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Essential Oils That Cause Euphoria And Get You High

We have widely heard the term Euphoria, but what is it? In fact, euphoria is an experience that offers pleasure and benefits to a person. Euphoria means a feeling of intense happiness and emotion. We can say that Euphoria is a state of feeling when a person reaches an efficient state of extreme joy that can be comparable to ecstasy.

More easily, euphoria can be understood as a massive boost in mood that makes a person happy and satisfied. When we talk about Euphoria, the first thing that pops up in our mind is how one can experience it without getting involved in recreational drugs?

If you are looking for the natural ways to reach the state of euphoria, you must read this post.

How to experience Euphoria naturally?

Forget about taking drugs and alcohol to get high, as there are wonderful natural ways to experience the feeling.

Many different natural home remedies cannot only give you a great mood burst with a feeling of pleasure but will also promote your positive mental health.

The natural and legal remedies can provide you euphoric motivations so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest without subjecting yourself to harmful substances that can lead to self-loathing.

Since ages, herbs have been used for various medicinal purposes and experiencing euphoria is not an exception.

The good news is that aromatherapy with essential oils is an excellent way to get high without damaging your mind and body.

Essential oils for Euphoria

Essential oils are not only used for aromatherapy purposes, but they are an excellent way to uplift your emotional, physical, aesthetic, and spiritual wellness.

Essential oils are brilliant to make your environment fragrant and offer positive effects on your emotional and physical concerns.

The therapeutic benefits of essential oils give you the freedom to treat yourself and enjoy all the goodness that comes from the aroma of these natural materials. Essential oils work to get you high and let you indulge in the state of Euphoria.

The use of illegal drugs will only give you short-lived euphoria; however, the use of therapeutic essential oils will offer wide wellness benefits along with the natural highs.

Though there is a large variety of essential oils for euphoria oils available on the market, we have short-listed the top 10 essential oils for the euphoria that cause euphoria and get you high naturally. Check out our list below:

  • Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary sage essential oil, also known as Salvia sclarea, has originated from the Mediterranean and Africa.

Already known for its sedation benefits, Clary sage oil has a powerful ability to create an effective euphoric effect by calming down your nerves.

Studies have suggested that Clary sage oils can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including insomnia, hormonal, mild depression, anxiety, and stress disorders. This essential oil is derived from the plant and has a calming floral scent.

The key chemical element of Clary sage oil is linalyl acetate, which makes it highly relaxing and soothing. The use of this oil promotes feelings of wellness along with euphoric sensations.

How to Use Clary Sage Essential Oil?

Inhale directly: You can inhale directly from the bottle before bedtime.
In Diffuser: You can add a few drops to your diffuser or burner.
Apply topically: Apply few drops to the bottom of your feet.
In Bath Water: Add a few drops to your bath water to kill stress and anxiety.
Massage: Take a few drops and massage a little to back and shoulders to enjoy the feeling of peace.

  • Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary, also known as Rosmarinus officinalis, is a well-known herb that is used for different purposes all around the world.

Rosemary essential oil has been known to be used widely for medicinal purposes to improve mental clarity, reduce pain and muscle spasms, stimulating hair growth, and aiding the nervous systems.

Besides having a wonderful aroma, Rosemary essential oil is considered as a nootropic that helps to enhance cognitive powers. With its amazing properties, Rosemary essential oil helps in reducing anxiety symptoms by controlling hypertension and improving mood.

It is a multipurpose essential oil that is safe to use in food and medicines in different forms to achieve various benefits.

A study suggested that the essential oil of rosemary has great effects on the human image and cognitive abilities. The long-term use of Rosemary oil will awaken the potential of euphoria and sedation.

How to Use Rosemary Essential Oil?

Inhale: You can directly inhale Rosemary oil from bottle to improve memory and focus.
In Diffuser: You can use Rosemary oil for aromatherapy by adding few drops in your diffuser. The best mood and euphoria feelings can be achieved from 10 to 20 minutes of exposure to rosemary oil.

  • Passionflower Essential Oil

Passionflower, also known as Passiflora incarnate, has the origins in the Southeastern part of the United States.

