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Why Is Green Hulu Kapuas Such A Big Deal At Mount Kratom?

To those who are tired of trying the regular strains of Kratom, they have a new venture to go for. Yes, we are talking about the Green Hulu Kapuas, a must-try.

People say it is the best substitute for a cup of morning coffee, while others say that it is as relaxing as a cup of herbal tea. What is it? Let’s discover together, and if you are already familiar with it, then try it out.

What is Green Hulu Kapuas, and where does it come from?

Green Hulu Kapuas is a strain of Kratom that is grown by the river Kapuas in West Borneo. The name Hulu signifies the forest name that is located on the banks of Kapuas River. This area is a very isolated area with negligible population size, and thus it is difficult to have access to this region.

The Green Hulu Kapuas is more abundantly grown than the red and white ones, which are rarely discovered. The Green Hulu has a combined effect of both the red and white ones. It is also rare because while preparing a batch of Green Hulu Kratom, only the large mature leaves of Kratom are used as they are rich in alkaloids. This is why we usually observe a deficit of this particular strain on the Kratom websites.

Like all the other strains of Kratom, the basic alkaloids found in this Kratom type are 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine along with some other known alkaloids like isomitraphylline, paynanthein, speciogynin, speciofolin, mitraspecin, etc. These alkaloids are responsible for producing the effects as they get attached to the various receptors in the human body.

What are the effects produced by the Green Hulu Kapuas?

Green Hulu is known more for its analgesic activity and the ability to cause relaxation. It is a crucial Kratom when it comes to stress relievers. It helps in achieving better sleep by decreasing anxiety levels and getting rid of insomnia and parasomnia.

As a pain killer, it has been used by many patients with fibromyalgia and has found this Kratom strain quite helpful.

As an anxiolytic, Green Hulu Kratom controls your jitteriness, helps your muscle relax, and soothes your nerve so that you are in more control of your body and brain. It enables you to reduce depressive states and causes a calming and relaxing effect.

Apart from the calming effects, Green Hulu Kapuas also produces mild to moderate stimulation, which results in boosting your energy levels, improving your cognition, increasing your attention, enabling you to work better.

How does the Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom work?

The alkaloids present in the Kratom attach to the receptors present in the body to bring about the desired effects. It can be taken both in powder or capsules form. The capsule form is more reliable as they are handier, can be carried anywhere, and also have a fixed standard dose that doesn’t need any measurement. Green Hulu Kapuas capsules are expensive than the powder form.

You can brew Green Hulu Kapuas tea to enjoy a cup of herbal tea. The effects start appearing within thirty minutes of consumption.

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In the first hour, you start feeling a betterment in your mood, your energy levels rise, and you think overall positive. These feelings resemble the ones you get after taking a cup of morning coffee.

Within the next 2-3 hours, you feel improvement in the existing effects. Your mood improves even more, enough to overcome your anxiety and depression, and as time passes, you start feeling that your pain is being alleviated. After 4-6 hours of consumption, you begin feeling peak effects, which then gradually wear off. If you take a larger dose, you might feel sedation after 4 hours of consumption of the green hulu strain.

In what dose can you take Green Hulu Kapuas?

The general dosing rule applies to all Kratom strains. Start with a minimal dose; see if it works for you. If it doesn’t gradually build the amount, do not consume multiple doses on the same day as you might develop dependence or tolerance.

For beginners, the dosage recommended by Reddit users is around 1 gram, but to achieve mild to moderate effects of the strain, you might need to increase the dosage to 2-2.5 grams. A dose of 4-5 grams is considered harmful and may be potentially fatal if mixed with other substances.

It is recommended not to take this Kratom type with other substances, and if you feel any breathing difficulty or extreme drowsiness, report immediately to your doctor. Avoid using it if you have any existing medical conditions for which you are taking prescribed drugs. Always consult your doctor before consuming it.

What is all the hype about Green Hulu Kratom at Mount Kratom?

As discussed earlier, Green Hulu Kratom is very rare to find. It is not available on most of the Kratom stores, and only some large Kratom vendors sell it that too at costly rates that are not economical to the general population.

At Mount Kratom, a reliable Kratom Online Store, the Green Hulu Kapuas is available in the best quality at a very reasonable price. The rate, when compared to other Kratom vendors, is significantly less. And considering the rarity of this strain, Mount Kratom has the best offer for its customers.

You can buy 100 grams of Green Hulu Kapuas for only $20. They also offer same-day shipping from Monday to Saturday, unlike other vendors that make you wait even for months while they get their stock from the Borneo island.

Mount Kratom ensures that it provides services that are tailored to individual needs, and thus their customer services branch is very responsive and quick. If you are looking for a strain that produces intense relaxation and analgesia, then the right strain for you is Green Hulu Kratom, and you can purchase it today from the online store of Mount Kratom. They offer high-quality products and a money-back guarantee.

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