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CBD Tea: Benefits, Recipe And Best Brands

Right after the legal status of hemp-based CBD in all fifty states of the United States and its subsequent approval by the FDA, CBD has become a new normal. The miraculous substance has been propping up in different shapes into our cultural and societal fabric. From gummies to drinks, juices, and oils to plain tea-drinking – everything is being toned up by CBD King Midas.

According to a research paper published by National Youth Foundation, “Despite pandemic, CBD consumption has hit the ceiling with a whopping surge of 70% from 2019 to 2020”. (NY Times).

A buzzword in town is the CBD panacea into the teacup. Does this claim worth its salt? Let’s analyze empirically!

Know the nitty-gritty of CBD Tea

CBD tea is a perfect mix of CBD oil and tea leaves that strike the chord concurrently. CBD, aka cannabidiol, is a joint compound found in cannabis or hemp. The legalized form of cannabidiol is a THC-free variant, having non-psychoactive effects like its cousin marijuana.

CBD tea is in vogue and considered incorporating various miraculous features against the physical and mental health ills.

Drinkable form of CBD usually comes up in teabags, apart from CBD-infused dry tea leaves. At the same time, tea bases like peppermint, chai, or chamomile are used, to name a few.

What makes CBD tea a buzz-word in town?

To consume CBD enjoyably, tea is the best-case scenario that infuses you with the requisite thrill in a myriad of relishing flavors.

Tea is also the best way for the newbies. If one has never encountered CBD before, tea processes the early difficulties of familiarity efficiently. Nonetheless, if you are a veteran, CBD tea is still a great addition to adorn your toolbelt. The unique tea starts up every morning in an enthusiastic manner. All-day, you remain green.

What are the benefits of sipping CBD Tea?

The topic is debatable at length owing to the strong claims of proponents and antagonists. However, the Food and Drug Administration came out as an arbitrator and announced the legalized usage of THC-free CBD in 2018. The first approved CBD drug was Epidiolex for epilepsy. The verdict directly translates into the wholesome health prospects of CBD. Some of the associated positive effects are;

  • Boosts up the serene sleep
  • Relieves excruciating arthritis pain
  • Mitigates asthmatic symptoms
  • Heals chronic pains
  • Wipes down acne imprints
  • Sends down mild soothing neuroprotective effects down the spine
  • Keeps heart healthy
  • Runs down depression and anxiety
  • Soothes upset gut
  • Addresses all that hurts

Besides these benefits mentioned above, some daily users also believe in being perched into a fizzy cloud of joy, a sensation of sprouting incessant happiness. This is not the “high” feel but something else wrapped under the deep shadows of ascetic mystery.

Let’s not distract from the topic and know that in what forms CBD tea could be prepared.

Ways to prepare the CBD Tea

There are three standard modes by which you would relish the magical CBD tea. We prefer the topmost one, but let’s go through it all for the sake of convenience.

Ready-made CBD tea

The first and most viable option is to buy a ready-made tea infused with CBD therapeutic ingredients. The ready-made tea could be in a tea bag or loose leaves form. You need to bathe the teabags into hot water or pour hot water into the CBD-infused loose tea leaves.

Steam clouds the cup, and the tea is all set to adorn your lips and excite the nerve vibes.

However, the user must be aware of the extract and brand quality as the overlooked decision might land you up in the clasps of a cheap brand. The ready-made method is convenient, but, as always, the convenience comes up at a price.

Putting raw CBD oil into the existing tea

The second option of preparing the tea is to add CBD oil into the existing tea. Nevertheless, this way has its own set of myriad problems.

Firstly, the oil perches on the tea owing to its immiscible nature. Secondly, the drink also loses bioavailability. In the first place, mixing oil and tea is a foolish way to flush the viability of CBD down the drain.

Some folks try to mash CBD into the tea by adding fat such as milk or coconut oil. However, this is also a botched attempt, and the tea keeps found wanting.

Taking solid CBD with general tea

If one does not have specialized tea, nor want to pour in raw oil, then an out-of-box solution is to add other natural forms of CBD into the available tea, such as CBD sugar or gummies.

