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Red Devil Kratom: To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Red Devil Kratom is an online kratom store headquartered in New York, USA, that also offers CBD, cat’s claws, and Shilajit products.

The company claims to “maintain the biochemical equilibrium within Kratom strains” to maximize its effectiveness.

In this review, I’ll go over the pros and cons of buying from Red Devil Kratom, and in the end, you’ll find these points summarized to help you make an informed buying decision.

Things You Should Know Before Buying From Red Devil Kratom

Probably the most important thing to know about Red Devil Kratom is that it’s not AKA GMP certified.

And nor does it conduct third-party lab testing of its products — there’s no mention of lab reports on its website.

This means that we don’t know whether the company follows standard manufacturing practices and if their products are safe to use.

However, the customer reviews on the website are all positive. It seems that not only the products are safe to use, but they are also high-quality.

Although the company does not maintain social media accounts, the reviews on its website are all Google reviews and therefore genuine.

If you Google the company’s name, you’ll find that it has 56 reviews with an overall rating of 4.9/5. A lot of these reviews speak about how “nice” the company’s owner John is.

But John is not nice enough to offer money-back guarantees. In fact, the company does not accept any returns whatsoever and it makes this very clear on its website.

The company’s shipping policy is also quite stringent. It ships only to North America, including the USA and Canada.

And even within its shipping territory, it does not ship to the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. The devil will not serve you if you are in one of these places.

And to make things even more unfortunate, you don’t get free shipping.

The company offers four shipping categories — First Class, which costs $6, Priority mail, which costs $8, Express Mail, which costs $24, and if you’re in Canada, you pay $25.

However, the company does offer cash-on-delivery as a payment option. Not having a credit card is not a problem with Red Devil.

Alternatively, if you’d like to avoid the hassle of handling cash, you can pay online through an e-cheque.

Your banking information remains safe because the website uses SSL encryption to secure itself.

If so far things don’t look good, here’s the good news. The company seems honest.

I couldn’t find any false medical claims about kratom on its website and nor did I catch the company selling kratom with false names. It sells kratom for what it is.

However, the blog section on the website only talks about the benefits and uses of kratom.

So while the company doesn’t make false medical claims, it also doesn’t let the buyer know the potential side-effects of kratom and the other products it sells.

If you’re new to kratom, you might want to do some research about its benefits and side-effects before you buy from Red Devil Kratom.

Pricing at Red Devil Kratom seems to be higher than other brands. For example, you can get 1 oz Green Horn Kratom Powder for $12.99 at PurKratom. Red Devil sells the same product for double the price — at $26.

However, you should always compare prices keeping in mind the quality of the products. And you can only find this out by ordering the same product from two different vendors and judging the quality yourself.

What Products Does The Company Offer?

Red Devil Kratom

Red Devil Kratom not only sells kratom, but it also offers CBD, cat’s claws, and Shilajit products.

The company sells kratom in the form of leaves as well as powders. Unfortunately, you don’t get capsules. There are four kratom categories the company offers. These are Crushed Leaf, Extracts and Enhanced, King Strain, and Premium Kratom.

If you want to take kratom with tea, you might want to check out the Crushed Leaf category. The company offers crushed leaves of three strains — green, white, and red Maeng Da.

Alternatively, if you’d like a finer form of kratom, you can choose the Extracts and Enhanced category.

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This includes products that are finely powdered and packs a lot of kratom within a small volume.

For example, 1 gram of Kratom Extract x70 is made from 70 kilograms of kratom. You can expect products in this category to be very potent.

Products in the King Strain category are made by the company to provide long-lasting effects.

All product names in this category start with the word “King” and are presumably more expensive than the regular strains.

Lastly, the Premium Kratom category offers four strains; green, red, white, and yellow.

Also included in this category are blends, which combine different strains of kratom to provide unique and different effects.

The company also sells a wide variety of CBD products. These range from lip balms to vape cartridges, and if you are a CBD enthusiast, you should check these products out.

If you’re wondering what cat’s claw is, it’s a woody vine found in South and Central America. The company sells a cat’s claw extract that has proven immunity-boosting effects.

Lastly, the company sells two Shilajit products. One is Shilajit in its original form and the other is Shilajit tablets.

Shilajit is a sticky substance found in the Himalayas that eases tiredness and fatigue.

If you find yourself exhausted quite often, you might want to check out these products.

What Are The Company’s Best-Sellers?

Currently, four products are trending on the company’s website. These are Kratom Resins 70x, Kratom Extract x70, 1 gram, F5 Super Enhanced Blend, and Red Bali Kratom Powder.

You can get 0.5 oz of Kratom Resins 70x for $6. These resins can be easily dissolved in water and consumed.

They are very potent and are particularly helpful with pain, increased alertness, and insomnia.

If you want something even more potent, you can try Kratom Extract x70. 1 gram of this product is made from 70 kgs of kratom and costs $8.

As you can imagine, this extract is really potent, and you should be careful while taking it.

Red Devil mixes its King Kratom and kratom resins to create F5 Super Enhanced Blend.

The blend contains 6 grams of resins and has enhanced effects. Right now, the product is on sale.

If you hurry, you can get it for $50 instead of its original price of $89.

Finally, if you experience chronic pain, you should try Red Bali Kratom Powder. Bali kratom is famous for its analgesic properties.

Right now, this product is on sale as well and 1 oz costs $18 (instead of $33) and 250 grams cost $118 (instead of $133).


Red Devil Kratom seems really popular amongst its customers. The customers are satisfied with the quality and they all seem to be appreciative of the company’s owner John.

I know this because the customer reviews are Google reviews, and are most probably genuine.

Therefore, if you shop at Red Devil Kratom, you’ll be shopping at a company that seems to be upright, honest, and provides high-quality products.

More importantly, the company offers cash-on-delivery. This means you don’t have to pay before you receive your product.

However, you’re not restricted to cash-on-delivery. The company also takes payment through e-cheques. Whatever works for you.

And finally, the company’s website is a one-stop-shop. Not only does it have a huge variety of kratom products, but it also sells a wide range of CBD oils and Shilajit products.


However, there is no money-back guarantee and the company won’t accept any returns whatsoever.

If you’re outside North America, the company won’t deliver to your location and even inside North America, the company doesn’t deliver to Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. Plus, there is no free shipping.

Also, the company is not AKA GMP verified and nor does it conduct third-party lab testing.

If you’re paranoid about product safety, you might want to pause and think before you buy at Red Devil Kratom.

Final Thoughts

I think Red Devil Kratom is not a bad option in terms of product quality.

However, there are certain drawbacks like the no-refund policy that makes other vendors a better choice when it comes to buying kratom.

If, however, product quality is all that matters to you, you should definitely try Red Devil Kratom.

Ruth Hadfield
Ruth has been a freelance medical writer for the past five years, ranging from academic papers to blog posts to magazine articles. Her speciality is writing product reviews and medical instruments. Besides writing she is a registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree, living in New York with her mother.

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