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The 2024 Wholesale CBD Oil Buying Guide

Thinking about CBD oil bulk buying? Good to know! CBD wholesale buying can be personally rewarding for individuals and financially for the retail shop owner.

Whether you are an individual who needs a monthly supply of CBD or an independent vape shop owner, there are certain things that you need to take care of.

A few decades ago, CBD oil was not well-known. With the recent explosion in the CBD market and its legalization, several new retailers are partnering up with CBD brands. Even tobacco farmers have converted to farming hemp because of its demand.

Because of the boom in both supply and demand of CBD oil, many retailers have sub-standard or fake products. For this reason, a customer needs to be wary of such brands.

This CBD oil wholesale buying guide will provide you with all the information you might need about the types of CBD products.

Moreover, this article will help you in considering key factors when buying these CBD oil-infused products at bulk prices.

Understanding The CBD Type: Isolated, Full & Broad Spectrum

This is one of the most important factors that a buyer needs to consider before buying any CBD product. Due to the increased demand and oversimplification, many people are under the misconception that all CBD products have the same quantity. There are three categories of CBD products based on their cannabinoid profile:

  • CBD isolate is either in the form of an isolated slab or isolates powder. For producing CBD in isolate form, the CBD extract is processed in such a way that all of the terpenoids removed, and only pure CBD is left. The uses of CBD isolates are quite versatile.
  • Full-spectrum CBD is the one with the maximum number of additional terpenes and cannabinoids present in them. They also have a trace amount of the psychoactive compound; THC up to 0.3% or less. Although this slight amount will not get you high, the THC can show up on drug tests.
  • CBD with Broad Spectrum: The issue that people had with full spectrum products is the trace amount of THC present in them. This issue does not exist in the case of broad-spectrum CBD products. They still contain the cannabinoids and beneficial terpenes which are initially characteristic of hemp. Although, through various crystallization and extraction techniques, any detectable amount of THC removed from them. Therefore, the broad-spectrum products have beneficial terpenes in them but are THC free.

Which CBD Spectrum To Go For?

If you are aware of which spectrum of CBD product you need to buy, it automatically narrows down the available options considerably. This makes it much easier to choose which brand you want to select.

Full-spectrum products are the best thing to go for if you are not concerned with the trace amount of THC present in them.

If you are looking for a THC free product, then broad-spectrum CBD products are recommended.

Products with CBD isolates are generally not recommended because they have limited medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

Reputable brands will always correctly label the spectrum of the product that they are selling.

Choose either a full spectrum or a broad-spectrum product depending upon your THC desire and your tolerance to THC.

Never buy a product that does not have the spectrum mentioned.

What To Look For In The Product?

You must go for a retailer that is selling high-quality products because this will work in your favour. Price range is not a proper determinant for quality because prices fluctuate according to the extraction methods. The following things need to be taken care of to find a trustworthy retailer with high-quality products.

  • Consistent Formulations

One of the drawbacks of buying from a brand that sells various cannabinoid profile (full and broad-spectrum) is that they have this own formulation. Scientists have proven broad and full-spectrum products to be much more advantageous than isolates. However, these companies often have inconsistent formulations among various CBD products. When buying, look for a wholesale CBD company that has a specific formula consistent over batches.

  • Non-psychoactive

This is very important while buying CBD products. One of the main reasons as to why CBD products have suddenly become so popular is because they are non-psychoactive. This means that these products do not get you high. The main reason as to why this happens is the absence of THC. Although full spectrum products have 0.3% THC in them, it is too negligible to cause psychosis. Many brands do not go the extra mile to extract the THC from the oil. Thus, make sure that you buy from the brand that sells THC free products.

  • Versatile

CBD products come in a lot of different forms: Tinctures, Capsules, Softgels, Vape juice, Salves, Gummies (more mentioned below). While going for a brand, one should make sure that the brand is versatile. Variety is essential when it comes to choosing a brand. Salves, tinctures, capsules, edibles are all different forms of CBD oil-infused products that should be available by the brand that you choose from.

  • Source of Raw Materials and How it Get Processed

Many people are under the misconception that all CBD derived products are the same. This is not the case.

Natural grown CBD strains with proper nutrients and sunlight always provide the best type of CBD oil. This is because it is saturated with terpenes and cannabinoids.

Similarly, the hemp strains grown in an artificial culture medium would not be as effective.

Moreover, the extraction and crystallization processes which are done to remove THC are also crucial in determining the quality of the CBD oil.

The most effective and quality ensuring extraction method to this day is CO2. Many companies use harsh solvents like alcohols and other chemicals for extraction, and this destroys the quality of the CBD oil.

Make sure to check how the strains are grown and their extraction process as well. Always select a company that tells you about the source of the hemp and make sure that the sources are viable and trustworthy.

What To Look For In The Company

The CBD brand that you choose to be partnered with or buy from is a critical decision.

Because of the swift attention people have given to CBD, many brands and manufacturers are unable to deal with the increasing demand. This shows poor customer satisfaction. The first thing you need to see when deciding the company is customer feedback.

You need to select a provider that is flexible and able to meet deadlines. Furthermore, your provider needs to have excellent service so that you are confident about the distributor you have selected.

The company that you go for should have their addresses adequately given, and there should be a range of delivery options available as well. Furthermore, the reviews of the provider should also provide you with a clear view of whether or not you should go for that company.

The brand/manufacturer/provider that you are choosing should also have lab-tested products, and every batch should have a specified formulation.

Another factor which is of prime importance when selecting a company is whether or not you want them to represent you.

Select a distributor according to your standards and expectations. Do not settle for anything less.

Always choose a distributor which is according to your standards and have rigorous quality control and quality tests.

