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How To Buy Kratom Seeds Online — The Purchasers Guide!

Don’t know about kratom seeds yet? You are surely missing one of the matchless things out there!

Kratom seeds are a must-have in this stressful ride along with the world because of its exclusive nature and how it can help you with your daily stressors.

American Kratom Association claims that almost five million people take their daily doses of kratom in the USA. That’s huge!

Why won’t they because it helps with reducing stress, anxiety, and depression (Swogger & Walsh, 2018).

So you should not miss this editorial because it is going to tell you all about kratom seeds, their benefits, and how you can purchase them from online stores.

So let’s go straight into it!

What Are Kratom Seeds, & Why I Need To Know About Them?

If you want to get rid of your daily stressors, then kratom can be a lifesaver for you.

You can grow your kratom plant or tree with the help of its seeds that are easily available online. I will tell you about these online stores by the end of this editorial.

First, you should know all about these seeds. Trust me, you won’t be able to stop yourself from buying them and cultivating your very own kratom plant.

Kratom Seeds and Their Appearance

Mitragyna Speciose, generally known as kratom, is a medicinal herb found in the tropical areas of Southeast Asia. It is a tall tree and is usually grown in muddy and moist regions.

Its optimum height is approximately 30 meters. The seeds produced by this tree are equal to the size of flakes.

These seeds are very soft and delicate when it comes to their structure and texture.

They are mostly grown in podheads. There are round about 50 seed pods in each of the heads.

Hence, each podhead would contain fifty kratom seeds in each pod.

These seeds have a very low germination rate because of its delicacy and can sustain for only two days once they shed off (Botpiboon, 2010).

How Can You Grow Your “Own” Kratom Plant or Tree?

All those kratom lovers and enthusiasts out there, you hear me right! You can have your kratom plant or tree at home.

Solely yours! Just read the next passage, and everything will be quite clear to you.

Planting a kratom is not that easy, and you have to be a little bit specific about some optimum conditions as well.

  • First of all, you have to make sure that the seeds are fresh because these seeds have a very low viability rate (describes the chances of plant growth) i-e 10% for dry seeds and 20% for fresh seeds. Once the seed leaves its parent tree, the cultivation should get started right away because they tend to lose their freshness, and most of the time, they fail to grow. For this reason, people who import dry leaves in great quantity are unable to see the grown-up kratom plant.
  • So what you have to do is buy as many seeds as possible and plant all of them. You will observe later that only some of the seeds will take root and turn into a plant.
  • Kratom plant tends to grow in moist areas. You have to provide a humid environment and nutrient-rich soil to let the plant grow and don’t forget to fertilize it with good fertilizer regularly (Brown, Lund & Murch, 2017).
  • Remember, sunlight is essential for the growth of the plant, so make sure that your kratom plant gets enough amount of sunlight during the day. On the other hand, you have to give some shade to the plant as well to avoid excessive transpiration. For that purpose, you can use a canopy as well.
  • You would have to put a fan in the planted area as well because warm air is essential for the production of alkaloids in the leaves of your kratom.
  • You have to be very particular about the time of the year when you would like to plant your kratom.
  • Harvest your kratom in autumn because, at this time, these leaves tend to fall off on their own.
  • Once you get your first yield, make a powder out of these leaves using a grinder, or you can use them directly as well if you are making a tea.

Growing Kratom From Live Plants or Cuttings

Many growers practice growing kratom from live plants as well. Instead of using seeds, they use clipping for growing the kratom.

This method is more successful if we compare it with growing kratom from its seeds.

The leaves would immediately start growing in this case. But it has chances of being infected very easily so the care is a must in either case.

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That was all about how you can grow your kratom plant. If you want to purchase the kratom seeds online, then you must have a look at the purchaser’s guide written below.

Best Places To Shop Kratom Seeds Online

Want to order your kratom seeds online from an authentic seller? This guide will help you all the way.

You can choose among any of the purchaser’s depending upon your location.

1) Texas Herbs and Botanicals

This website is selling fresh kratom seeds with GMP certification. As a trial, you can order your fresh sample free of cost.

Meanwhile, if you will order the seeds right away, you will get 20% off with the help of the code that is SPRING.

You can buy kratom seeds, kratom powder, kratom capsules, and fresh kratom extract as well.

The reviews of this website suggest that many seeds turn into a plan, although, some people may have a hard-luck as well.

You can easily track your order as well. They have this reward program which offers you some points if you will make a purchase or refer them to someone.

The payment methods that they are using are Google Pay, Zelle, Apple Pay, or you can mail them the money order or personal check.

You can pay a visit to their website for further queries. Website:Texasherbsandbotanicals.com

2) Mitra Science

The kratom seeds they sell are coming from Southeast Asia. They are wholesalers and provide with research-graded kratom seeds; hence the quality is assured. Following are their plus points that you should know:

  • They are GMP certified
  • The seeds are 100% organic
  • They are ethically sourced
  • They are non-GMO and non-irradiated

They are accepting the payments in the form of bank transfers, eChecks, or payment from debit or credit card.

For further queries, you can pay a visit to their website.
Website: www.mitrascience.com


This online store is offering fresh and viable Malaysian kratom seeds. M2SEEDS are GMP certified.

They have growing kits and supplies for the perfect growth of kratom out of its seeds.

You can also make you of them if you are a beginner at planting kratom.

They have certain promo codes for discount packages as well. The service is quick and easy.

You can pay the cash on delivery, or they can take the amount directly from your debit or credit card.

For further queries, you can pay a visit to their website as well. Website: M2SEEDS.com

4) Zona Kratom

It is another best online store for purchasing the kratom seeds. They have kratom from both Indonesia and the USA.

The delivery service is also quick and smooth, and also they are GMP certified so that you can trust them. They are also offering a sample package for new customers.

According to their testimonials, the quality they are offering is worth a try. So don’t miss to purchase from here.

For further queries, you can visit their website (www.zonakratom.com)

5) Otie’s Botanicals

Oties Botanicals

Otie’s Botanicals also standouts when we search around for the best online stores for kratom seeds.

Their quality, customer service, and prices are all exceptional and affordable. They are GMP certified.

They have established relationships with the farmers of Indonesia, and hence they provide all fresh seeds to their customers.

The payment methods they follow are credit cards, debit cards, and eChecks. For further queries, you can pay a visit to their website.

Website: www.otiesbotanicals.com

6) The Golden Monk

This vendor is also GMP certified and is selling the best quality kratom seeds, totally fresh. They are offering loyalty points for discount offers.

If you shop for $10, then you will get $1 for free. They are offering free priority shipping for orders that are over $50.

Their products are all tested by the laboratories, and you can use the promo code FIRSTTIME5 to get 5% off on your first order.

Moreover, they usually send 10-25% bi-weekly discount offers. For further queries, you can visit their website: thegoldenmonk.com.

Listed above were some authentic kratom online stores from where you can purchase your kratom seeds. You can avail of fantastic promotions as well.

Pay a visit to any of these websites and place your first order right away! You will get your kratom seeds at the doorstep.

There is nothing more exciting than planting your kratom plant. Right?

All the best and happy planting to you!

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