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Mencari Kratom Review – A Best Review For Kratom Lovers

Mencari Kratom

Address:1446 Michigan Ave., Detroit, MI 48216,
United States
Email: corktownsmokeshop@gmail.com
Website: https://mencarikratom.com/

Payment Options: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover

About The Company

There has been an increase in the demand for healthier natural alternatives to modern medications. Mitragyna speciosa or Kratom is one such substance. It has attracted a large amount of attention from the public over the previous years. This recognition has resulted in new vendors springing up in the market. Mencari Kratom is one such vendor.

They are a new vendor and have been operational for less than even a year. In that year, they have managed to attract quite a significant number of followers and a loyal customer pool.

When it comes to being a good kratom vendor, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. The brand operates from Detroit and is a new name in the kratom industry. They have gotten a lot of points right when it comes to being a new brand.

They have an excellent online image as well as an approachable team working relentlessly to ensure the quality of their products. They have an adequate range of kratom products on sale. However, more factors need consideration when deciding whether a brand is to be opted for or not.

What Are They Selling?

The most important feature of any online kratom vendor is undoubtedly its product range. It is essential to have a variety of strains present so that the customer can decide for the one that works for them. Mencari Kratom sells Kratom in the form of powder on their website.

Although they have images of kratom capsules present on their social media platforms, the online shop of the vendor lacks these capsules. This factor is a drawback from the brand for the customers coming from their social media profiles.

The brand lacks excellent versatility in its product range. Although they do have the essential bestselling strains available on sale, they still lack diversity in their strains. The brand is currently selling strains like Premium Maeng Da, Bali White Vein, Bali Gold Vein, Bali Red Vein.

The Price Range Of The Brand’s Products?

The pricing of the products from an online shop is a salient determinant of whether or not the brand is to be trusted or not. It is necessary to have reasonable prices so that the customer pool can be broadened. Mencari Kratom products have a nominal price tag on them.

These products are consistent in quality and easy on the pockets as well. The brand is selling 1 oz. of their Green Aceh for 15$. Their premium Maeng Da strain retails at 20$ for 1oz. The brand sells their kratom powders in airtight bags to minimize risks of contamination.

Furthermore, the brand does not have a variety of sizing options available either. They are selling their kratom powders in packs of 1 oz. The brand lacks proper descriptions of its products on the website, as well.

Are They Reliable?

When online shopping is concerned, there are a lot of factors that determine the reliability of a brand. The accurate contact information provided by the brand is one of the most significant of these factors.

Mencari Kratom has its precise contact information available on their website. This information includes their phone number, their address as well as their email.

The vendor encourages the customers to contact them in case of any complaints or queries. They have policies in place to ensure that the customers trust the brand entirely. They test their products for every one of the batches.

Is The Quality Guaranteed?

The quality of the products being sold by the brand is proved by the independent lab testing being conducted by it. However, a return policy provided by an online brand always serves as a significant factor of trust for the customers.

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Mencari Kratom has a serious lack of information regarding extremely vital factors on their website. They do not have anything regarding return policy or quality guarantee present on the online store. They do, however, mention that the vendor offers free shipping on all orders above 50$.

Are The Products Lab Tested?

When it comes to natural alternatives and online shopping, the only thing that ultimately guarantees the health safety of a product is lab testing. Mencari Kratom makes sure that its customers have complete unwavering trust in their products.

They test every one of their batches from a reputable third-party laboratory. The testing is completely independent of the vendor itself and is therefore unbiased. The brand does not, however, mention if their products are GMP compliant or not.

Furthermore, they do not have their lab results displayed on their website. This feature is a drawback because the trust of customers increases when they see the uploaded test results on a specific vendor’s website.

Social Media Presence

In the current age of technology, all the online businesses have active social media pages along with their websites. Mencari Kratom has a surprisingly active Instagram page. They have more than a thousand followers on their Instagram, and they post pictures there regularly.

The brand also makes all the essential announcements on their social media pages, including sales, offers, and new strains. The vendor is a new name in the industry and is expected to grow a lot.

They also have a functional Facebook page, which is also updated regularly. These platforms make it easier for the customer to contact the brand, and more people get attracted to the vendor as well.


Although the brand has got the basics covered, they have skipped out on a few significant factors. As a new brand, Mencari Kratom needs to improve on various grounds, including:

  • Lack Of Information
  • Lack Of Diversity
  • Lab Results Not Visible

Lack Of Information

Proper information and description of the products being sold are a must for every online brand. For a kratom brand, it is essential to have information regarding the strains being sold by the brand.

Mencari Kratom severely lacks this information. They do not have descriptions regarding their products. Furthermore, they do not have proper guidance about the shipping and ordering process on their website, either.

Lack Of Diversity

Kratom is one of the most versatile substances found in nature. It has a large number of strains that are associated with distinct benefits. Mencari Kratom needs to broaden its product range. They are selling only a few strains, and only one form of Kratom is available currently on their website.

Lab Results Not Visible

The brand has mentioned that all of their products are tested from an independent third-party lab and that the quality of the Kratom can be relied upon and trusted. However, they do not have the lab results displayed on their website.

This factor creates a question of doubt in the minds of the customers. Furthermore, the brand has failed to mention whether or not their products are GMP compliant or not.

Our Verdict

The brand is a new name in the market and has managed to do a lot of things right. They have not overcomplicated their range but have kept it forthcoming and straightforward. Their prices are reasonable, and therefore the brand is easily worth giving a try.

Jennifer Kurtz
Jennifer Kurtz studied medicine at the New Jersey School of Medicine (Rutgers). She is passionate about developing her knowledge of Cannabis, Nootropics, Kratom, and nutritional supplements. In addition to attending medical webinars and conferences, she loves to write research-based articles for magazines, healthcare professionals, and medical agencies.

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