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Best CBD Oils For Dogs And Other Pets – Top Picks

Since we want purest ingredients to our diet, high-quality medications to our illness, and workable remedies for day to day stress than why not choose the same for our pets?

Pet parents have been trusting CBD oil for their animals’ ease, comfort and better life altogether. Since medical marijuana highlighted the market with its therapeutic significance, many veterinarians have shown interest in dealing with animal ailments with CBD due to its minimal adverse effects.

Substituting CBD with pharmaceutical drugs has always been an optimal choice since the endocannabinoid system works the same in all mammals.

What is more important to us than our pets? Our four-legged furry friend enhances our lives and bestows unconditional love. We should provide them with the best life – even when the best of their life might be behind them. It might be that our dog begins to fret and be anxious in the home. It may be that age brings seizures and the daily possibility of a life cut short.

There is a growing body of research that suggests that CBD oils can help with a dog’s anxiety and seizures. It can also help with moderate to severe pain, with inflammation and with other health problems.

Let’s get something clear from the start: this is not the cannabis products that offer the psychoactive properties of THC – the cannabis with tetrahydrocannabinol. This is CBD – and this does not give a high – even though both are products derived from the same genus of plant.

All our recommendations have been examined carefully by a vet. We are aware that not all best CBD products for dogs come infused with anything or they may contain items you wouldn’t want your pet to ingest. We are also aware that we should recommend a third-party where you can find even more information – and we do this too.

How can CBD help our dogs?

Before we get started on the best CBD oil for dogs reviews – let’s provide some background information.

How does CBD help dogs?

Well, it works by interacting with the cannabinoid receptors in your animal’s body, which is exactly the same as the one we have in our bodies. These receptors are known as CB1 and CB2.

CB1 receptors are found in the nervous system. They help to reduce the nerve impulse transmission – these receptors are found all over the body of the dog, wherever there are nerves, and the dog would feel pain in relation to stimuli. CB2 receptors are mostly found in the immune system, the intestines, and the peripheral nervous system. There are also some in the brain but in fewer numbers than CB1. CB2, researchers believe, plays a part in inflammation.

Current research into the role of these two receptors is helping vets understand how CBD can help a dog. The positives about CBD is it reacts mostly with CB2- with limited changes to the brain chemistry. CBD also modulates the receptors rather than attaching to them. Therefore, this moderates the behavior of the receptor but does not contain addictive properties.

How does it moderate the workings of the dog’s body? Well, it does many things, including balancing the nutrient transport and energy storage; it tempers neuronal excitability; it improves the function of the immune systems; and more.

In short, CBD is uniquely placed to help reduce anxiety and prevent seizures in your best friend.

Best CBD Oils For Dogs And Other Pets

Below are the best online sellers of CBD oil for dogs and other pets that provide a wide range of products in standard quality.

1. GetCBDPet – www.getcbdpet.com

Get CBD Pet

GetCBDPet is specifically designed for pet owners to provide the best of the best CBD products for their pets. They claim 100% organic, safe, third-party tested and guaranteed results for your loving pets. Any ailment including physical, mental, and behavioral concerns CBDPet can help your pet gain optimal health.

2. Elixinol – https://elixinol.com/

Elixinol CBD Hemp Oil Products

CBD products by Elixinol have visible outcomes as stated by most of their customers. It provides premium quality standard products that are sourced from the finest grown cannabis plant fields globally. Their wide range of products comprises of edibles, liposomes, balms, protein powder for humans and special dog treats.

Visit their website https://elixinol.com/.

3. Canna-Pet – https://canna-pet.com/

Canna Pet

Canna-Pet claims to have invented hemp-based nutrition for pets and to be at the leading edge of innovation in product development. Canna-Pet offer a line of foods for dogs that are a result of 30 years of research and come in the form of capsules, liquids, sprinkles, and biscuit – for this reason, it makes it to number 1 in our list.

The point of Canna-Pet products is to supplement the work done by vets. There is no need to choose between traditional treatments and these cannabis-based products. They complement each other. Canna-Pet points to the hundreds of vets across America who are happy to endorse the treats they offer.

Perhaps the best product for your dog is the range of Canna-Biscuits that come in many flavors, including Maple Bacon and Turkey Dinner. It is possible to buy these with the maximum amount of CBD formula – and all the biscuits are organic.

