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10 Best Legal Euphoric High Herbs

Euphoria is an extreme state of joy and relaxation which is a highly desirable effect. For centuries plants are used for the own psychoactive potential. Some of these plants share the highest sense entheogens which are substances to initiate euphoria and similar effects. This article is about the best legal herbs which anyone can use for the euphoric feature and psychoactive capabilities.

The need of euphoria

There are times when everyone needs a sedating help. Euphoria is not something which is negative. Most of us live a modest lifestyle, and when it comes to self-pleasure, there is not much to do. Not all people find relaxation in the party, sports or television. Using a herb a to get a relax state of mind and body is not much to desire for.

Cambridge dictionary gives a perfect definition of euphoria as: “Extreme happiness, sometimes more than is reasonable in a particular situation.”

As per more medical meaning, an alternative definition of euphoria by medical dictionary is, “An exaggerated feeling of physical and mental well-being, especially when not justified by external reality. Euphoria may effect by drugs such as opioids, amphetamines, and alcohol.”

For almost everyone, the daily struggle of life is boring and dull. It is not a collective mindset to go for solutions than to drag it further. When people go for alcohol, drugs and illegal methods to get high, it is the same urge which forces them to do it which everyone feels. The escape from problems is the easiest using this way.

Unfortunately, this is not the right thing to do. Taking help from negative and illegal means is never a wise choice. In this situation, taking help from commonly available, mild and legal products is what a person needs. Using the green alternatives is the probably the best in the modern world for their particular effects.

Why are herbs a better alternative?

There are some herbs which are naturally rich in psychoactive ingredients. Mainly these are alkaloids which are responsible for praising the way brain and body feel. Recently, it was a significant trend to use euphoric chemical solutions. Things changed with time, and now people are aware of the health hazards.

Using a green alternative is the latest trend which is not only safe but legal. It is commonly available and has no health damages as that of chemical-based drugs. For this, plants are becoming an excellent choice for attaining stress-free, sedating and euphoric experience.

Which herb to use for euphoria?

There are some options which anyone can look for. Most of them are commonly available herbs which are always in stock. A summary of ten best legal high herbs to try are as follows.

1. Kratom

Being a high profile plant from the fertile lands of Southeast Asia, there is no need to introduce Kratom. No doubt, it is the most famous herb when it comes to the maximum benefits in daily life.

Mitragyna speciosa has the high amount of over 40 compounds, out of which, 25 are alkaloids. The capacity of these bioactive compounds is what makes is one of the best options for routine use. For centuries, Kratom is famous for its recreational as well as medical effects. It is a preferable choice over drugs for the safety benefits.

Not all Kratom strains are euphoric; rather one needs to make a detailed research on Kratom to shortlist the best strains for euphoria. It works on a high dose to get significant kratom euphoric effects. Maeng Da is probably a euphoric Kratom strain ever.

It is legal in greatest of the world, however, some areas face a ban on Kratom trade., It is due to the illegal trade and the risk of addiction for poor administration.

kratom for euphoria

2. Ayahuasca or Yage

Ayahuasca Vine which is scientifically known as Banisteriopsis Caapi is one of the great plants for the trance-like feeling. The word “Ayahuasca” means the vine for the soul and its suggests to make a drink which has high medicinal and recreational value. The active compounds of this plant are Beta-carboline harmala alkaloids, MAOIs and DMT.

Ayahuasca Vine sometimes brewed with another plant called Chacruna. It is a shrub which is scientifically called Psychotria Viridis. This combination makes a ceremonial drink which has high physical and spiritual feelings. It is native to Amazon region.


3. Wormwood

Wormwood or Artemisia absinthium is the native plant of Europe, Asia, and North Africa. It has a shamanic and religious factor involved which makes it an even more excellent choice to induce sedation and euphoria. It is famous as the sole ingredient of Absinthe which is a traditional Bohemian drink. This drink causes a feeling of clear-headedness, focus, and motivation which results in sedation and euphoria. The active ingredients of Wormwood are called thujone which gives this plant its signature effects.


4. Kava Kava

Kava Kava or simply Kava is an ancient plant of western Pacific region. It is a plant which makes a ceremonial drink of the same name. Scientifically it is famous as Piper methysticum which has high amounts of bioactive compounds called kavalactones in them.

Initially, it was a medicinal plant only, which was traditionally famous for the association of the native region. The religious, political, cultural and social means of the popularity of Kava became prominent with time. This plant produces the best occasional drink which calms the nerves. Overcomes the anxiety helps in boosting social fear and makes a person feel lighter. It also promotes inspiration and motivation which is a highly desirable effect.