Although the latter two modes exist, veterans always prefer ready-made tea, either in teabag or leaves, to simultaneously relish the taste, aesthetic, and ascetics buds.

Stepwise Recipe Guide

Chef has hundreds of magical secrets to prepare a particular drink, as in her diary all roads lead to Rome! Here we would tell you about the most universal and effective way of preparing CBD tea in the tea bag style.

Firstly, jot down the ingredients list:

  • One branded teabag of CBD
  • One lemon peel
  • One tablespoon viscous honey
  • One cinnamon stick
  • One cup sweltering hot water
  • Taste boosters; honey, sugar, or cream, whatever you like.

Now, the operation CBD kicks in:

  • First, take out a mug
  • Add the cinnamon stick and honey into it
  • Place the ready-made CBD tea bag into the cup
  • Warm the water in a pan or microwave
  • Don’t boil the water; maintain it at a lukewarm level
  • Pour the water into the mug
  • Steep for a couple of minutes
  • Remove the teabag
  • Add taste boosters if required
  • Piping hot mystical CBD is ready to soothe your nerves
  • Serve and relish!

Who needs the Tea most!

As far as viability is concerned, almost all the age and societal strata could take leverage of CBD tea, but still, CBD is the most recommended for the following segments.

  • Patients with chronic pains
  • Gloomy souls going through bouts of depression
  • Denizens of the pandemic era
  • A huddle of the old college fellows
  • Those who want to bring some festive flavor in banal life
  • Post-trauma survivors

Who should refrain?

CBD tea is a non-psychoactive, THC-free, soothing agent that surely does not get you high. However, almost worldwide, CBD intake is banned for minors under 18 years of age. This rule of thumb also applies to tea consumption.

The touchstone of selecting the CBD tea brands

There are multiple CBD suppliers in the online and brick-and-mortar marketplace. Ironically, the nascent CBD tea industry is blooming rapidly but unregulated as of yet. This roughly translates to a reasonable scenario for fraudsters to milk the money.

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Furthermore, the loose business rules mean several companies offering third-tier CBD tea with low CBD percentage but higher inclusion of toxic metals, pesticide residues, and microbes.

However, our editors have tried level best to neutralize this lingering threat by setting up a criterion, mitigating any risk of landing your hard-earned money to a sketchy manufacturer. The criterion says;

Asses the manufacturer

Evaluate the brand as a whole. The brand’s cannabis source, motto, manufacturing, and customer services decide the manufacturer’s fate.

Check the hemp source

Hemp is an excellent absorber of elements from the environment by cleaning the polluted and toxic soil. This directly means that if the CBD is extracted from the hemp belonging to a polluted source, many contaminants will finally land up in your teacup.

The best way out is to select a brand that opts for 100% organic but toxicity-free hemp farming.

Third-party testing

Third-party testing thwarts the risk of toxic chemicals or heavy metals in the first place. Always buy the tea from a brand that comes up with third-party lab certification.

THC-free variant

CBD is extracted from the hemp or cannabis plant, the same plant whose flowers or stems provide THC, a psychoactive substance that gets you high. As the legalized version of CBD tea is THC-free, so the user must have assessed this point before taking the sip lest the world should be roamed around you!

Besides this criterion, other secondary things like flavoring, CBD ratio per teabag, tea size, and theme are customized from person to person.

Top-performing CBD Tea brands

As we have discussed at length the intricacies of CBD, it’s time to look at some of the top CBD tea brands that extend the quality, affordability, and accessibility under one roof.

American Shaman Sparkling CBD Tea

The USA-made, American Shaman sparkling tea bubbles up your soul with high vibes. A single container contains ten of my high-end CBD oil flickering into the tea, making American Shaman a fountain of ascetics. 

If you are tired of the day-long hectic schedule, the bubbling tin container is right here to rejuvenate you once again.

American Shaman CBD tea comes up in four exciting flavors; Lemon Black, Mango & Orange Peel, Raspberry Pear Hibiscus, and Camomile Citrus. All are efficient enough to satiate your aesthetic taste buds sans getting you high. The former two flavors also contain caffeine.