Be wary of companies that sell synthetic CBD because of its adverse effects. While selecting a distributor, stick to good old-fashioned organic hemp-derived CBD.

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Perhaps the most crucial factor while selecting which distributor to go for is to register their prices. Take a note of the price range quoted by your provider and compare it with the people in your target market. The affordability of your customers should also tell you whether or not you should choose that particular provider. The variety of products provided should be another telling factor.

  • White Labeling Option

These are the CBD products that come from the wholesaler without their label on it. Retailers then resell these products. The said retailers are responsible for the packaging and branding of the cannabidiol products. These products include everything from CBD pet treats to white label CBD capsules to salves and gummy bears.

Many hemp labs of America claim to manufacture authentic White label CBD products. These products make it easier for a person to start their CBD brands and choose their label.

The White label option is one of the most significant investment opportunities for startup companies.

  • Time For CBD Oil to Reach Your Store

No one likes to wait too long for their products to be delivered. Always select a company with more than one shipping options as well as lesser delivery timing. The standard shipping time of CBD derived products in the USA takes about 3-4 days. This is the usual time, but there is always another option of priority shipping in good companies. The priority shipping delivers the goods in a maximum of 2 days.

  • CBD Wholesaler Training and Consulting Service

Always choose a brand with a trained team so that their exposure and training will help your CBD brand to grow. There are many manufacturers and CBD wholesalers in the market that provide services to develop and promote your brand. Furthermore, they also have consultancy services available.

Always choose to partner with a company that will provide your brand with the exposure it needs and has a trained team with the proper expertise to help you through your journey.

Why CBD Wholesale Pricing Is Important

When the CBD business exploded, many companies started selling sub-standard goods simply because the general public was unaware. These days, however, the pricing situation has been brought under control. It is important to review the prices of the goods that you are buying and compare it with other sellers.

There should also be a difference between the prices of online sellers and store-front sellers. There are charts available in the market that allow you to calculate the cost per milligram of a particular CBD product.

These charts help make sure that you do not buy overpriced and sub-standard products.

Choose From These Major Finished CBD Products

The CBD derived from the cannabis leaves is one of the most versatile products that nature has to offer. It can be used in a variety of different ways and to manufacture a lot of consumer products. Following are some of the major finished CBD products:

  • CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are used as dietary supplements. The considerable CBD amount in them makes these tinctures very useful for human health. CBD tinctures are manufactured by slowly cooking cannabis strains which are rich in CBD. The tincture on its own can be very bitter. For this reason, a sweet-tasting oil added into it as a carrier.

  • Topicals

CBD topicals also have a great deal of influence and demand in the market. These are the products used externally. They include products of skincare as well as balms and lotions applied by patients of many bone diseases. They also range to hair-care and moisturizers.

  • Edibles

Cannabis edibles are simply what their name suggests them to be. They are edible foodstuff which has been infused with CBD. They include many forms of candies and jellies. Savoury foods, as well as baked items, are also infused with CBD to give a lighter, more fun way of ingesting CBD and availing its benefits. Edibles are also exceptionally well known in the CBD product range.

  • Vape Pens

CBD vapes and vape pens are another instantaneous methods of ingesting CBD. Many people have adopted this method because of its ease and variety of flavours. A wide range of products ranging from oil cartridges to disposal vaping pens is available for the people who prefer to vape the CBD oil.

CBD Vape pens are among the most used methods of ingesting CBD, and the vape pens can be acquired easily.

  • Beverages

CBD beverages are just what their name suggests them to be. They are beverages that have CBD incorporated into them. These beverages offer the same benefits that CBD oil does.

They help to control blood pressure, make digestion better, help to detoxify the body and even assists in weight loss. Because of these significant advantages, these beverages are high in demand.

  • Isolate powder

CBD isolate is a white, pure crystalline form of CBD. It is 99 % pure and is available in grams. The isolate powder contains only CBD independent of the other compounds which are present in CBD oil including waxes and chlorophyll. These compounds removed during the extraction of the isolate powder. They are free from psychoactive THC; therefore, do not make you high.

  • Isolate slab

CBD isolate slabs similar to CBD isolate powder in their concentration. They are also pure CBD with no other added partner or carrier compounds. They come in 96 to 99% purity and sold in grams. Extra care is taken during manufacture to remove any additional compounds other than CBD. This is done through various crystallization and extraction techniques.

  • Waxes and Suppositories

The waxes and suppositories are infused with CBD oil. These CBD infused waxes used for smoking or dabbing. The CBD suppositories are a great way of dealing with menstrual pains. Although many people are wary of these suppositories, they are proving to be extremely helpful to the users.

  • Miscellaneous

CBD oils are also infused in a variety of other products like pre-rolls and pet treats. CBD oil also used in the manufacture of CBD transdermal patches which are further used to introduce a specified dose of CBD. This occurs through the skin, and the patches work more or less like nicotine patches.

Final Thoughts

There has been a boom in demand for CBD infused products due to the legalization of hemp. And for this reason, Bulk CBD demand has also increased. The bulk CBD makes it easier for the businesses to formulate CBD products according to their needs and try to come up with new to fulfil the need of consumers.

The above article provides you answers to the most frequent questions that arise in the general public’s mind when they venture into the world of CBD wholesale.

One should make sure that the products they buy are lab tested. Furthermore, no person under the age of eighteen should be allowed to buy CBD infused products. If you are a patient that takes prescribed medications, you should consult your doctor before you incorporate CBD infused products into your daily life.

The CBD market is only expected to rise more every day, and the decision of which manufacturer to go for is becoming more confusing. Not to worry, because a little knowledge about the rights and wrongs of the CBD market can help you tremendously. Use the above guide to help your business grow and aid you in CBD oil wholesale.

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