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How Much CBD Can I Give My Dog? CBD Dosage for Dogs!

CBD is everywhere and in everything. You’re probably used to coming across this in your daily life, but do you want to know something that’s actually amusing?

Your furry little friend has the same Endocannabinoid system as you do!

With that said, it’s to no surprise that the CBD trend has hit the “Canine Express”. Yes, CBD pet products are also a real thing in the market, and they actually work too!

Being a pet owner can be really difficult at times, especially when you see your Dog suffering through immense pain or distress. Like humans, dogs too can suffer through conditions like pain, anxiety, cancer, arthritis, and even sleep disorders.

Attention Dog Owners, if you want to pull your little furry friend out of misery, then you may want to consider introducing CBD into your pup’s lifestyle.

As a pet owner, you should know the accurate CBD dosage you can give to your dog, how many drops of CBD oils are good to start for dogs pain relief and how frequently you can give?

The Veterinarian Stance Over CBD Dosage For Dogs

There is still seems to be ambiguity regarding CBD’s potential; even among Vets. Honestly speaking, Vets don’t have any definitive scientific data regarding CBD dosage for Dogs to discuss. The reason for this is that they have limited means to study its possible pros as well as cons.

Moreover, they have limited freedom to discuss with their clients or else they can receive penalties and even license suspension (in some states). This includes even discussing or recommending CBD products, let alone prescribing products.

This surely is a sensitive topic, Ouch!

At best, you may find a vet who might say that CBD wouldn’t be detrimental to your Dog’s health, and there is no assurity that it will work for your Dog or not.

While other states have limited freedom, the state of California passed a bill in 2018 and opened the doors for CBD in veterinary medicine.

[Note: The Bill only permits Vets to discuss about CBD with their clients, and not recommend or prescribe any product.]

Read more regarding why veterinarians can’t talk about CBD and what you can do to change that.

What Can CBD Treat In Dogs?

According to research, CBD can benefit Dogs in many ways, such as:

  1. Reduces Distress and Anxiety
  2. Relieves Pain (chronic pain)
  3. Helps control seizures
  4. It helps treat Nausea and even loss of appetite.
  5. Acts as an anti-inflammatory drug.
  6. Treats Arthritis.
  7. It helps fight cancers and cardiac issues etc.

Many studies have been conducted as well as published regarding the positive effects of CBD oil dosage on Dogs. Research and studies might surely give a window for the medical potential CBD hold, however, scientists still recommend further research and testing before reaching to any ultimate conclusion.

Ways To Give CBD To Your Canine Friends

If you’re wondering about how can you give CBD to your Dog, then don’t worry as there are many forms that you can serve your Dog with. CBD products for dogs come in many forms like:

  1. Doggy CBD Treats
  2. CBD Oils
  3. CBD Creams/lotions etc.

All products come in various dosage strengths, flavors, and even scents.

How Much CBD Can I Give My Dog? CBD Dosage for Dogs!

There is a limited amount of data present regarding CBD’s dosage calculation for Dogs. Though there is no standard dosage recommendation, however, we recommend to always start low and follow a baseline recommendation (by most vets) of 1-5mg (CBD) per 10 lbs (Dog’s weight) or less. Gradually increase the dosage intake by 0.5 mg for every 10 lbs of weight. You should expect the results in about 30 to 60 minutes. If you still don’t see any changes in your dog, just increase the dose.

Remember, every Dog has a different mechanism and will respond differently. So, it’s crucial to take the following notes:

  1. Always start with a low dose and gradually increase it with the passage of time and you’re Dog’s condition (if needed).
  2. Always monitor and record your pup’s results.
  3. Always discuss with your Vet regarding this matter.

[Note: CBD isn’t regulated by the FDA, hence, there is no actual way to know the exact amount to give that would be effective to your Dog.]

In order to control pain, give CBD every 8 hours or as required. For other ailments, give once or twice on a daily basis.

WeightLow doseMedium doseHigh dose
10lbs1mg 3mg5 mg
20lbs 2mg 6mg 10mg
30lbs 3mg 8mg 15mg
40lbs 4mg 10mg 20mg
50lbs 5mg 12mg 25mg
60lbs 6mg 14mg 30mg
70lbs 7mg 16mg 35mg
80lbs 8mg 18mg 40mg
90lbs 9mg 20mg 45mg
100lbs 10mg 24mg 50mg

Important Factors To Bear In Mind Before Giving CBD To Your Dog

It’s completely understandable that many pet owners get frustrated by the ambiguity surrounding CBD’s status and Dogs. What’s even more frustrating is the fact that vets cannot definitively say anything regarding this matter either. But don’t worry; we are here to assist you at every level. With that being said, here are a few things to always bear in mind:

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Do Thorough Research

Always carry out your own research before considering buying any CBD product and especially if considering buying it online. 

