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Dappe CBD Drops, Vapes, Kits: An Honest Review

Everything for a brand in this digital age of online shopping lies in a good website and authenticity, and I must say, Dapper gets all the points in this department. Let me give you a tour of the website for your ease of use, comfort and share few facts about Dappe’s credibility.

The Brains Behind the Brand

Daniel Richards founded Dappe in November 2013. He envisioned helping people use CBD as an alternative treatment by research, manufacture, and distribution of legal cannabis extracts and alternative supplements.

First Impression

The website is designed for ease of use, and finding the desired products seems very easy. There are precise details mentioned with every single product which helps when looking to buy a product for the first time. There are separate sections for different product types.

What Made Me Review Dappe?

After I found out about the health benefits of CBD products, I set out on an online hunt for the right product.

CBD oils are a booming industry, and awareness among the general public is somewhat limited.

This gives a chance to many scammers to exploit naive customers and sale low-quality impure products at very high prices. I googled many vendors online and read user reviews.

I was surprised at how difficult it seemed to find good quality, ethically sourced CBD products until I stumbled upon Dappe.co.uk. The online reviews were great.

The website mentioned where their CBD came from, which gave me peace of mind, so I went on to give it a try. The good quality and effectiveness of their products compelled me to review them.

I want to help other enthusiasts like me find the right product without having to research for days! So, let’s take a quick look at some key features of the brand.

Free Shipping

A feature that caught my eye was the free shipping option in the UK for orders above £50. Plus, they deliver worldwide, which is rare for CBD product vendors.

Payment Methods

There are a variety of payment options available, like PayPal or BitPay, which are both very convenient ways to pay online. Other conventional options include VISA, MasterCard and AMEX, etc.

Ethical Consumerism

In the age of cut-throat competition where brands would go to any lengths to increase their profit margins, there are a very few that hold up the standards and never compromise on the quality of their sourced goods. I was delighted to find that Dappe was one of the brands that stood up in this regard.

Let’s discuss some of these standards chased by Dappe.

  • 3rd Party Testing Facility

Ingredients for their products are 3rd party lab tested. They provide copies of certificates to anyone who requests them via the website.

  • Source of CBD

They mention where they get their CBD from. According to the website, they source their full-plant extract from a family-run farm in the Netherlands, with over 20 years of experience.

  • Extraction Method

The extract is produced through a critical CO2 extraction process, in compliance with the worldwide best practices, which provides the cleanest and best quality products.

  • Free of Contaminants

The products are free from any additives, which makes them more effective and smoother for the users.

  • GMO Practices

Where many vendors use GMOs to maximize yields and profits, Dappe stays loyal to its NON-GMO practices and provides users with organic and healthier products.

  • Clear labeling

Every product has clear labeling with all the ingredients on the front. As CBD is a comparatively new phenomenon, this aspect puts the user’s mind at peace.

  • Informational blog for users

The blog section gives users’ the basic introduction to CBD and clears a lot of misconceptions that are common among people with limited knowledge on the subject.

  • Compliance with regulations

The packaging and bottles comply with requirements of British Standard BS EN ISO 8317:2015 and are therefore child-resistant for EU/ISO regulatory purposes.


Customer Service: One thing that I didn’t quite like was the lack of contact information and an FAQ section for new users. Although the emails get a quick reply, it would have been nicer to have those things available on the website.

A Look into the Product Portfolio

Dappe is selling its own collection of products. The product portfolio, albeit small, offers an excellent variety to all types of users. Let’s look at these products:

  1. CBD Gummies: Bite-size gummies that deliver the required dosage with a savory taste.
  2. CBD Vape Oil: Pure CBD e-juice without the hassle of PG/VG ratios. It can be used in an atomizer, available in different flavors and strengths.
  3. CBD Oil Drops Sublingual drops in coconut-derived MCT oil. Easy to use and available in various strengths.
  4. Vape Pen: Pen style vape mod with a simple drag operation, sleek discreet and stylish.
  5. Refill-Cartridges: Industry-grade glass atomizer to use with Dappe vape pen. It comes in different flavors and strengths.
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So, the Dappe product arsenal has something for everyone. For those of you craving for detail, let me review these products in detail:

1) CBD Gummies

Highlights: Convenient and tasty way to consume your daily dose of CBD
Key features: Free from additives, sugar-free, gelatin free, natural flavor and vegan-friendly.
Type of Product: 99% pure CBD isolate
CBD Concentrates: 10mg in each gum. 300mg per pack
Dosage: 3-4 gummies every day price: £24.99 per pack

2) Vape Oil

Highlights: Can be used with a vape pen. Available in convenient 10ml bottles.
Key features: Uses natural flavors, provides pleasantly smooth vaping experience, third-party lab-tested CBD isolates and comes in different flavors like peppermint, orange, and lemon.
Ingredients: CBD Isolate, Coconut Oil, Organic Natural Flavors
CBD concentrates: 200mg and 600mg strength 10 ml bottles
Additional Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin (VG) free and Propylene Glycol (PG) free
Price: £19.99 for 200mg, £44.99 for 600mg

3) Oil Drops with MCT

Highlights: Made with 100% organic Sativa full-plant extract. Can be taken sublingually in an easy to use 10ml dropper bottle.
Dosage: 1/4 dropper under the tongue three times a day.
Key features: Organic, Vegan-Friendly, sourced from a family-run farm, extract produced through a critical CO2 extraction process, contains ketones which give the body an energy boost, helps the body to absorb the cannabinoids faster and more efficiently.
Ingredients: Cannabis Sativa full-plant extract, Pure C8 MCT Oil (coconut)GMO-free and 100% legal.
CBD Concentrates: 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg
Price: £22.99 for 250mg, £34.99 for 500mg, £57.99 for 1000mg

4) Vape Pen Kit

Highlights: Sleek looking, no button model. Battery fully charges under an hour. The vapor created with wick conduction technology creates smoothest and best quality vapor.
Key features: Battery Capacity 280mahUSB Charger, Green Battery, Indicator LightsPharmaceutical Grade Glass Atomizer, Antileak Design
Price: £29.99 for 15%, £39.99 for 30%

5) Refill Cartridge

Highlights: Replacement Cartridge, Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Oil, Extract produced through a CO2 extraction process, Product winterized to remove all fats and lipids, Extract Purer and Safe to Inhale.
Ingredients: Cannabis Sativa Full Plant Extract, Coconut Oil – Sourced from coconuts grown organically in Thailand, Natural Flavors.
Key features: Broad Spectrum Oil, contains other useful cannabinoids including CBG, CBDV, CBN and CBC, Vegan-Friendly, Available in Different Flavors
CBD Concentrates: 15% and 30%
Additional Ingredients: PG (Propylene Glycol) free, PEG (Polyethylene Glycol) free and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) free
Price: £ 16.99 for 15%, £26.99 for 30%

Product I Tried

After much hype and excitement, I finally gave a try to the Dappe vape pen. I was amazed at the smooth flavor and calming effect. The vape pen is lightweight and easy to carry, and yet packs a punch where it matters. There was no hassle with setting the voltage, as in some similar devices and the battery indicator lights come in handy.

It is effortless to carry around as I go about my day. The only thing I felt could have been a bit better was the battery life, but then most of the products in the category offer the same battery capacity and at higher prices. So overall, I would give the Dappe vape pen a solid 8.5/10.

Price Comparison With other Top UK Brands

While the market for CBD products in the UK has grown to be very competitive, Dappe.co.uk has still managed to price its products within reach of consumers. The 1000mg CBD oil is priced lower or equal than other brands with no compromise on quality. Here is a handy table for reference.

CONCENTRATIONDappeRaised SpiritBiopurusCannabidiol

Final Epilogue

With the sudden boost in the popularity of CBD products, many vendors have emerged claiming to sell the best products. But there are a very few who provide ethically sourced pure CBD products and Dappe is one of them. If you are a newbie user of CBD products, I recommend that you give Dappe a try.

Christina Earle
Christina Earle is a licensed psychologist practicing in Oakland, California since 1999. She provides counseling to people who are struggling with managing stress, and anxiety related issues. In her free time, she often writes on mental health conditions that educate the individuals to explore ways of improving their health.

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