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10 Best Websites For Kratom Information, And News

Whether you are a new Kratom user or an old one, there is one thing that all of you need. It is the latest Kratom information and its news. As you already know that Kratom is the medicinal herb from Southeast Asia, which is a prominent part of traditional medicines.

It is not something new. But the world outside of its native areas of growth started knowing about Kratom a few decades ago.

“The Journal of American Osteopathic Association” has published a study on the pharmacology of Kratom, which is a natural stimulant, analgesic, and an opioid.

It explains Kratom to be a medicinal plant, which is proven treatment for pain, diarrhea, cough and opioid withdrawal. The pharmacologically active agents, notably Mitragynine and 7 OH Mitragynine are responsible for most of these effects.

There are multiple strains, numerous benefits and many methods to use Kratom. There is no way you can say that this is the complete description of Kratom.

There is always something new which may excite you. It can be a scientific study, new health benefits, new strain, new form or a new way to use Kratom.

For example, “Frontiers in psychiatry” has published a research report in 2017 that explains biochemical benefits, diagnosis and clinical risk evaluation of Kratom.

Most of the readers would not especially search for latest research on Kratom; instead, they will follow a source that publishes latest but reliable Kratom information.

All the websites that you see are Kratom vendors. There are other websites, which are mainly allotted for Kratom information, discussion, user experiences and news.

If you don’t know about any of these, don’t worry; here is our list of 10 websites on Kratom that every Kratom lower should follow.

1. Kratomguides.com

The first in the list is kratomguides, which every Kratom enthusiastic should follow. This site is ideal if the visitor is at beginner level. There are different categories, each one of which contains respective articles on Kratom.

The first category that you will see right after opening the website is “Strains.” It is the primary tool, which will tell you necessary Kratom information and its strains.

It means even if you don’t have any prior knowledge on Kratom; you will get a complete summary here. It explains Kratom strains, origin, general effects, dosage, etc.

Now when you thoroughly understand the basics of Kratom, another category of information on Kratomguides is on how to use Kratom.

Here you will find information on almost every possible way to use Kratom and standard dosage to use etc. This section of the website is loved by new as well as regular Kratom user on its latest updates about Kratom strains.

Another category on Kratomguides is “Effects.” As the name indicates, it is information about how to use different effects of Kratom, the difference between Kratom strains by effects, dosage and how to use them.

The website also enables the visitor to read reviews on a particular strain before making up their mind to try it.

There is lots of data on the legal status of Kratom, which is sometimes confusing for the new users.

Additionally, you can find best Kratom vendors here.  If you are convinced to use a particular strain of Kratom, the website also gives you an option to make a purchase online.

Lastly, if you are unable to find Kratom around you or don’t want to try it due to medical reasons, the website will tell you the best alternatives to Kratom.

All these factors make Kratomguides the top-ranked Kratom information website. Here is a direct link to the site.

2. Sagewisdom.org

If you don’t want all the information on Kratom divided into categories and wanted to read a complete description, Sagewisdom is what you should check.

This website has a widely spread international impact, and it is available in over 5o languages.

You can select any of your native languages and read the Kratom information on Sagewisdom. It has information on medicinal plants including Kratom.

About Kratom, you will find complete Kratom user guide. You may find the information about strains and Kratom types at any website, but when it comes to user guide on Kratom, you cant trust anything that you read.

The info on Sagewisdom has answers to all fundamental questions on Kratom. Give it a read for complete information.

3. Mitragyna.com

Mitagyna is the name, which represents a genus of Kratom plant. With relevance to this, this website is created as a complete information centre on Kratom.

Here you can find Kratom information in five different languages that include English, French, Deutsch, Española, and others.

Unlike the other website, it is not very comprehensive and detailed. But the information here is simple and easy to understand.

The goal of this website is not to explain the complexities in Kratom phytochemistry and mechanism of action. Instead, it describes the necessary Kratom information in the most comfortable possible way.

Here a reader will find material on Kratom botany, usage, effects, preparation, experiences, legality, warning, and links.

It also links with online Kratom vendors with trusted Kratom products. These Kratom suppliers deliver in Canada, Europe, and the US.

4. Ensobotanicals.com

Ensobotanicals is mainly a leading Kratom selling website that is famous for its trusted status.

It has its blog on which articles on Kratom type, usage and effects are published from time to time. These articles have latest and accurate Kratom information.

In a way this is a two in one package for the Kratom users; they can ready about Kratom and order it right away from the same website. No need to read, decide and search for a Kratom vendor.