Passionflower, one of the best essential oils for euphoria and has been used for various purposes for centuries, today it is vastly known for its calming effects, sedative properties and the euphoria it creates. The unique features of Passionflower oil make it a winner for enhancing relaxation and boosting moods.

Passionflower has been consumed in various ways and forms, but the most popular these days is using passion flower essential oil for aromatherapy. Passion flower oil will not only offer soothing effects but will also act as a sleep regulator.

According to the research carried out by National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), it is suggested that Passionflower may help relieve insomnia and anxiety and can also help you achieve natural highs.

How to Use Passionflower Essential Oil?

In Diffuser: Add few drops of passionflower oil to the diffuser to enjoy the calming effects.
Inhale: You can inhale passion flower oil directly from the bottle.
Liquid extracts: The liquid extracts of Passionflower can be used in different ways and forms to enjoy the natural euphoria feeling.

  • Valerian Essential Oil

Valerian, also known as Valeriana officinalis, is native to Europe and North America and has been widely used since centuries as a part of Chinese medicine practice.

Valerian essential oil is already known as an effective treatment for anxiety and sleep disorders. However, these days Valerian oil has marked its name as a powerful means to treat addictions promotes natural euphoria and calming down nerves.

Its unique quality is providing the relaxing feeling with mental clarity. Valerian essential oil is a natural detoxifier that can work as a stress buster for you.

Researchers suggested that Valerian is also hypnotic and can naturally produce euphoric effects.

How to Use Valerian Essential Oil?

Apply Topically: Apply 2 to 4 drops of Valerian oil on location and vita flex points.
Inhale: You can inhale it directly from the bottle.
In diffuser: Add few drops of Valerian oil in your diffuser to experience the euphoric element.

  • Lavender Essential Oil

One of the most popular and versatile essential oils for euphoria is Lavender, also known as Lavandula angustifolia. Though Lavender essential is the master of all, it is especially known for its relaxing and calming effects on the body.

The amazing sedative properties and the soothing aroma of Lavender oil are widely known to provide a sense of relaxation and peace to mind and body. Lavender oil is a bundle-pack of wellness with the gentlest touch among all essential oils for euphoria.

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This oil is used for skincare to healthcare and to achieve physical and emotional balance. The therapeutic-grade Lavender essential oil can ease up muscle tension, reduce stress, enhance moods and relaxation and get you high naturally.

The aroma of Lavender oil is sweet and floral, and it supports health, skin, emotions and nervous system altogether.

A study at NCBI – NIH suggests that Lavender has some great effects on the nervous system that helps in combating various illnesses and naturally creating euphoric feelings.

How to Use Lavender Essential Oil?

Inhale: You can inhale directly from the bottle or rub two drops of lavender oil in your cupped palms and inhale it to calm your mind.
Apply Topically: To enjoy immediate calming effects, you can rub few drops of Lavender oil on the feet, temples, and wrists.
In Diffuser: Enjoy the euphoria naturally by adding few drops of Lavender in a diffuser.

  • Orange Essential Oil

If you want to enhance your immunity and beautify your skin, Orange essential oil is a perfect choice for you. With its citrusy fragrance, Orange essential oil is known to enhance energy while improving moods and enhancing focus.

The origin of Orange oil is the fruit of the Citrus Sinensis orange plant. This amazing essential oil is derived from the outer peel of the orange fruit, which has been known as a real immune booster from ages.

The strong taste and aroma of orange essential oil will refresh your mind by decreasing hypertension and anxiety.

The most significant active ingredients of orange oil are limonene and myrcene, which make it rich in anti-oxidants to fight various health conditions.

Being known for its healing abilities, orange oil can help dealing with chronic fatigue by killing depression and gets you high with enhanced pleasure.

According to research, Orange essential oil may help alleviate stress disorders and can bring euphoric feelings.

How to Use Orange Essential Oil?

In Diffuser: Add a few drops of orange essential oil in your home diffuser.
In the bath: Add few drops of orange oil to your shower wash to lift your mood.
Inhale: Inhaling it directly can bring on amazing relaxation and euphoria.

  • Frankincense Essential Oil

One of the most talked about essential oil is Frankincense, which has been known worldwide for promoting a positive mindset.