Although a great way to help dogs with seizures and anxiety, Canna-Pet stress that these dog treats can be given to your dog at any time.

If you want higher levels of CBD to ensure maximum relief from ailments, then it is suggested that you select the Canna-Pet MaxHemp Capsules and Liquid. These have much higher levels of hemp and absorption of the terpenes into the dog’s system.

The long history of product research, the endorsements from vets and the choice to treat or medicate – for all these reasons Canna-Pet makes it number one in our list of CBD products for your dogs.

4. Honest Paws – https://www.honestpaws.com/

Like with most sellers of products for animals, Honest Paws is focused on the health and happiness of your dog. They grow the plants that make the oil in Colorado – and ensure they extract the CBD using the best CO2 processes – which ensure nothing toxic or undesirable enters the oil at this point of extraction.

This CO2 process separates the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from the plants, leaving only those ingredients that will ease your pet’s issues – and not get them high!

The reason to like Honest Paws is the choice you get for your dog. The products come as dog biscuits or drops – but the real choice is in impact for your pet that is useful. There is no sense of needing an “advanced formula” or “Max strength”. The products are branded by the impact. Therefore, you can choose to restore, to calm, or to give relief to your dog from the pain they might feel.

Another major plus point is the ingredients list published openly on the outside of the package. These are non-GMO products – and come packed with natural ingredients including coconut, peanut butter, barley, and eggs.

The only potential concern with Honest Paws is that the products are sold by a subscription system. They do offer you the option to buy one-off packages –but only once – to test and see if it works. We are pretty sure that once you try it, you will want a monthly package of biscuits deposited at your door – so this is only a minor concern.

5. VET CBD – https://vetcbd.com/

The reason we like VET CBD is that it takes itself seriously. There is no sense that you are providing a happy life to your furry buddy. The idea here is to offer a formula to your dog that will treat its ailments and help it to live a fuller life.

VET CBD is keen to stress that the formula was founded and formulated by a veterinarian. It stresses the connection between medicine for humans and medicine for pets – and the quality, safety, and efficacy of its products. The stress on lab results for the impact and content of the tincture is reassuring.

VET CBD is for those people who want to be certain that they are medicating and not just giving doggy treats to the pet. The bottle comes in a serious packaging – with the stress that this is a tincture. The liquid is olive oil-based and comes in an easy to measure form.

VET CBD is offered for the treatment of pain, inflammation, anxiety, nausea, and seizures. It is only offered in outlets in California, US – but comes highly recommended by owners who travel to get hold of this CBD based product for pets.

If it had been available more widely across America, this CBD oil for pets would certainly have risen higher in our list of products to recommend.

6. Curapet – https://curapet.com/

If there is one thing Curapet can do better than any other CBD seller is tug at your heart. The branding on the website is pure devotion to the animals in our lives – and makes it difficult to resist wanting to make our pooch’s life better with their veterinary formulated CBD drops.

However, get beyond the images and the emotive words, and you will see that this is a product that could bring a huge improvement to your dog’s quality of life.

The CBD oil has been developed through a collaboration of vets, medical researcher, and scientists. This is not one man’s secret formula – this is a product that has undergone vigorous development processes.

All the ingredients are organic – 100% natural and non-GMO. And all the products are tested by a third-party lab to ensure the purity and the potency of the product.

Curapet does not offer these CBD products as treats. These are medical grade drops that can be used to treat symptoms of conditions such as arthritis and cancer – but also ease nausea, stress, anxiety and more. It is recommended to help with the treatment of conditions – but Curapet also stresses that these drops can also maintain the wellbeing of all dogs.

The emphasis on quality and outcome means that Curapet comes high on our list of CBD products. If there had been some choice of flavor and form – it might have got higher.

7. Verified Pet CBD – https://verifiedcbd.com/product/cbd-dog-treats/

Verified CBD

Verified CBD is your no-frills-does-what-it-says-on-the-packaging product for your pets. These are dog treats – and in each dog treat there is 5mg of CBD – which is enough to calm. These treats are suggested as a means of helping your dog deal with stressful situations.

