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With the recent legalization of the hemp plant in the U.S., CBD products have been gaining attention almost by the second. Every other day, new people want to try out the magic of CBD. CBD is a cannabinoid with several amazing effects and properties. Customers that use CBD products have reported positive lifestyle changes along with bettering of the biological clock.

However, because of the recent attention that CBD has been getting, there are substandard and inadequate sellers appearing on the market every day. This not only oversaturates the market but also allows terrible products to slip by unnoticed.
You need to find a reputable brand and ensure that you are buying at the best price.

There are many factors you need to consider before you make a purchase. For this exact purpose, we are here to help. We thoroughly review all the big names in the CBD selling industry and give you unbiased information to help you choose the vendor you desire. A vendor that has been attracting a lot of attention in recent days is CBD Bosses.

About The Vendor

CBD Bosses stay true to their name. They are genuinely the bosses of the CBD industry. The brand has been focusing on providing the best customer services along with unique products to its customers. The brand also has other products apart from CBD on sale.

The brand aims to prioritize their customers above everything else. They make sure that the customers who buy from them are delighted with the products that they are getting.

CBD Bosses promise to maintain the best quality of products at incredible prices and deliver them to your doorstep without you having to go through any hassle at all. The brand always has a knack for under-promising and over-delivering because they believe in their actions speaking louder than words.

The brand sells CBD products and ships the most innovative products to herbal and botanical enthusiasts saving them the struggle of having to research and buy on their own.

The teams that have been employed by the vendor are highly qualified in doing what they are doing. Your products will be made by experts and safely delivered to your doorstep without you having to worry at all.

What Are They Selling?

The brand believes in quality over quantity and makes sure that it is not biting off more than it can chew. The brand has a very comprehensive yet fantastic product range with a CBD tincture and CBD relief balm present on sale on their website. The brand ensures the best CBD products, and their price range is also not that heavy in your pocket.

The products present in the product range of CBD Bosses include:

1) CBD Alive Tincture

The CBD Tincture being sold by the brand is a product that has to be unique to CBD Bosses. The product is a water-insoluble mixture of naturally occurring oils along with CBD extracts. The product has gained a massive fan following, and there are many positive reviews regarding the product on the brand’s site.

Moreover, the prices of the products are also not that high. The product has been manufactured by experts keeping in view the needs of the human body. The CBD extract, which is incorporated into the product, is of fantastic quality.

2) Liquid Armor Hand Sanitizer

Although this is not a CBD product, it is no doubt that CBD Bosses know how to keep up with the times. The brand has an innovative hand sanitizer on sale in their product range. The alcohol amount is also lesser in the sanitizer being sold by the brand as compared to regular sanitizers.

The brand offers immaculate and microbe-free hands without a high quantity of alcohol, destroying your hands’ texture. Make your purchase to stay away from a pandemic, keep your hands clean and order the best hand sanitizer from CBD Bosses.

3) Oxy Oil Roll-On

Enriched with CBD, this analgesic roll-on is one of the hot sellers at CBD Bosses. Made with a fast absorption formula, this roll-on enters the pores of your skin swiftly to provide instant relief from pain.

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While the emu oil supports other ingredients’ penetration, the menthol in this topical allows for better blood flow to relieve the pain. Easy to use and practical, this Oxy Oil Roll-on is perfect for people with aching joints and muscles.

4) CBD Pain Relief Lotion

If you are not a fan of roll-ons, this Oxy Oil infused Lotion is just as effective as its roll-on counterpart. Providing extra strength pain relief with the same efficacy, you wouldn’t go wrong using this lotion to help with your muscle or joint pains.

Do They Lab Test Their Products?

CBD Bosses take extreme care when it comes to the health of their customers. The brand ensures amazing products at the best prices. They have amazing manufacturing techniques that are carried out by experts.

When buying CBD products, you need to ensure that the products have been lab tested properly before they are put on the market. CBD products have extracted CBD which has been taken from hemp. The substance is contaminable and therefore needs to be thoroughly tested to be declared safe.

CBD Bosses make sure that their products are safe to be used before they are put on the shelf. They lab test all of their products to ensure that there is no form of contamination in the products. If you are worried about the products from CBD Bosses being improperly tested, you have nothing to be scared of.

Why Should You Buy From CBD Bosses?

When it comes to CBD based topical and tinctures, CBD Bosses is an up and comer. Not only do they provide effective products, but their prices are also reasonable when compared to some of the more prominent brands in the market.

In addition to their already affordable prices, they have regular promotions which make their products even cheaper to buy. If you are still not convinced, then their lenient return policy will surely convince you.

While some vendors in the market only give 14-20 days for a return/refund, CBD Bosses offers a 30-days money-back guarantee. Although you have to ship the product back at your own expense, if the refund is approved after the product’s assessment, then the whole amount will be refunded, including the shipping.

Are They Active On Social Media?

The lack of social media presence of CBD Bosses is another downside to them and a reason why they haven’t blown up in the market yet. While they have social media pages, the pages’ activity is simply not enough to garner a following. Social media marketing in the current day and age is integral for a business’s growth.

In the CBD and Kratom market, social media presence becomes even more critical as you need to continually stimulate potential customers to develop a relationship of trust with them.

Payment and Delivery

Like any good quality vendor, CBD Bosses offer a variety of card payment options. You can make payments via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal at CBD Bosses. To make matters even more accessible, you can even pay via Bitcoin, which is very rare in the world’s e-commerce market.

As far as the delivery of the products is concerned, it is relatively time-consuming. Orders that you place will be shipped out on the very next day. The brand promises to deliver your product 2-5 days after it has been shipped. It also allows tracking of your orders to ease the customers.


Conclusively, while there may be some drawbacks of CBD Bosses, one cannot argue with their products’ efficacy. Most customers who have tried their products only have good things to say about them.

Even if their social media presence is weak and their products are not proven to be tested, customers’ reviews tell you that their products are still worth buying.


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