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How to Clean a Bong?

You don’t have to clean your bong every other day like an obsessive-compulsive maniac.
Just make sure you clean it when it needs cleansing.

If you see that the water in the bong is turning brown, Clean it. If you see there are white and black specks in your bong tube, Clean it. When you see that your bong is not giving you the full first hit which you deserve, Clean it. When you see the accumulated resin in your bong, Clean it.

Cleaning a bong is essential for your respiratory health. When you clean a bong regularly, you save yourself the trouble of going to the doctor for respiratory problems. If you are smoking through a bong which has leftover resins from a weed, it’s time to clean it.

A dirty bong is a clear cut case of embarrassment if you are in a gathering, or with friends. If you want to make sure that you get the Intense hit every time you smoke it’s essential to drag through a clean Bong.

It’s not rocket science to clean a bong. It’s rather simple, and we will guide you through it in a simple but comfortable way. To clean a bong first, you need to get acquainted with its symmetry.

A simple bong has these parts

  • The Mouthpiece.
  • The down stem.
  • The bowl piece.
  • The joint
  • The ash catcher.

And to get the utmost pleasure of smoking through a bong, you need to clean them all effectively.

Materials you need to Clean your bong

You need specific material when you are cleaning your bong and these include.

  • A pair of gloves.
  • A pinch of salt.
  • Warm water.
  • Sink.
  • Few lemons.
  • Banking soda.
  • Vinegar
  • And alcohol.

There are different methods available if you want to clean your bong effectively

Clean your Bong with warm water

It is the easiest method to clean your bong. Let us guide you through it step by step.

  • Warm some water in a kettle, make sure you don’t boil it, the boiled water will crack the glass.
  • Right after warming the water pour it into the tub, make sure your bong is free from any stale water.
  • Fill your container with warm water and submerge your bong into it. Immerse all the pieces of bong fully in water.
  • Let your bong stays in the water for 30 minutes
  • 30 minutes later take your bong out, clean it larger parts with a dry cloth and its smaller portions, like a bowl piece with an earbud.
  • Place your bong on a dry place after cleaning it.
  • it is the easiest and effective method to clean your bong.

Clean your Bong with warm water and Lemon

  • Submerging your bong in warm water is an effective way to clean it, but if you feel that your bong has not been cleaned up to your standards, then we have other methods available. To try this out, you need a lemon with warm water.
  • Warm water In a kettle and then pour that warm water into a tub. To clean your bong via this method, you need to take apart the parts of your bong.
  • After dismembering your bong have a slice of lemon in your hand and rub it against the dirty parts of your bong.
  • Lemon has fantastic cleansing properties. The citric acid present in the lemon will kill the germs present on the underside of your bong.
  • Thoroughly rub the bong with lemon juice and then submerge it in warm water for 15 minutes.15 minutes later take it out and wash it up with tap water. With the unusual characteristics of lemon juice your bong will give the new vibes after you dry it out.

Clean your Bong with Baking Soda

To clean your bong with this method you need baking soda. Do not dismember your bong for this method rather keep it the way as if you intend to smoke through it right away.

  • Warm some water in a kettle and after you see that the water has warmed enough, add a spoonful of baking soda into it
  • Pour the mixture of water and baking soda into the mouthpiece of your bong.
  • Rinse it well. Baking soda has fantastic cleansing properties. When you rinse the bong with the mixture of warm water and baking soda, it will take all the stains out.
  • Keep the bong away for an hour. Let the mixture be in the bong for that time.
  • After an hour when you will wash your bong with clean water, you will feel as if you have bought a new bong for you.
  • Baking soda kills all the germs present in the bong, and it will also give it the new and shiny look.
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Clean your Bong with Alcohol

This method involves alcohol. To clean your bong with this method you need traditional isopropyl Alcohol.

This particular alcohol works as an effective deterrent to clean glassware.

Make sure you have your gloves on when you start cleaning your glass bong with alcohol.

Along with alcohol, this method requires a pinch of salt as well.

1 ) Detach all the parts of your glass bong and rinse them thoroughly with water.

2 ) Plug the pieces back in and then add a pinch of salt into your bong.

3 ) Add salt into the mouthpiece of your bong, cover all the holes of the bong adequately and then add alcohol.

4 ) Adding alcohol with salt will cause the bubbles to arise at the surface but don’t be concerned about it.

5 ) Rinse it like a pro.

6 ) Keep the mixture of salt and alcohol in the bong for 20 minutes and after that wash it. It is the most used and loved method of cleaning a bong.

Clean your Bong with Vinegar

There is another method which can be used to clean your bong. This method involves vinegar. By leaving your bong in a tub filled with vinegar you can clean it like a pro.

Cleaning a bong is so essential if you want to have a quality smoke. Make sure you wash your bong every third day.

On cleaning the pieces of the bong

As the anatomy of a bong comprises of different parts, it’s essential to clean all the pieces to get an overall fantastic result.

There are ways to clean different parts of a bong.


if you want to make sure that the mouthpiece of your bong is clean. Detach it from the bong and keep it in a mixture of vinegar and salt for a night. This way the resin and leftover weed will be entirely removed.

Downstem and Ash Catcher

To clean the downstem and ash catcher of your bong detach them from the bong and after the detachment places them in the mixture of warm water and baking soda for 20 to 25 minutes.

Wash the parts with clean tap water. With the help of baking soda, the stains of the downstem and ash catcher will be removed.

Bowl piece

Cleaning a bowl piece is a tricky part. Sometimes the holes of a bowl get clogged and to open them effective method is applied. One such process involves alcohol and salt if the holes of the container are sealed.

Fill a plastic bag with salt. After putting the bowl in the bag add few spoonfuls of alcohol and then Rinse it. When salt is mixed with alcohol, it acts directly on the clogs.

To clean the holes of the bowl using a cotton bud.

Gravity Bongs

Cleaning a Gravity bong is as simple as cleaning a straight bong. To clean a gravity bong arrange a tub and fill it with warm water. Add a pinch of salt into it. To make it all more effective you can add vinegar or lemon juice as well.

After making sure that you have the mixture ready submerge all the parts of the gravity bong into the mix. Leave it overnight. Wash your gravity bong the next day with cold water, and that’s all.

Taking care of your bong is your responsibility. Don’t shy away from this responsibility. If you want to make sure that you enhance the quality of your smoke, smoke through a clean bong to get the fantastic hit.

After cleaning the bong keep it in a kitchen cabin. Let it rest there until you need it again for a fresh smoke.

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