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Being one of the only CBD retailers that come from emotional and humble beginnings Papa & Barkley takes pride in their dedication to providing top-notch products.

A quote from the owner summarizes the emotional background of Papa & Barkley; “Papa’s back pain inspired me to make a cannabis-based medicine for pain relief.” Given this background, there is little to no doubt in the dedication that Papa & Barkley has to make people’s lives easier with CBD.

Apart from being a CBD retailer, Papa & Barkley is also a very reliable knowledge center for CBD related information. Their website gives you access to their blog, which has numerous detailed posts about CBD, its uses, advantages, etc. However, not all stores take it upon themselves to educate their customers. Therefore, this is one of the unique characteristics of Papa and Barkley.

What makes Papa and Barkley even more inviting is the general vibe of the store and its easy to navigate website interface. Not only do their services are more personalized their website is extremely easy to use so you can siphon through their products and pick an ideal one with ease.

How Diverse Is Their Selection?

Normally retailers specialize in the production of one specific CBD product. For instance, some retailers only sell a variety of CBD gummies while others only sell vapes or tinctures. Papa and Barkley have a diverse selection and offer an array of CBD products.

Their all-natural solvent-free collection of products includes; Releaf Balms, Releaf Body Oil, Releaf Capsules, Releaf Patches, Right Ratio Packs, Releaf Soaks and Releaf Tinctures.

These products are available for various different purposes. While some are specifically for pain relief others are for mood disorders or anxiety. Depending on your needs you can find an ideal product at Papa and Barkley.

The wide variety of topical CBD products ensures effectiveness as you can test out the various products and find an ideal one. If a CBD balm is not working for you or is not comfortable, you can opt for a CBD soak or CBD body oil.

Papa and Barkley gives you a lot of products to choose from. One con, however, is the fact that they only have Full Spectrum products. This means that all of their products contain all cannabinoids including THC.

Are The Products Tested By An Unbiased Third-Party?

As far as testing is concerned spokespersons of Papa and Barkley have explained in detail the testing process of their products. Their products are all tested 4 times throughout the production process.

The tests are carried out to check for the potency of the product and the presence of microbial and pesticides. Although the purpose of testing for microbial and pesticides is fairly obvious it’s not the same for potency.

While tests for contaminants ensure the safety to consume of the product, tests for potency determine its legality. Since there is a limit to how much THC can be used and be present in an item this test is extremely important. It checks for the amount of cannabinoids including THC in the products.

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The percentage of THC allowed in most states is 0.3% and below which is why these tests are needed to ensure these levels of THC. Although the lab test reports are not public, Papa and Barkley has promised to provide a certificate of analysis upon request. You can’t access reports from the website itself as in the case of most retailers but you can email them and request for reports yourself.

How Much CBD Is In Their Products?

In order to find out what dosage will suit you the most knowing the potency of the product is essential. Although the dosage is mostly affected by your biological structure, weight and the severity of your condition, the potency of a product definitely plays a part.

As far as the products at Papa and Barkley are concerned, they provide tinctures in 30ml and 15ml bottles. While 30ml bottles consist of 900mg of cannabinoids 15ml bottles consist half of that, 450mg.

In a 30ml bottle there is 30mg THC and the rest 870mg is CBD with the same ratio of CBD and THC being present in 15ml tinctures.

Other products have different ratios. CBD capsules for instance come in 7 counts and 30 count bottles. While a 7 count bottle contains 210mg cannabinoids (30mg per capsule) a 30 count bottle contains 900mg cannabinoids (30mg per capsule).

The special part about the capsules, however, is that they come in two forms, CBD dominant and THC rich ratios. While the THC rich ratio of 1:3 is psychoactive the CBD dominant version of 30:1 is not psychoactive.

Do They Offer Special Discounts?

Another specialty of Papa and Barkley is the various discounts it provides to its customers. Every day there is a promotional offer and discount available for its products at different stores.

For instance the promotional offer at PAD: Mother’s Earth Farmacy for the 4th of October is a sample balm for 1$ at any Papa and Barkley Purchase.

These offers keep on changing and sometimes they are as generous as buy one get one free offer and 50% discounts. This very attractive for customers that choose to go to places in person to shop rather than ordering online.

What Is The Cost Of The Average Product?

Due to the incredibly generous promotions, the prices of Papa and Barkley’s products are relatively high. For instance, a balanced CBD tincture of 15ml will cost you 45$, while that is usually a price for a 30ml tincture. A 30ml tincture will naturally cost you 80$, almost double the amount of a 15ml tincture.

Prices for THC rich tinctures, however, are comparatively less with 15ml tinctures going for 40$ and 30ml tinctures going for 70$. Other products like capsules have costs ranging between 20$ to 70$.

Although these prices seem hefty the regular promotions in place definitely make these products a lot more affordable than they look like.'
Asad Khan
Asad Khan is an independent health journalist who specializes in food policy and global health. He is a senior fellow for investigative health journalism at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

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