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Koi CBD Review: Products, User Reviews and How to Use

Very few CBD vendors in the market sell the finest form of CBD with zero traces of THC. This is why people are not confident when it comes to buying CBD.

However, to our surprise, after some research we found this amazing online store known as Koi which claimed to sell CBD that is highly fine and devoid of THC. Of course, we chose to go into depths instead of agreeing to superficial claims that are done by most of the vendors.

Here’s a review about KOI CBD, about its products and how to use Koi CBD. I am sure, you’ll impressed by their products as much as I am. Happy review reading.

What is Koi CBD?

Back then in 2015, a company labelled as Koi CBD started functioning. The mission of the company was to produce CBD with a standardized quality. To do so, they followed the guidelines set by the FDA and ultimately became a cGMP certified facility. At Koi, the use 99% pure cannabidiol extracted from hemp through pharma grade processes. All the batches of CBD produced by Koi CBD are entirely traceable from the start to the end product. The best part about Koi CBD is that it is legal in 50 states and contains no THC, giving an ultimate CBD experience.

Top products by Koi CBD

Koi CBD Vape Juice line

There are six products in this category and all come in affordable prices, so relax you don’t need to worry about the aspect. These six products come in six flavors; Blue raspberry dragonfruit, the classic strawberry milkshake, flavorless additive, vanilla caramel custard, watermelon green apple sour and pink lemonade.

There is also a KOI variety pack which contains five bottles but the price is of 4 bottles. All products have proper labels. All products contain natural CBD isolate, glycerin, propylene glycol and some natural and artificial food flavors.

Red Koi CBD is very tasty while the gold one comes with a very pleasant aftertaste that further enhance the experience of the user

Koi Natural (full spectrum CBD isolate)

Koi natural contains entirely natural CBD extracted from hemp. The company has ensured that no additives are added and, on their website, they have posted the results of a high-performance liquid chromatography test which signifies that Koi natural has no THC at all and no terpenes at all.

Koi Fitt Started Kit by Envii

Koi CBD also offers vaporizers which includes KOI Stik and KOI Fitt Starter Kit. These are very handy devices as they aid in vaping. It has an amazing battery life. It is a durable vaporizer that has impressed many users. The price of this kit is only $44.99. It is the device in the market consists of both fire button as well as puff sensor. This allows one to have a premium vaping experience.

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How to use KOI CBD vape juice?

Koi CBD can be used exactly in the same way as e-liquids are used. If you are using Koi CBD as a tincture you are supposed to take 3 droppers of Koi CBD daily. Each dropper contains 1 ml or 20 drops of Koi CBD. Just keep the juice under your tongue and allow it slowly get absorbed before swallowing it. The effects start appearing within 2 to 3 hours.

What are the effects of KOI CBD and what is it used for?

Koi CBD has an anxiolytic action and thus it is taken by those who suffer from anxiety. It alleviates the symptoms of anxiety and help in the relaxation of a person both physically and mentally. It is also used for reducing blood pressure and aiding patients with dyspnea. Those having chronic pain have also reported the efficacy of CBD as an analgesic.

Where can I buy KOI CBD and other products?

All the range of products by koi CBD are available at their official website. www.koicbd.com

The site shows all products and the site is mobile friendly as well as user friendly thus making shopping easier. The customer service is up to the mark. The return policy is excellent and the shipping is quite quick.

User reviews about Koi CBD

A user stated the pros and cons of Koi CBD. He bought red and blue CBD in 100mg strength and loved the flavor. Another user stated that he has taken several CBD oils but has found that the best ones belong to the Koi brand. Koi CBD helped the user with his foot pain. According to him it is quite strong and provides instant relaxation. It has also helped him with anxiety and insomnia.

Final Thoughts

As we all know by now that all products by KOI CBD are lab tested and the results are displayed on the website, so it can be considered trust worthy. The multiple flavors have proven to be an additional attracting feature. The flavors are available in various strengths and the prices are quite reasonable due to which we recommend the users to go for KOI CBD.

Asad Khan
Asad Khan is an independent health journalist who specializes in food policy and global health. He is a senior fellow for investigative health journalism at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

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