These natural flavors calm down the taste choice and provide positive nutrition values; hence, supporting the body functions optimally.

Neurogan CBD Teabags

The Neurogan CBD Tea is the gist of sensational slow-grown hemp, harvested at the peak season to extract the creme-de-la-creme variant. Rivet up your soul by the short sipping of 25 Mg of chamomile or natural hemp flavor.

Neurogan specifically plucks the outdoor-grown hemp every October to fetch the top-notch taste. The caffeine-free teabags bolster the inflammatory response and rectify the mood swings, focus, joint mobility, and sleeping disorder. The perfect night is ahead!

The pack contains 20 teabags, and if Neurogan CBD does not work on you. No matter! You can go for the return and full refund within 30 days.

Chai Awakening Hemp CBD Tea

Chai Awakening is crafted with miraculous ingredients of cardamon, clove, cinnamon, ginger, hemp, black pepper, coconut milk powder, vanilla beans, and nutmeg. Every tea bag provides you an earthy, deep, and compelling feel.

Chai is the Hindi lexicon for tea and relates the cultural background of Darjeeling tea leaves that, cultivated in India’s Darjeeling district, extend a full-bodied aromatic flavor to your tea. Amazingly, Darjeeling contains the galore of caffeine owing to young tea buds.

The pack contains 20 teabags of 50-60 milligrams. While a single tea bag easily caters to 2-3 servings. The early morning sip of Chai Awakening would perch you on a merry-go-round of mysticism all the day ahead. 

Gemstonz Black Organic CBD Tea

The broad-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD teabags of Gemstonz bestow a flavorful avenue to infuse CBD into your intake.

The gemstone comes up in three exciting flavors; Chamomile is a well-known sleep elixir, Green values your life with its antioxidant potency, while Black offers the traditional stimulus.

There are seven teabags in a single pack, and each tea bag contains 15mg of broad-spectrum hump CBD.

The usage is super simple; bathe the teabag in 8oz sweltering water, add sweetener, and the CBD magic conjures up!

Good Company CBD-infused Tea

Upholding its name’s sanctity, Good Company comes up with an excellent mission to infuse a new wholesome ritual of daily CBD intake creatively – the tea.

The creative idea offers you an opportunity to relax and discharge the stress in a huddle.

The Good Company’s best thing is its fine selection; every phase is painstakingly executed from cultivation to processing. Good Company picks up the premium quality CBD extracts, relies only on the organic way, cherry-picks gluten-free substances, and tests every aspect thrive in sophisticated labs.

Ultimately, a single cup adorns your dining table. 

Whether you prefer a light blend or the most potent version, this tea provides you every style in a tropical aromatic flavor. Each sip is rejuvenating and stress-drenching. Enjoy the sojourn with non-psychoactive CBD tea by Good Company. 

Pif. CBD Tea

“Pif.” is an umbrella brand that incorporates different CBD tea variants in a single teacup. The herbal pick is one of the best evening teas to enhance a soothing experience. As the CBD-herbal duo boosts immunity, rectifies sleep, and calms you down to the utopian abyss.

Green CBD tea regulates stress, mood, and zeal, while Peppermint escorts you out from the crumbling onus of the working day, pushes you into a refreshing life. Some other flavors are balanced, caffeine, and sparkle.

Whatever the flavor is, CBD support lands you up into an oasis of asceticism. The pains, worries, stress, or swings all are the things of day bygone.

​Take the final sip!

It’s time to wrap up. Before recommending the top-performing CBD tea brands, our editors have cleared the fuzziness around CBD tea, its benefits, types, criterion, and all you need to know about it. We hope that this excerpt must have proved a Rosetta Stone for the CBD lovers. Buy with optimal confidence!

Kate Freeman
Kate Freeman is the wellpreneur behind Ayuni Organic; a brand focused on spreading the goodness of Mitragyna Speciosa. Kate supports scientific research on this natural tree "Kratom" and believes that this herb can help millions of people to live a healthier life.

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