nine which is same as that of powder.

How Flexible Is The Shipment Procedure?

The shipment is made on the same day when a customer orders any product. The strains mentioned on the website are already in stock.

All the orders before 3 Pm EST from Monday to Friday are sent for shipment right after confirming the order. All the shipments are sent from Florida, where the company belongs.

Once the shipment is sent, the customer will get a confirmatory email and later he can track it online. The website even ships to PO boxes which are very rare feature.

For now, PurKratom offers free shipment without any limitation of any maximum or minimum value of the order. This is one of its kind offers which is rare.

Is There Any Return Policy?

The website ensures a quality product. However, if there is a problem with the product or the customer is doubtful on quality, the website offers 30-day return policy.

It starts from the date of purchase till 30th day onward.The shipping cost to send the product back to the company is to the customer.

Once the product reaches to the head office, PurKratom will issue the full refund excluding the shipment cost. It will take 3-5 business days.

How Expensive Is PurKratom To Buy Kratom Products?

PurKratom offers an affordable price for all its products. The price range to buy Kratom capsule is between $18-20 which is not an expensive option.

For powders, it offers $11.99-$15.99 price which is a very affordable price. Some of the products are not yet priced because they are new in stock.  The website seems willing to add more strains for its users in near future.

The Additional Features

  • Multiple purchase option

There is no minimum or maximum purchasing restriction on the user. The website also does not claim to be a wholesale dealer. But the amount which it offers for one-time order is quite high. It can either be of one strain or multiple.

  • Descriptions

The good thing about ordering the product is that it is easy and straightforward. Below each strain of Kratom, there is a short description which tells about the benefits of that particular strain.

  • Payment options

The website PurKratom accepts all major payment sources i.e. Master, Visa, Discover Network, etc.

  • User reviews

If someone is not sure whether a certain product will work or not, the reviews are here to help. Each product has a complete section of user reviews which has user ratings and personal review statements.

It can be very helpful for the new visitors to decide which strain to buy. It has a Facebook and Google+ links up too which further helps to market the products.

  • Privacy of the information

PurKratom values the customer information and it doesn’t sell, share or rent this information to any outside party.

The information which it asks for is just to confirm the order. This information includes name, shipping address, billing address, contact number and email address.

  • Affiliate network

The website offers an affiliation network plan for the loyal customers. It is a marketing strategy which enables to generate new traffic to the website. It offers an attractive commission to the user for this.

Contacting The Website

The company provides complete address and contact details online. It adds points to its authenticity that it is a trust-able option which has trackable information with it. The address of the company is as follows.


9737 NW 41 ST #764 Doral,

FL 33178

It has a customer care line which is accessible from 9 Am to 5 Pm on weekdays. The number is +1-(800) 985-6429.

One can also send a written query to ask about any strain, shipment or order at [email protected] Other than this, the website has an online form to ask direct questions.

Final Thoughts On PurKratom

PurKratom, although a relatively new name in Kratom online market, however, it is getting fame day by day.

It is due to the high-quality Kratom powder and capsules which it sells. All the products have a premium quality which matches with the aim of the company.

It is a USA based company which has a complete address to track it. It educates viewers on Kratom and tries to remove the misconceptions about Kratom.

The shipments are both national and international. All types of queries are directed to customer care department which ensures to satisfy the customer.

Overall, it’s an authentic and reliable source to buy Kratom.

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