The uses include helping your pet deal with a storm, or fireworks displays, or other situations with loud noise and high anxiety. However, they also claim that these treats are great for the overall wellbeing of the animal too.

The open and transparent sharing of ingredients in the product was a bonus for us. It was also a bonus that you could buy as much as you wanted without some subscription scheme to pay into. We liked that there were clear and easy to follow serving instructions – meaning owners were not using these biscuits like any old treat from the store.

Verified CBD might have come higher if the details of scientific testing and efforts to bring a safe product to the market had been clearer on the site. There is little information to follow up to see how they come to make the biscuit they are offering.

However, as a starting point with CBD-based products, Verified CBD is great because you can make a small investment with a single pack and see what happens.

8. Koi Pet CBD Products – https://koicbd.com/


Cannabis for fish? No, not quite. Koi offers products for more than just pets. They offer a range of CBD oils for all – and so the reference is to a sense of Japanese zen created by the CBD – rather than any suggestion you should dope your fishpond.

Koi offer CBD oils for your dog – including a veterinarian formulated, full-spectrum oil. The aim is to help to keep your dogs happy and healthy – with the use of these soft chews or sprays.

Koi is clear in its point that CBD for animals offers the same medical benefits as CBD for humans. It is a natural, non-GMO pet treat that aims to help with anxiety, seizures, pain and more. But, this is more than just a treatment supplement. Koi claim that the dog chews and sprays can help even the healthiest dogs maintain a balance and overall wellness.

Koi makes it to our list because of the unique option of a spray. For tricky and picky creatures, the chance to spray the supplement straight into the mouth is a plus for some pet owners!

9. CBDFx – https://cbdfx.com/

CBDfx CBD Oil Reviews

Our last two suggestions for pet CBD are outliers that offer you a different way into oils for pets. CBDFx offers a CBD cream that is easy to use and goes a long way. The cream can be applied to the skin to help ease issues without ingesting any hemp-derived product through the mouth.

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The processes used to extract the CBD are the best – using CO2 extraction processes – and the plant itself is organically grown. This is important when you are dealing with hemp-based plants that draw all chemicals from the soil and hold it in its leaves.

This cream is meant for human use – but we include it here because you can use it with your dogs. We include it because it is a topical cream – and that makes it stand out from the rest. You may not want your pet to eat CBD – even though you are reassured that there is no THC – and therefore no psychoactive properties.

This cream also comes with menthol – which acts as mild pain relief – and caffeine – which helps to stimulate blood flow. This means that everything about this cream is meant to aid well-being – and it can be applied directly to impacted areas.

10. CertaPet – https://www.certapet.com/

CertaPetare a company that offers processes that ensure your dog becomes an Emotional Support Animal. They help you get the letter that means your dog can go wherever you need your dog to be – because they help you stay calm and feel healthier.

The reason we include CertaPet on the list of CBD oil reviews is that they offer an outstanding outside voice in helping you make the choice about whether to give CBD to your dog or not. This site is all about your wellbeing and the health of your pet.

They are focused on making the relationship between you and your pet as close and therapeutic as possible. Therefore, they are a third-party voice that can help you make the choice. We are all for helping you come to your own decisions.

The blog on the site will tell you all you need to know to be 100% confident in your choice of CBD oil for your pets.

Benefits Of CBD Oil For Dogs And Other Pets

As mentioned above, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) works similarly in humans and some animals.

There are several studies present that indicate the problem-solving mechanism of CBD that triggers the EC system and stimulates the biological network to function at an optimal level of performance.

In a Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, a survey documented that out of 632 people, 72% revealed using hemp product for their dog. Additional to this, 104 tried CBD with their cats. While 64% of the total claimed that it helped their pets.

CBD Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Since CBD researches on dogs and pets are quite limited, we have found out a similar study on stress and anxiety on humans. So, does your dog suffer from anxiety? Do you feel him not expressing like he used to before?

Worry not! The Endocannabinoid system works the same in mammals, and since the study shows how CBD helped subjects cope up with general anxiety and public speaking, your dog can make most of the CBD oil too!

Helps Epilepsy And Manage Seizures

For at least 5% of dog suffers from different kind of seizures. For treatment, the basis of pharmaceutical drugs is potassium bromide and phenobarbital.

However, the adverse effects due to these drugs are dreadful, your dog might get rid of seizures but would struggle with compromised liver and other organs.

