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Etizolam for Pain Relief: Recommended Dosage and User Experiences

For centuries people have been trying ways to cure pain. They have been taking different things to get rid of the pain. However, no such treatment of pain has been found so far that doesn’t come with extensive side effects.

People have been taking morphine and other Opiates to alleviate pain, but they end up getting addicted to it. Etizolam is a substance that has properties of analgesia and it can be used for pain relief.

What is Etizolam, what are the uses of Etizolam and what is the recommended dosage of Etizolam? This all will be discussed in the following article along with the user experiences.

What is Etizolam? What is the mechanism of action of Etizolam?

Though people think that Etizolam belongs to the Benzodiazepines, but it actually doesn’t. Etizolam is structurally different from Benzodiazepines.

It has a thiophene ring instead of a benzene ring. It acts on the benzodiazepine receptor, allowing more interaction of the GABA with the GABA receptors. Now we are well aware of the fact that GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter.

The longer GABA is attached to the GABA receptors, the longer chloride channels remain open. The opening of these chloride channels results in the influx of the chloride ions which causes the hyperpolarization of the neuron.

A hyperpolarized neuron is not able to transmit nerve impulses. So if a nerve impulse from a pain receptor is coming towards the brain areas for pain reception, on interaction with these hyperpolarized neurons, the nerve impulse stops. It is not conducted towards the brain pain areas.

Also, Etizolam is known to act as a sedative. Sedating a patient with pain also relieves his condition. Sedation is achieved through the same GABA inhibitory pathway.

Etizolam for Pain

As stated earlier that Etizolam can be used for pain. It can be used for alleviating chronic pain. It is can be taken by patients to relieve the pain associated with cancer chemotherapy. It also helps patients with post-operative pain.

It is useful for fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fractures and other painful diseases like colic etc. It can be taken orally, sublingually or even rectally. The commonest mode of administration is the oral one.

Other than this Etizolam can be used for depression, anxiety, panic attacks, convulsions, and insomnia and muscle relaxation. These effects are achieved because Etizolam acts on the receptors present along the ascending reticular formation and the limbic system.

What is the recommended dosage of Etizolam for pain?

Etizolam is an anxiolytic, a hypnotic and a sedative substance that also alleviates pain. The dosage of Etizolam is given according to the severity of the condition. 

The normal dosage that can be given for relieving pain is 0.5mg to 1.0 mg but the dosage can be increased to 2 mg if the pain is too intense or crushing.

The dosage of an Etizolam must not be increased above 2.0 mg. Increased frequency of Etizolam intake and increased dosage can result in side effects like seizures. The substance can be habit-forming if taken for long continuous periods.

Therefore, Etizolam intake should be tapered slowly. The regular dosage of pain can be taken with water or any liquid.

Missed Dose:

If you miss a dose of Etizolam, take it as soon as you remember. If it’s the time for the next scheduled dose, you can skip the missed dose. Non-compliance with Etizolam has side effects so it is recommended not to miss any dose.


An overdose can have serious side effects so immediately report to your doctor if you overdose, or if Etizolam is consumed by a child. The symptoms of overdose are; decreased heart rate, reduced breathing rate, altered state of consciousness and fainting.

What are the experiences of users related to Etizolam as an analgesic?

According to many users on Reddit, they have used Etizolam for anxiety or depression and surprisingly found out the amazing analgesic effects of Etizolam. For them, a nightmare ended because now they didn’t have to take two medications.

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A user on Reddit told that he was told by a colleague to take Etizolam for his femoral fracture pain. He started taking 2mg of Etizolam for pain and within no time he felt better. The excruciating pain was reduced and his sleep pattern improved. However, he explains that he had to increase his dosage to keep experiencing the same effects.

Many users, however, do not discuss the analgesic properties of Etizolam. They are more inclined towards the anxiolytic and anti-depressant effects of Etizolam. According to them the analgesic effect of Etizolam is due to the sedation produced by taking a larger dose of Etizolam.

What does research say about the use of Etizolam for pain?

A research study “Recent experience in the short-term Etizolam treatment of irritable colon syndrome” by Tarantino G, Morelli L and other colleagues it was that the painful symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome disappeared in patients who were given Etizolam.

The study had 22 subjects with complaints of diffuse pain in the lower abdomen. They were given Etizolam for 25 days, 1 tablet twice a day. In most of the patients, the pain was reduced and the number of bowel motions was decreased, concluding that Etizolam is effective in patients with colon disorders.

Another study “Multi-center randomized control trial of Etizolam plus NSAID combination for a Tension-type headache” by Koichi Hirata, Muneto Tatsumoto, Nobuo Araki and other colleagues proved the efficacy of Etizolam as a potent analgesic.

The study included 144 patients who suffered from a tension headache. The patients were randomized into two groups, one given only NSAIDs and the other one given NSAIDs plus Etizolam.

The results of the study predicted that the combination treatment of NSAIDs and Etizolam proved to be more useful in patients having a tension headache.

What are the side effects of Etizolam?

Side effects of Etizolam start appearing in persons who consume larger doses of Etizolam or who take more frequent doses. The list of side effects is given below. It is not necessary for a person to experience all these side effects together.

Etizolam may cause side effects like drowsiness, sleepiness, vertigo, confusion, headache, muscle weakness, slurred speech, reduced or heightened libido, visual disturbances, urinary incontinence or retention, memory problems.

If you experience any of the above-mentioned side effects report immediately to your doctor.

Final words

Etizolam is a wonder substance that has a range of properties. According to user experiences and scientific experimentation, Etizolam is a potent analgesic that can be used for various painful conditions.

However, its main use is found in the treatment of anxiety and insomnia. If the careful dosage of Etizolam is taken it can prove to be very effective.

Frequently asked questions

What is the onset of action of Etizolam?

It is within 30-60 minutes of oral administration.

What is the duration of action of Etizolam?

It is 6 to 8 hours after consumption.

Can I take alcohol with Etizolam?

Do not take alcohol if you are taking Etizolam, it may lead to excessive sedation.

Can I get addicted to Etizolam?

It has a moderate habit-forming potential, thus it should not be taken for longer periods.

Can I take Etizolam if I am pregnant?

It is recommended that pregnant ladies do not consume Etizolam. Same recommendation for breastfeeding ladies.

When shall I not use Etizolam?

If you have a neuromuscular condition like Myasthenia Gravis, avoid taking Etizolam. If you have narrow-angle glaucoma and porphyria avoid Etizolam. Do not take Etizolam if you have an allergy to the ingredients in Etizolam. Also avoid it, if you suffer from pulmonary insufficiency or liver diseases.

Does Etizolam interact with other medications?

Yes, it does. The list of drug with which Etizolam interacts is mentioned below;

  • Cetirizine
  • Cisapride
  • Clozapine
  • Ketoconazole
  • Metoclopramide
  • Morphine
  • Disulfiram
  • Clonidine

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