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Kats Botanicals Kratom Review 2024

Kats Botanicals Kratom varieties are heaven for Kratom lovers. The company has been in the business for quite some time, and with time, it has only improved the quality and range of the products it offers.

Kratom has been used by thousands of customers for dealing with pain, lost concentration, lethargy, depression, and stress.

As there is no available standard to measure the quality and potency of this herbal drug, several vendors befoul their customers by providing them low-quality, stale Kratom products.

Among all the confusion and substandard products, Kats Botanicals is the one vendor you can blindly trust for your all Kratom-related shopping.

Kratom Strains Available At Kats Botanicals

Kats Botanicals provide an extensive range of Kratom strains to the customers which help a lot in meeting the specific requirements of the customers.

Check out the varieties of Kratom strains offered by Kats Botanicals.

1) Maeng Da Kratom Strain

Kratom users who are more into potent alkaloid strains, Maeng Da Kratom strains by Kats Botanicals, are just best for you, and they’ll adequately satisfy your Kratom palate.

Kats Botanicals offer multiple assortments of Maeng Da Kratom Strains, you can mix them for a more personalized strain. Check out the variety provided by Kats Botanicals.

Maeng Da Kratom StrainsCompositionPrice Range
Green Maeng Da1) 80% Green Vein powder
2)20% White Vein powder
$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
White Maeng Da1) 70% White Vein strain
2) 30% Green Vein Kratom strain powder
$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Plantation Maeng Da1) 70% Green Vein
2) 30% White Vein strain
$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Red Maeng Da1) 60% Red Vein
2) 40% White Vein Kratom powder
$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da1) 50% Green Vein
2) 50% White Vein
$4.25 (1 g) – $47.70 (41g)
1) 12 g of 50x Gold extract
1000 mg of CBD isolate

2) Kratom Samples Pack By Kats Botanicals

Sample packs are best if you are going to try a new vendor; the samples give you an opportunity to assess the quality a vendor offers without spending too much.

Kats botanicals take care of that and offer two different sample packs, one for the beginners and one for Maeng Da Kratom lovers.

Kratom Sample PacksProductsPrice Range
Beginner Kratom Sample Pack1) White Elephant (1 oz pack)
2) Green Bali (1 oz pack)
3) Wild Premium Red (1 oz pack)
4) Digital Buddha (1 oz pack)
Maeng Da Kratom Sample Pack1) White Maeng Da (1 oz pack)
2) Red Maeng Da (1 oz pack)
3) Green Maeng Da (1 oz pack)
4) Plantation Maeng Da (1 oz pack)

3) Specialty Kratom Blends By Kats Botanicals

Blended Kratom strains are the best strains as they provide you with a beautiful and pleasant blend of effects. Firstly, they have an excellent impact and secondly, these effects go a long way!

Kats botanicals is an expert in this and offer a range of fusion Kratom powders, which possess a ratio of effects of all products. However, we always say that seeing is believing, so when you order, be sure to try one of these blends.

Specialty Kratom BlendsCompositionPrice Range
Above the WavesRed Vein (#red 1) – 35%
Red Vein (#red 2) – 35%
Green Vein – 15%
White Vein – 15%
$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Digital BuddhaWhite Vein – 50%
Green Vein – 30%
Red vein – 20%
$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
SpacebirdGreen Vein – 50%
Red Vein – 25%
White Vein – 25%
$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Super ThaiRed Vein – 40%
Green vein – 30%
White Vein – 30%
$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)

4) Bali Kratom

Bali Kratoms are efficient in relaxing body and mind; their analgesic properties and anti-addicting properties are of great medical importance.

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Consumers also describe enhanced mental performance and sexual performance with their usage. The effects may vary from person to person or by changing the dose.

Kats Botanicals offer all strains of Bali Kratom with pure and high alkaloid content, so if you are looking for Bali strains, then Kats Botanicals is ideal for you.

Bali Kratom StrainsPrice Range
White Bali$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Green Bali$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Wild Red Bali$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Enhanced Bali$3.99 (1 g) – $37.99 (38g)

5) Green Vein Kratom

Kats Botanicals is there to satisfy Green Vein Kratom lovers with its comprehensive range of Green Strains. However, you will enjoy all the strains available at this shop.

These strains have a unique pain-relieving ability which further enhances the cognitive ability and is long-lasting; their efficacy is preserved by the top-quality processing of Kats Botanicals and is perfect to be consumed.