Since then, CBD has been used to treat seizures and ailments like epilepsy. In a hypnotic and antiepileptic effect of cannabidiol, the study has shown to heal 7 out of 8 epileptics within 4 to 5 months of taking CBD.

CBD Prevents And Kill Cancer

Cancer is not a disease of humans! The different abnormal growth of cells can affect your dog and other pets too. Suffering from tumor or metastasis is quite a devastating feeling for pets and their owners for undergoing pain and stress for every passing minute.

According to a cell growth inhibition research, CBD or cannabidiol is a rather major helping treatment for killing cancer cells and inhibiting abnormal cell growth. In humans, CBD helps to stimulate the killer cells in our immune system to cause cancer cell death.

CBD Relieves Pain of Dogs

In most of the cases, any illness that induces pain in the body also triggers tiredness and overall health reduction. Not only humans but dogs feel the same. Their performance deteriorates with increasing pain and discomfort.

Scientists have considered using CBD for chronic pain management due to its visible outcomes without inducing further side effects. According to a study, CBD act as both anti-inflammatory and analgesic that will help pets cope up with the pain and inflammation similar to humans.

  • CBD Reduces Anxiety And Manage Behavioral Changes

Do your dog and other pets suffer from separation anxiety or noise phobias? CBD can help cope up with the condition.

The different researches have been done in humans declaring the great reduction of anxiety, stress, and behavioral changes with respect to the environment.

A research that took place in Brazil, scientists were keen to find out the effect of CBD in patients with SAD- generalized social anxiety disorder using functional neuroimaging.

Through the result, researchers scrutinized that by using CBD via oral dose demonstrated significantly reduced subjective anxiety in SAD and that is related to CBD’s effect activity in limbic and paralimbic areas in the brain.

CBD Aid In Bowel Diseases

A study on intestinal inflammation and cancer showed CBD can prevent colitis and restore normal gut mobility in IBD – inflammation bowel disease. Further researches showed the antibacterial of CBD, including Staphylococcus Aureus the most common bacteria that frequently attack humans as well as animals.

CBD Increase Appetite

It is common when you trouble getting your dog to eat; sometimes the animals show their discomfort by not eating much or being nauseous.

This condition can be managed by using CBD, and the National Cancer Institute reported that Cannabinoid or CBD increases appetite and also provide an extra benefit in addition to controlling cancer.

In another animal study, CBD has been shown to act as anti-emetic and anti-nausea effects even when they are the results of drugs or toxins in the body.

Normalize Hip And Joint Mobility Keeps The Pet Active

CBD can encourage the sleeping system and simulate the energy levels in humans as well as in pets. Cannabinoid chemicals discovered in CBD are known for enhancing the energy levels by exciting each body cell separately.

When CBD compounds face-off with dopamine receptor it subsequently arouses the behavior to feel energetic, and super active.

CBD does every day can normalize joint mobility, provide power to muscles, and increases muscle endurance.

CBD pharmacology shows supremacy in controlling the receptors of the body and brain by altering the mood swings, trauma, and depression recurring in a normal state of mind.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give To My Dog?

The wide range of CBD oil is present in many convenient forms that you can easily give to your pets.

CBD extracts can be proffer from a dropper directly into the mouth or food. Also, you can just drop the oil on the cookie, or bare skin so they can lick it off.

To minimize the hassle, you can also find CBD infused pet edibles, hemp biscuits, and specific dog treats along with CBD oil capsules, topical and gel caps for the desired use.

Coming to the dosage, deciding a proper quantity of CBD oil for dogs and other pets can be tricky. It may be beneficial to experiment starting with a little amount and observing the symptoms prior to the exact dosage for your pets.

Suggested dosage starting from 1mg – 5mg per 10lbs of bodyweight.

For cats, basically, it ranges from 1mg to 5mg. However, CBD oil dosage varies in dogs. For instance;

10 lbs.20 lbs.30 lbs.40 lbs.50 lbs.60 lbs.70 lbs.80 lbs.
1-5 mg2-10 mg3-15 mg4-20 mg5-25 mg6-30 mg7-35 mg8-40 mg

Similar to a human body, pet parents should start the dose of their pets by low to the 1moderate range.

