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How Good Is Hemp CBD Products For Pets?

CBD or Cannabidiol an active ingredient in the Hemp CBD oil serves as a natural relief for pets.

The constituent is derived from the Cannabis plant for the preparation of CBD oil. The CBD has a balancing and profound healing effects on the dogs and other pets.

The pet owners have been using the CBD oil for broad-spectrum medical conditions such as arthritis, cancer, seizures, muscle spasms, digestive and neurological disorders, obsessions, anxieties, mood, memory, withdrawal symptoms or past traumas.

CBD oil aids in recovery from the surgery or illness, speeding up the healing and appetite of the pets. The use of CBD oil helps in easing pain along with the fear that the pets might be experiencing.

How does CBD oil work in pets?

The CBD oil stimulates the endocannabinoid system which is a group of receptors throughout the body.

Within the body, the cannabinoids are released which maintain the homeostasis and stable environment of the body.

However, when these mechanisms do not fulfill the body’s needs, you need to supplement with CBD oil which helps in such conditions.

The CBD oil aids in strengthening the animal’s body to develop more receptors for binding the cannabinoids.

The two types of receptors are found in the body, CB1, and CB2 which maintain the internal homeostasis of the body including the nervous system, brain, organs, glands, and immune system.

The essential role of the endocannabinoid system is to control the inflammation by down-regulating or to up-regulate the immune response.

Beneficial things which conclude that how good is hemp CBD oil for dogs and other pets

The researchers are turning to the Cannabis Hemp plant because it has numerous benefits that have helped humans as well as dogs and other pets.

The health-boosting benefits of Hemp CBD oil for dogs and other pets include:

  • CBD is non-psychoactive

The CBD compound other than the THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is beneficial due to the non-psychoactive effects.

You need to find CBD oils that are derived from hemp rather than marijuana to avoid the impact of THC which are psychoactive. So, hemp CBD oils provide relaxation to the dogs and other pets without any intoxication.

  • Hemp CBD oil aids in reducing anxiety

Dogs and pets might suffer from noise phobia or separation anxiety which is why CBD can be used as a treating agent.

The CBD oil for dogs aids in reducing anxiety, panic and post-traumatic stress disorders as confirmed in humans.

  • Hemp CBD serves as a perfect agent for fighting cancer

The content of Hemp CBD oil provides the anti-tumor effects.

The CBD or cannabidiol aids in stopping the cancer cells from increasing or leading to the further growth of the tumor cells.

The CBD oil for dogs helps in killing the cancer cells by activating the immune system. It aids in killing the cancer cells by blocking the cell’s ability to release energy.

CBD serves as an efficient cancer-treating agent. It has anti-tumor properties reducing the cell growth of glioma and inhibiting it.

  • Hemp CBD oil serves as a natural remedy for controlling epilepsy and seizures

5% of the dogs do suffer from seizures and are controlled with the help of Phenobarbital along with Potassium Bromide.

These drugs help in controlling the seizures but have extreme side effects on the liver and other organs of the dog’s body. CBD oil for dogs has been found to help in relieving epilepsy.

  • Hemp CBD oil serves as a pain-relieving agent

The cannabinoids are present in the CBD oil which aids in controlling the pain especially the chronic pain.

According to the studies, CBD is effective in decreasing the pain such as nerve-related pain and neuropathy, decreasing the inflammation due to the oxidative stress, acute pancreatitis, reduces inflammation along with intestinal inflammation.

Journal of Arthritis and Rheumatology concludes that it was found that GLA which is present in the hemp seeds helps in reducing the arthritis symptoms.

It is because of this reason that CBD oil has the perfect balance of fatty acids which helps in reducing the inflammation in dogs.

  • Hemp CBD oil helps in relieving the inflammatory bowel disease

According to the studies, it is concluded that CBD aids in preventing Colitis or IBD, leading to the restoration of the normal gut motility when in inflammatory bowel disease.

CBD oil has antibiotic properties which include Staphylococcus Aureus.

  • Hemp CBD oil helps in reducing the chronic inflammation along with the autoimmune disease

CBD reduces the release and production of inflammatory cytokines which might lead to allergies, autoimmunity, and hypersensitivity.

The CBD oil also suppresses the Th17 dominance which is considered as the leading cause of autoimmune diseases.

CBD leads to the reduction of chronic inflammation and enhances the production of macrophages. CBD oil for dogs has antioxidant properties which are very powerful.

  • Hemp CBD oil helps in treating the neurodegenerative disease and protects the nervous system

The dogs who have nerve or spine issues and are suffering from the disease termed as degenerative myelopathy, CBD oil has been shown as an adequate remedy in such conditions.

CBD aids in protecting the brain of the old dogs from cell death which might occur due to toxins and free radicals.

  • Hemp CBD oil aids in treating nausea and increasing the appetite

If you find trouble in getting your dog to eat properly, then CBD oil might help you.

The National Cancer Institute reports that CBD oil for dogs aids in increasing the appetite in addition to controlling cancer.

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According to animal studies, CBD oil has promising effects in relieving nausea and vomiting even if it occurred due to the drugs or toxins.