Green Vein Kratom StrainsPrice Range
50x Super Green Extract$1.89 (1 g) – $45.00 (1 oz)
Enhanced Indo$1.49 (1 g) – $25.50 (38g)
Green API$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Green Asia$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Green Batak$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Green Borneo$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Green Brunei$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Green Elephant$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Green Hulu$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Green JongKong$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Green Malay$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Green Sunda$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Green Thai$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Green Vietnam$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Light Green$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Old Leaf Green$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Pure Yellow$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Super Green$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Super Yellow$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Step and Vein$20.00 (250g)
Wild Green Ketapang$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Wild Premium Green$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)

6) Red Vein Kratom

Kratom lovers know that Red Vein is ideal for a high Kratom experience. Moreover, the one provided by Kats Botanicals is surely better than those by other vendors.

Consequently, Its high-quality products with rich alkaloid content make sure that you experience the best sedative and euphoric effects.

Red Vein Kratom StrainPrice Range
Chocolate$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Dark Elephant$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Dark red Borneo$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Red Asia$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Red Batak$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Red Horn$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Red JongKong$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Red Kali$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Wild Premium Red$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Wild Red Elephant$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Wild Red Hulu$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Wild Red Vietnam$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Yellow Sunda$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Dark Red Malay$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)

7) White Vein Kratom

Kats Botanicals offer the finest white vein strains in the market. Additionally, they have accurate strength, potency & alkaloid content and are best stimulants and mood enhancers.

White Vein Kratom StrainsPrice Range
White Bali$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
White Borneo$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
White Elephant$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
White Hulu Kapuas$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
White Thai$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
White JongKong$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
White Sunda$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)
Wild Premium White$6.50 (1 oz) – $25.00 (250g)

8) Yellow Kratom

Mostly vendors trick you by giving red strains in the name of yellow strains, but Kats Botanicals is excellent in this regard. However, it supplies what it claims and provides a good range of Yellow Kratom Strains, which effectively offer relaxing, euphoric, and analgesic effects.

Yellow Kratom StrainsPrice Range
Pure Yellow$25.00 (250g)
Super Yellow$25.00 (250g)
Yellow Sunda$25.00 (250g)
Yellow Vietnam$25.00 (250g)

Customers’ Reviews About Kats Botanicals Kratom

Just scroll the reviews on Kats Botanicals, and you will only found happy customers, who are overjoyed with the service and quality of the Kratom products it offers. Some of the reviews are listed below.

“Kats Botanicals has the highest quality of kratom at the lowest price I have seen _anywhere_ online. The Kats Botanical team consistently provides the _absolute best_ customer service I have seen in years! These folks really care deeply about helping people and offering their customers the absolute, bar none, best products that can be found anywhere in the world. I am _forever_ a Kats Botanical customer!

Thank you guys for all that you do for us! I deeply and truly appreciate your love and dedication to the well being of others. Keep up the great work!”
“fast shipping, even taking into account their current backlog. great product, excellent customer service.”

“Absolutely amazing customer service. The owner, Justin Kats, responds himself and helps you with everything. He’s very patient and extremely knowledgeable. I’ve tried other companies, and this one is the best by far. They have amazing products and so many to choose from. Hands down the best I’ve ever dealt with. They have my business as long as they’re in business.”

How To Find Coupons And Discount Codes Of Kats Botanicals’ Kratom?

Discounts on purchased goods never hurt, then why not avail them on Kratom? There are Kratom suppliers out there that float special discount codes which the customers can cash in at the checkout.

Search Google by simply typing “Discount Codes for Kratom powders” to learn about the latest offers. Following community websites will also help you as they regularly update coupon codes for Kratom products.

  • https://dealspotr.com/promo-codes/
  • https://www.offers.com
  • https://www.wethrift.com
  • https://www.retailmenot.com/coupons/kratom

Check these websites on a regular basis to know about the current sale offers; copy codes and use them on the respective websites just before the checkout and enjoy premium Kratom at discounted rates.

Final Thoughts About Kats Botanicals’ Kratom

Kats Botanicals is highly proficient when it comes to herbal supplements.

The company takes great care of the quality and variety of the products it offers; all the products are lab tested, and the quality is ensured.

Moreover, its suppliers are from different regions, which help in maintaining the variety and diversity in the products.

These facts make Kats Botanicals a worthy vendor whom you can blindly trust with your Kratom Products.

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