Usually, the changes occur in 30 mins, so it’s beneficial to observe the signs and wait for an hour. If there are no changes as per your requirement, then increase the dosage.

Although there is no toxicity associated with the CBD, it is always suitable to vigilantly look for consumption as well as the duration of the dose. For pain management, CBD oil after every 8 hours is required.

For other uses, give once or twice a day to break the undesirable behavior patterns. Always make sure that you don’t overdose your pet.

Are There Any Potential Risks Of CBD Oil For Dogs And Other Pets?

As many different subjective types of research have taken place in the medicinal world related to CBD oil and its significance, we can assure it’s totally safe and secure for your pets too!

Most of the CBD oil products for dogs and other pets are obtained from hemp oil that has minimal or no traces of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Due to this, the FDA has even approved CBD oil products safe to use for humans as well as animals.

Dr. Robin Downing, a veterinarian and the hospital director at the Downing Centre for Animal Pain Management in Windsor, stated the scientific basis of CBD shows that similar to the human system, dogs have cannabinoid receptors that could help some ailments using marijuana.

CBD oil or cannabidiol is one the active constituents of the cannabis plant, makes 40% extracts of the plant. Since it has no psychoactive effects, the study shows it can help in healing and balancing normal functions in all mammals.

Pet parents have used CBD oil for a broad spectrum of ailments including behavioral changes, anxiety, traumas, obsessions, the mood in their pets.

Especially for dog owners, CBD oil is widely used for muscle spasm, seizures, neurological, and digestive disorders.

Even after surgery or recovery from illness, pet owners give CBD to stimulate speedy healing and appetite.

Also, CBD triggers an endocannabinoid system that in return induce sleep and manage fear, pain, and discomfort in your pet.

Best CBD Oil For Dogs & Other Pets: Success Stories

As promising as it sounds, according to Doug Kramer, the most prominent and vocal advocate of veterinary marijuana reported in this survey and websites that several hundred cases of pet owners have claimed to notice positive results when experimented with “veterinary cannabis.”

According to one holistic vet, a senior Staffordshire terrier was having 6cm mammary tumor and metastasis that totally disappeared in 3 months after CBD usage. A Jack Russell Terrier had painful arthritis and heart murmur which was significantly reduced from CBD after a month and he continued going for long walks.

These two examples are reported by Australian veterinarian Edward Bassingthwaighte who simply cannot believe CBD oil can improve heart murmur that does not normally get better in animals. He says CBD oil could be a critical part of his holistic veterinary practice.

Things To Remember Before Buying CBD For Dogs

  • Make sure the product is 100% organic and high-quality produced.
  • Do not go for a cheap product, it will question the reliability and effectiveness of the oil.
  • Make sure the manufacturer provides you with the certificate of analysis to verify there is minimal or no THC content.
  • Buy CBD as a tincture; this would help you adjust your dog’s dose day by day according to its condition.

Final Thoughts on Best CBD Oil for Dogs & Other Pets

Having said that, many hemps-derived products for external use as well as edibles are available in shops, online markets, dispensaries, and even at the veterinarians’ offices.

Cannabidiol is a substance found in hemp plants – along with a lot of other chemicals. It is not THC – it will not give your pet a high. There are no psycho-active based products in CBD oils for your dog. The ultimate aim of these chews, biscuits, oils, sprays, and drops is to help calm and to help relieve pain.

Your dog has the same receptors as you do – they have the same endogenous cannabinoid system that CBD acts on. Therefore, all the medical advice you hear from medical practitioners about the benefit of CBD oils on humans – this counts for our pets too. It targets the brain, the organs, the central nervous system, the immune system – and more – and offers positive help benefits.

Although CBD is not a treatment for major disorders in dogs, it can help relieve some of the symptoms – and it can help prevent and maintain well-being.

Our list of 8 sources for oil or for information gives you a starting point to find out if CBD oils are right for your pet. You can dive straight in – and for this, we highly recommend the choice and taste offered by Canna-Pet or Honest Paws. Or, if you want to hear more – get more background information – then visit CertaPet to hear what their experts say.

For best online sources, we have listed ten of the best sellers of CBD product for dogs and other pets. However, it is important that you determine the appropriate dosage before giving it to your pet.


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