It is used both by chewing and drinking. The effects of alcohol make the tongue a little numbing, but overall it’s a safe choice to overcome the social fear and anxiety with a feeling of euphoria and overall well-being.

Kava Kava

5. Diviner’s Sage

Salvia divinorum or diviner’s sage is a well-known plant from the area of Sierra Mazateca of Oaxaca, Mexico. It is only specific for growth in this region and doesn’t grow anywhere else. It is a famous product to use by Mazatec Indians which use it for the divine properties. These religious properties are majorly stressed relief, lightness, and euphoria.

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The leaves contain high amounts of Diterpenoid known as Salvinorin A which induces the initial feeling of ecstasy. The natives crush the leaves to extract juice and mix it with water. Tea is also standard which is used to produce the process of natural healing.

The other ways to use diviner’s sage is to chew the leaves or smoke them. It is also available in a tincture form in which the effects are even more higher. Somehow the effects of diviner’s sage are not controllable in tincture form as it has pure bioactive compounds. The effects of smoking diviner’s sage are comparatively short lasting. For more full and stable results the right way is to use a drink or chew the leaves directly.

Salvia divinorum

6. Morning glory

Morning glory has been famous for the hallucinating effects that it produces. The results are high in seeds, but the other parts of the plant are mild euphoric too. The seeds have high amounts of LSA which causes the particular effects. It is legal, but many areas of the world still have a ban on them. The seeds are readily available from any plant nursery or gardening store easily. The seeds are brown to black in colour and are available under many native names such as:

  • Pearly Gates
  • Baby Woodrose
  • Heavenly Blue
  • Flying Saucers

The biochemical compounds act as LSD with fewer dangers involved. The effects come by chewing the seeds, but for a more intense effect, there is a specific way to follow. One can just soak the seeds in water for long hours, crush them and eat them later on. If this soaking takes a few days, the seeds will start to sprout. Many users believe that the sprouting seeds have the highest potential of euphoria and ecstasy as they have a maximum number of chemicals at that time.

Some users prefer to smoke the crushed leaves rolled into a cigarette. There is no as such data available on the morning glory seeds abuse. Long-term use, however, can affect the liver and neurological makeup. The effects last for good 5 to 6 hours. The side effects are minor such as nausea and vomiting.

Morning Glory

7. Nutmeg

Probably the most shared and accessible available plant that can help for elation and euphoria is the nutmeg. Most of the people know nutmeg as a kitchen ingredient which is a part of several recipes. To your surprise, it has a mild euphoric effect.

The new place of nutmeg is not the kitchen cabinets. The users share their experiences that how sprinkling a little nutmeg over eggnog can initiate an underlying euphoria. However, the more demanding users are using an entire tablespoon of this spice to get more effects.

The best thing to use nutmeg is that it is not harmful at all. Second best the thing is that the euphoria by nutmeg is not the same chemical based euphoria which achieved through drugs. This euphoria is much more stable and mild.

Many users explain their experience with nutmeg to be soothing, whereas a few remember it as a total blackout.

The effects of it are highly user dependent which has no as such crucial side effects. Using a moderate amount is the right way for a safe and efficient use.


8. Damiana

Damiana is a native herb of Central America and Mexico. A few parts of West Indies also has its growth. It is available from the health and grocery stores easily at any part of the world. It is a part of daily supplement which means it has no legal issues and concerns. It is a highly potent herbal remedy for sexual dysfunction, depression, and many digestive problems.

The inhalation of Damiana produces a unique, joyful effect which is more or less same like euphoria. It overtakes the mind and induces a feeling of overall well-being. The safest way to use Damiana is to use it in a moderate quantity to avoid the risk of addiction.


9. Channa

Channa is also famous as Kanna which is a native of South Africa. This plant is a useful product to make the mood better with the higher level of stress relief. The botanical name of channa is Sceletium tortuosum. It is an old succulent plant which has many ways to use it. The earliest historical evidence suggests it have the same usage like tobacco i.e. chewing. In modern times, it is available in many forms even in gel caps. The usage of channa brings on calming effect which relieves the stress. In a higher quantity, the results are ecstatic than medicinal.

Sceletium tortuosum

10. Blue Lotus

Blue lotus or the sacred blue lily is the local of river Nile. It predominantly grows in East Africa. The significant feature of this plant is the spiked petals. The history suggests it to be a natural sedative and euphoric choice. It elevates the senses and initiates a feeling of peace and tranquillity. It is now available in tea, extracts, and various other forms. It is a kind thing to try.

Many of the user’s complaint the euphoria to be not as high as that of chemical drugs. The reason is that plant based euphoric high herbs is safer which suggest it to be not that high to cause a health damage.

Blue Lotus

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