The use of Frankincense essential oil will lessen up the tension while improving your moods.

This essential oil is derived by steam distilling the tears of the tree. The potent abilities and earthy smell have made Frankincense essential oil distinguished from others.

Besides having an exotic aroma, there are many health benefits linked with Frankincense oil that makes it so alluring.

The use of Frankincense oil will promote the feelings of wellness and relaxation while improving circulation. It also helps in hormonal balancing, thus make positive effects on your mood disorders.

In 2008, an article in The Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, the research team mentioned that Frankincense essential oil might infuse users with mild euphoria.

How to Use Frankincense Essential Oil?

Steam: Add six drops of Frankincense oil into a bowl with some hot water. Lean over the pan with a towel covered over your head to take the proper steam.
Inhale: Put a few drops to your hand and rub your palms to inhale the oil.
Apply topically: Mix a few drops of a carrier oil and apply topically for instant relief and mood uplifting.

  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang essential oil, also known as Cananga odorata, is one of the favorite oils in town because of its ability to stimulate a sense of serenity and calmness.

This nice smelling essential oil gives you a physical, mental, and emotional support with its sweet floral scent. Ylang Ylang essential oil is popular for balancing hormonal systems, along with offering strong support to emotional and spiritual balance.

The amazing abilities of Ylang Ylang oil have great positive impacts on the person’s mood and emotions. The calming effect of Ylang Ylang oil helps in lifting up the mood and creates euphoric sensations.

Ylang Ylang essential oil is considered as the oil of inner child, as its use can help you get connected with the sense of inner joy, satisfaction and happiness like a child. It will allow you to express your emotions while getting you high with joy.

According to the study, the use of Ylang Ylang essential oil may have wonderful relaxing effects on humans.

How to Use Ylang Ylang Essential Oil?

In Bath: Add few drops of oil into an Epsom salt bath for immediate relaxation.
Apply Topically: Massage few drops on your shoulders, back, and wrists to promote peace and happiness.
Inhale: Experience the emotional balance by inhaling the ylang-ylang oil directly from the bottle.

  • Bergamot Essential Oil

When it comes to talking about a great combination of offering mind, body and soul wellness, we cannot forget the Bergamot essential oil.

Bergamot essential oil, also known as Citrus Bergamia, is extracted from the citrus fruit Bergamot’s rind and has been popularly known for improving health and wellness with natural aromatherapy.

The use of Bergamot essential oil can provide you with amazing benefits such as; relieve stress and anxiety while improving your mood. Also, the use of Bergamot oil can be both uplifting and calming, as you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

The citrusy and sweet fragrance of Bergamot oil will make you fall in love with it, as it is widely used for its ability to enhance emotional wellness.

A study suggests that the use of Bergamot essential oil in aromatherapy will improve mood and cater symptoms of stress.

How to Use Bergamot Essential Oil?

In Diffuser: Add few drops of Bergamot essential oil in your diffuser to reduce tension.
Inhale: Inhaling Bergamot oil will make you’re deeply experiencing the feeling of calmness.
Apply Topically: Apply few drops of Bergamot Oil onto the soles of the feet for relaxation.

  • Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit essential oil, also known as Citrus x paradise, is a therapeutic oil that holds amazing health benefits.

This essential oil is extracted by cold-pressing the rind of the fruit. Grapefruit essential oil is widely known for increasing energy levels and uplifting moods with its citrusy and fresh scent.

The aroma of grapefruit oil will offer better energy, uplifted mood, and increased stamina, thus helping you in building up your activity levels.

Besides being the mood-lifter, Grapefruit oil is packed up with many other health benefits that include, supporting healthy metabolism, reducing mental stress and anxiety, and enhancing emotional balance.

Just like other citrusy essential oils for euphoria, Grapefruit oil also has an uplifting aroma that diminishes the feelings of bad moods, anxiety, and stress.

A study suggests that the amazing properties of Grapefruit oil can greatly improve your mood while infusing euphoria and happiness.

How to Use Grapefruit Essential Oil?

In Diffuser: Add few drops to the diffuser to enhance focus.
Apply Topically: You can apply few drops topically for sore muscles and joints relaxation.
In Bath: Add few drops of bath water to enjoy calmness.

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