There are hundreds and thousands of fake products that are slapped hard with fancy labels making fake medical claims, and sneaky sellers out there. Avoid getting tricked by them and falling prey to the so-called marketing hype.

Always read online reviews and discuss with anyone who is a regular buyer as they can always guide you better.

[Note: Always try to read the worst reviews first.]

Always get a background check on the company: Have they ever been sued and, if so, why? Or have they ever been sentenced with a penalty by the FDA for anything?

In addition, make sure whether or not if they have a Veterinarian on staff, or if they are associated with any Veterinary school?

Make sure you thoroughly check the brand’s website and read the labels carefully and ask for lab results, and even how they processed the CBD.

Always Document Your Dog’s Reactions

It’s a crucial step to always keep a daily record of each and every bit; whether it’s a positive reaction or a negative one. Try recording daily videos or ask your family or friends if they’ve seen any significant change in your Dog’s health etc. Not only would you monitor your Dog better, but you’d also overcome any flaws regarding your memory too.

Don’t Ever Ignore The Warning Signs

From giving chewy treats to prescribed medicines, it’s very important to recognize if things don’t seem to be normal. If you notice any changes in your Dog, then it’s best to check in with your Vet.

Consider the following side-effects that are reported in humans and translate them to Dogs (after all they do share the same Endocannabinoid System):

  1. Dry mouth: According to research, CBD decreases saliva production. This would result in increased thirst. Dogs cannot actually communicate regarding if they have a dry mouth or not, however, do note if their water intake surges. Increased thirst could also be a sign of other serious problems too, for instance, Diabetes or even rodenticide poisoning.
  • Tremors: People suffering from diseases like Parkinson’s disease have reported to be suffering from tremors at high doses of CBD. This should be taken as a serious concern in the case of Dogs as well.
  • Low Blood Pressure: It has been reported that consuming CBD at high doses results in a slight drop in BP. Though it might be considered insignificant, it can cause your Dog to feel lethargic or dizzy. Always let your Dog’s Vet know if you have been giving it any CBD.
  • Drowsiness: Many Dog owners have reportedly used CBD to treat conditions like Anxiety. CBD offers a very calming effect and as a result, cause drowsiness among consumers. This usually happens when using CBD at a higher dose. Always monitor your Dog’s sleeping pattern and note any change that has occurred.
  • Keep All Products Locked Away Safely: This is very important, especially if you have a stash of CBD biscuits or other treats as you may never know when your pup sniffs his way to it, and eats more than usual. It’s ideal to keep all products behind locked doors or in the upper cabinets of your residence.
  • Always Keep Your CBD Treats  Separate From The Regular Ones

Irrespective of being non-psychoactive, always keep your CBD treats separate from the regular treats. This will avoid anyone, especially children accidentally getting their hands on it.

Go For Organic Products

Always go for an Organic CBD Oil and if that isn’t available then it surely shouldn’t contain harmful things like pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or chemical solvents. Make sure your CBD product/Oil is free from any additives.

Don’t Ever Shop According To The Price

It’s a general rule of thumb that, the higher the quality of the product, the purer it is and the higher would be its price. Cheap quality products are never reliable and are usually a mixture composed of other things, including harmful chemicals/toxins.

Always Go For a Liquid-Based CBD Product

While doggy treats surely sound fun, it’ is much easier to administer CBD dosages to dogs through Oils or Tinctures. You can adjust the dosage through the dropper they come along with or you through an online CBD dosage calculator.

Will CBD Get Your Dog High?

Absolutely not!

CBD is a non-intoxicating Cannabinoid and like humans, it won’t get your Dog high either. It is generally considered safe to give your dog CBD and there have been rare cases regarding any life-threatening risks for dogs from CBD.

[Note: All CBD products having less than 0.3% THC won’t get your pup to become psychoactive.]

The Bottom-line

Information regarding CBD for pets and especially Dogs is surely sparse. Since CBD isn’t currently being regulated by the FDA, so products’ safety issues are a huge concern under question. On the contrary, a few preliminary studies and success evidences do suggest that it does hold potential in medicinal applications in animals.

If you do actually decide to use a CBD product/Oil for your pup, then do so at your own discretion. However, always remember to consider the accurate dosage of CBD for dogs we had discussed earlier in the article and surely consult with a veterinarian first.

The future is very promising and hopefully one day CBD for pets will get legalized across all 50 states of the US, helping Vets facilitate clients in the best possible manner.

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