  • Hemp CBD oil aids in promoting cardiovascular health

The veterinarian Dr. Bassingthwaighte found out that CBD has an association with heart health. The studies reveal that CBD aids in reducing the damage to the blood vessels and improve irregular heart rates.

It helps in dilating the arteries, reduces the damage to the heart, blood vessels and adjusts the blood pressure which might arise due to anxiety and stress.

What are the dosage and administration method of hemp CBD oil for dogs and other pets?

CBD is readily available in multiple convenient forms.

The extracts from the cannabis plant can be given in the form of:

  • Dropper bottle orally,
  • You can add the drops of oil to the food,
  • Drip few drops of CBD oil over the treat,
  • Rub inside the ears or over the bare skin,
  • You can also drip a few drops of CBD oil on the animal’s paw allowing them to lick it off.

The CBD product is also available in the form of biscuits, Hemp CBD tablets or capsules, Hemp Gelcaps or topical CBD ointments.

The dosage of the Hemp CBD oil varies from situation to situation. You need to select the dosage on a trial basis and experiment a bit.

However, the suggested amount of Hemp CBD oil for dogs is around 1-5 mg for every 10 lbs. of the bodyweight.

  • DOGS: for 10lbs- 1 to 5mg, for 20lbs- 2-10mg, for 30lbs -3 to 15mg, for 40lbs-4 to 20mg, for 50lbs-5 to 25mmg, for 60lbs-6 to 30mg, for 70lbs-7 to 35mg, for 80lbs-8 to 40mg.
  • CATS: 1-5mg

Begin with a small dose with a low range. You can see the effects immediately within 30 minutes.

If the change is not noticed within an hour, you need to increase the dosage. Usually, the improvement in impacts seen with more than one treatment. To relieve the pain it requires around 8 hours.

For other medical conditions or behavior patterns, you need to give the pets around once or twice a dosage each day. Avoid doing overdosage and toxicity while you are using CBD oil for your pets.

Situations in which the CBD oil is effective in dogs

The following are the indications in which you can use CBD oil for dogs:

  • It helps in gaining an appetite.
  • It aids in easing the anxiety, nausea which might happen due to car rides.
  • It aids in controlling excessive barking.
  • It improves the lack of energy and vitality in dogs.
  • It aids in easing the trips to the groomer or vets.
  • The CBD oil controls the seizures and muscle spasms, relieves the pain from arthritis or cancer, it eases the recovery from illness or surgery.
  • The CBD oil eases the inability to relax or settle down in dogs and other pets.
  • It helps in controlling the fear of fireworks, thunderstorms and even loud noises.
  • The CBD oil controls the aggression or grumpiness of other pet animals.

Situations in which the CBD oil is effective in cats

Following conditions include:

  • The CBD oil allows the multi-cat households.
  • It aids in controlling the appetite, fear of the dustbins or litter box, controls the cats from eating inappropriate items.
  • The CBD oil prevents the cats from constant hiding, with the consumption of CBD oil the cats do not need to cry without any cause.
  • The CBD oil aids in preventing the cats from fearing to visit the vets or have a ride in the car.
  • It prevents cats from any aggression or grumpiness against other animals.

Hemp CBD products for the best care of dogs and other pets

The best CBD products are prepared with the high concentration of CBD in the virgin Hemp oil. The Hemp products for animals are derived with the CO2 method to achieve a clean and solvent-free extract.

The entire Hemp plant is utilized so that it has various trace compounds that provide the entourage effect,i.e., the magnification of Hemp CBD oil benefits.

How to choose CBD oil for pets such as dogs & others?

  1. Choose the Hemp CBD oil which is organic without any fungicides, pesticides or solvents.
  2. Do not buy the cheaper ones. The reputable suppliers of Hemp CBD oil for dogs and other pets include:
  3. Source, Canna-Pet, Canna4Pes, Treat well, CannaCompanion and Auntie Dolores Treatable.
  4. Get the Hemp CBD oil analysis done.
  5. Buy CBD oils in the form of dropper or tinctures.
  6. Start with a small dose.

Is CBD oil legal and safe for dogs and other pets?

There are many studies that prove that CBD oil is highly effective in encouraging results that appear to be safe. The best part is that CBD can be used for extended periods and can be consumed in high doses.

Most of the products of Hemp CBD oil contain traces of THC content due to which it is approved in almost all states for dogs and other pets.

The most common side effects of Hemp CBD oil include dizziness, itchiness, mild vomiting, disorientation, hyperactivity and rarely sensitivities.

So, it can be concluded that CBD is healthy and a life-saving natural remedy that can be used for dogs and other pets such as cats, urchins or turtles.

It is because of these reasons that more and more holistic vets and owners of the pets are choosing CBD oil.

Jennifer Kurtz
Jennifer Kurtz studied medicine at the New Jersey School of Medicine (Rutgers). She is passionate about developing her knowledge of Cannabis, Nootropics, Kratom, and nutritional supplements. In addition to attending medical webinars and conferences, she loves to write research-based articles for magazines, healthcare professionals, and medical agencies.

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