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The fantastic thing about Ensobotanicals is its section called “Kratom Bible.” This category has all the Kratom information that you will ever need to know.

Amazingly, this content is written in the simplest possible form. There is absolutely nothing, which may be difficult to understand at Ensobotanicals.

Additionally, the website is open to hearing from you. It accepts queries and questions sent on enso@ensobotanicals.com.

5. Kratomiq.com

Kratomiq is designed to gather the Kratom information at one place. This website is unique for its expression of content. It is casual and attractive. While reading it, the visitor feels more connected to the subject of the article.

The first thing to grab attention is “quick start guide.” It is more like a Kratom101, in which the primary questions about Kratom are briefly answered.

This segment is the best if you don’t like to read the detailed data. It is simple, brief and to the point.

The website also has information on Kratom strains, how they feel, how to take them and what to expect. It links to an online Kratom vendor called Happy Hippo Herbals.

Additionally, it reviews different online Kratom vendors and Kratom strains for their efficiency.

6. Discoverkratom.org

Discoverkratom is not itself a Kratom selling website. It is just a website that explains Kratom; it’s working, and its types.

As you can guess from the name, Discoverkratom website is a tool to know more about Kratom. This know-how is not through detailed articles. Instead, it builds the assumptions by reviewing vendors and strains online.

You can find some strain review.  If you ‘re not sure about which strain to use, read this section and learn how these strains differ.

Reviewing Kratom vendors is the best way to analyze the status of a Kratom supplier. Select the one that has a good review here.

Lastly, if you want to buy Kratom, it will direct you to one of the reputed Kratom sellers, i.e., supernaturalbotanicals.com.

7. Kratomonline.org

As soon as you decide to open Kratomonline website, a pop-up window opens, asking you about your desired effects. It is a little try from the site to help the visitor what he is searching.

The home page of the website is full of different varieties of Kratom strains. Probably you would not see all this on the homepage of any other site.

It is such a delight to see. This website caters some Kratom strains that grow in different parts of Southeast Asia.

There are articles based on Kratom information published by Kratomonline. They are visible on the homepage as well as respective categories.

You can read the article on anything, i.e., strain, usage or read reviews. The website will automatically suggest you relevant Kratom strains, with a direct option to purchase online.

8. Kratom.la

A relatively less popular but efficient website for its business dealings and significant working for promoting Kratom.

This website contains the point information and purchase options only. There are minimal categories, including information about Kratom plant, origin history, strains, methods, dosage and using strains.

You can read original user reviews at the bottom of each strain’s purchase page. It is in business from 2010 to 2011.

Once who used the services of this website never likes to switch to any other kratom supplier. It offers complete guidance on selection and strain 100% satisfactory product to be delivered.

9. Kratom Science

Kratomscience is a website that has an authoritative role in delivering Kratom related information. The numerous categories of this site encapsulate knowledge about Kratom strains and their respective effects.

It also tells methods to prepare and use Kratom. The best thing which is rare on any Kratom website is the option to compare and analyze Kratom strains.

Here is a section dedicated towards the analysis of best Kratom strains. It is helpful for a reader to decide between two or more strains by reading an analysis report of each one of them.

It also caters to the general and latest information about Kratom. As Kratom is not available in all regions of the world due to local laws and regulations, knowing the progress on Kratom.

Kratomscience also suggests a trusted online vendor for Kratom purchase. You can access it by going to the category “where to buy Kratom and top centre.

The website also enables user reviews and comments on each article and post published. It gives an idea that people are encouraged to share their views; you can read these comments to know the experiences of other Kratom users.

10. Erowid.org

Erowid is a huge setup that contains tons of information on psychoactive plants and human interactions. Not just Kratom, it has data on various psychoactive plants and chemically made drugs.

You can read about basics (dosage, testing, history, effects, FAQs), Images, experiences, chemistry, statistics, reviews, laws, policies and library related to psychoactive substances.

Other categories rich in comprehensive details include spirituality, law, culture, art and books on several herbal and chemical psychoactive.

Kratom being one of the most common herbal psychoactive has general information, scientific journal, researchers, cultivation, experiences, law, media coverage and books available on Erowid.

Erowid is an organization that is supported by members to provide unlimited access to reliable Kratom information. It accepts donations, and anyone can sign up for subscription and membership.

Jennifer Kurtz
Jennifer Kurtz studied medicine at the New Jersey School of Medicine (Rutgers). She is passionate about developing her knowledge of Cannabis, Nootropics, Kratom, and nutritional supplements. In addition to attending medical webinars and conferences, she loves to write research-based articles for magazines, healthcare professionals, and medical agencies.

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