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Canna-Tsu High Cbd Cannabis Strain Review

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most popular and predominant members of the cannabis family. Alongside tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), they form part of the chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC,

CBD is non-psychoactive which means it doesn’t intoxicate or give that “high” feeling. Recently, CBD and some of its strains have been known to possess some healing properties that can help medically. One of such strains with amazing health-promoting properties is CANNA-TSU.

Canna-Tsu originates from two high CBD strains and is highly regarded for its substantial medical properties. This review contains all you need to know about the Canna-Tsu cannabis strain.


There has been a growing feeling on the acceptance of marijuana in the society today, albeit the medicinal properties. The massive recognition of high CBD strains like the Canna-Tsu owes to its therapeutic benefits and non-psychoactive properties.

It has been known to help in the treatment of inflammation, severe muscle and head pains, cramps and other ailments. Canna-Tsu is a unique breed of cannabis strain that is formed from two high-CBD products namely – Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami. This means, there exists an equal amount of Indica and Sativa in Canna-Tsu.

However, this strain contains a higher portion of CBD and a little percentage of THC. It possesses this sweet flavor and aroma that immediately captures the atmosphere when released. This substance contains a delightful mood-boosting property for patronage. For people who are having severe pains, anxiety, inflammation, and seizures, the Canna-Tsu can be recommended to them.

This particular high-CBD hybrid strain originates from the cross-breeding of two important CBD strains- Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami. The resulting genetic makeup of this unique hybrid is evident in its structure thereby giving it its flavor and unusual chemical makeup.


Growing Canna-Tsu can be done both indoors and outdoors. It is a short plant that takes an average of about ten (10) weeks to grow and mature into a plant. Harvest time takes place at around October later in the year. If you intend growing your portion of Canna-Tsu in the corner of your house, it won’t be a bad idea as long as it is legal in your area.

You won’t have to spend a fortune to maintain the plant as it is not prone to diseases. It will produce a reasonable yield even though it tends to grow in a bushy manner.


1.  It is useful in the medical cannabis community.

2.  People who are seeking an alternative to conventional treatments.

3. Recommended for people looking for a non-psychoactive kind of marijuana who doesn’t want to feel stoned


This high-CBD strain comes in different variants and flavors. Some of the flavors include Citrus, Earthy, Woody, and Sweet.

It also has a unique and refreshing fragrance which seems intoxicating when inhaled. When you taste it or take it in, you can feel this sweet and sour taste that grips you depending on the flavor you picked.


Many smokers have reported experiencing calm feelings while smoking the strain. The presence of CBD in high quantity, suggests that the properties of this strain can be used to treat chronic and consistent pains in the body.


This cannabis strain efficiently relieves pain by preventing inflammation of the blood vessels that may cause aches and further ailments.


Depression is a state of aversion to specific activities. It can affect a person’s sense of well-being and creates a constant bad mood. Depressed people usually feel hopeless, empty and worthless. Such people also tend to make rash and questionable decisions and quickly lose interest in activities they once found exciting.

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If not treated on time, sufferers of depression can attempt suicide. With the use of Canna-Tsu, people who suffer from depression can find some solace as they can feel motivated, inspired and generally pumped up.


A migraine is a situation where you experience frequent recurring headaches. It often affects only one side of the head and can last for days. If it is not handled correctly on time, it can even lead to brain damage. This condition can be easily treated with cannabis strain.


Patients who are having anxiety disorders have been advised to take a dose of Canna-Tsu. It helps to a large extent without any known side effects to date.


Stress is one of the major causes of depression, and a considerable percentage of the world’s population suffers from this menace. It becomes even worse once it develops into chronic stress. Nevertheless, Canna-Tsu helps to reduce your stress level and enables you to relax better leaving you in a healthy condition.


Cannabis strains generally make you feel more energetic, inspired and increases your confidence. For patients who continuously suffer from fatigue, this represents a better solution.


With its soothing effects and ability to calm your nerves, this unique hybrid strain increases mental alertness and keeps you focused always. Its properties leave a smile on your face, put you in a good mood and improve your well-being. Increased alertness will enhance your productivity in any task you seek to carry out.  


With its special abilities to calm the nerves and create a comfortable body temperature, patients who have insomnia and other sleeping disorders have experienced improvements after making use of this strain.


This kind of pain is dangerous because it affects the muscles and creates a sudden contraction which can be painful. Canna-Tsu can efficiently handle it.

This strain also helps to overcome bipolar, PTSD.


Due to its unusual potency, this substance is known to have some side effects. Some of them include:


Canna-Tsu has the potential to make you feel parched. It can cause dehydration leaving you burnt out. This dryness can occur in the mouth, skin and other parts of the body. In most cases, it gives you those dry and itchy eyes. Drinking a lot of water can help to ease such a situation.


Some cases of paranoia have been noticed from the use of this strain. This is possible if you are not accustomed to such medications before or it’s your first time of usage.


After taking this substance, you might experience some level of dizziness. Symptoms of lightheadedness are as a result of the small amount of THC present.

Where can I purchase Canna-Tsu?

At present, there are so many companies legalized to supply pure cannabis strains. So, people can purchase Canna-Tsu from States where cannabis and its variants are legal. Great examples of where you can get natural and pure Canna-Tsu seeds, and other high CBD strains are from some of the following suppliers:

  1. Homegrown Natural Wonders
  2. Sensi Seeds (www.sensiseeds.com)
  3. Resin seeds
  4. CBD Crew Seeds
  5. Mr Nice Seeds
  6. Chimney Rock Genetics

You should try and purchase your Canna-Tsu from companies that are legalized to sell well-known medicinal varieties of cannabis.


Over the years, several drugs have been known to be used for the treatment of specific ailments, diseases, and disorders. But, the side effects of such over the counter pills have even caused more harm than good.

For patients seeking another alternative for their failing health conditions apart from the usual and well-known drugs, Canna-Tsu provides a great option. More so, this cannabis strain is herbal with little to no adverse side effects.

Stress, fatigue, cramps depression, chronic pains, muscle spasms, anxiety, itchy eyes, and even bipolar are some of the health problems that can be handled by this strain. Give it a try today and share the results.

Asad Khan
Asad Khan is an independent health journalist who specializes in food policy and global health. He is a senior fellow for investigative health journalism at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

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