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Premium CBD Supply Review – Single Place For CBD Brands

If you look back in 2018, you will get to know that every individual CBD online shop was selling their products, and there was a need for a shop or place that could be used to buy CBD products from multiple brands under one roof so that the customers can compare and then make a decision to invest. The basic idea behind introducing Premium CBD Supply was to facilitate the consumers in this regard.

Being a one-stop-shop, Premium CBD Supply allows you to buy top-tier CBD brands in a single place. It ensures good results by providing not only a huge variety of products but also the best brands.

What Brands and Products Do They Have?

As you log on to their website, you will find all premium CBD brands right in front of you offering a wide range of CBD products. A few brands and products are given below.




  • Bluebird botanicals tincture
  • Hugs CBD tinctures
  • SMPLSTC CBD tincture

CBD Topical

  • CBD fusion topical
  • KOI CBD topical
  • Cryofreeze CBD topicals

HEMP Consumables

  • CBDMD edibles
  • KOI CBD capsules
  • NIRVANA CBD capsules

How is this Online Shop Special for You?

Premium CBD Supply has a firm belief in providing product safety and security that clearly shows their consumerism. They always do a detailed inspection of all CBD products to be uploaded on the website to maintain their quality that’s why they achieve a higher rate of customer satisfaction.

They pass CBD products through a strict background check to ensure the freshness, potency, and safety of every single item. The safety control mechanism, manufacturing process, transparency, and excellent presentation is a piece of evidence that Premium CBD Supply is far better than the rest.

All the products are well checked on this store, all you need to do is compare various brands and choose the best one for you.     

What Role Does the Team Play in Premium CBD Supply’s Success?

The brand has been continuously growing since 2018. The team behind this successful and evolving business is passionate about natural products that don’t use dangerous fertilizers and chemicals. The brand’s name itself shows that they offer a wide range of premium quality products.

The best thing about this store is the flexibility of comparing different brands to choose a product that suits you the most.

Advantages of Purchasing from Premium CBD Supply

If you look at the shop selling only one brand, it may have fluctuation in sales because customers don’t buy everything from a single brand. It usually has seasonal traffic, and stock may last longer, due to which it offers discounts to finish the existing stock.

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Premium CBD Supply has an exponentially growing customer rate because they have clients for multiple brands compared to an individual shop. Moreover, every brand has a limited stock that gets sold quickly.

Special Discounts and Coupon Codes

Although they are already offering cost-effective products, they still offer multiple discounts and coupon codes to facilitate their customers. Most of the discounts include 10% OFF sitewide. A few of them are listed below.

First Order Offer

You can use “WELCOME10” as a promo code to claim a 10% discount if you plan to place your first order from this store.

10% OFF

You can avail 10% discount using “MILITARY10”, “FB10”, “TW10”, or “DS10” as the promotional codes. It is acceptable for all products.

Top Coupon

It works side wide, and you can use “CC10” to get up to 10% OFF.

20% OFF

You can claim a 20% discounted offer sitewide using “OOPS” and it can be applied sitewide.

Extract Lab Offer

This offer is applicable to extract labs only. You can get 25% off using “25PLUSTINCTURE” as a code.

Do they Offer Good Quality Control?

They always double-check the freshness, content, and laboratory tests before introducing any item to their store to maintain higher standards of the products. They make sure that customers are getting safe and secure branded items.    

Can you Make a Comparison of Products at Premium CBD Supply?

As mentioned before, Premium CBD Supply offers CBD products offered by multiple brands that clearly shows that a customer can easily compare products of different brands to make a calculated decision as per the requirements. You can choose a product that suits you the most.

Do they Support Easy Payments and Quick Shipping?


Many online CBD stores promise to deliver their products within 5 days. Thanks to Premium CBD Supply that offer quick shipping in comparison to other CBD dealers. You can receive your package within just 2 working days.


Normally, natural supplements stores are not supported by the banks that is a huge problem for the consumers. Premium CBD supply has won the competition in this regard, and you can make easy and quick payments through either debit or credit cards. This facility makes the customers come back to this store as they like comfortable shopping.     


The people who like to have the best brand after making a detailed comparison always appreciate the platform offered by Premium CBD Supply, and it is the last stop for them. They believe in providing high-quality, safe, secure, fresh, and authenticated products to their consumers to achieve high customer satisfaction. Despite affordable products, they offer a couple of discounted offers to facilitate the users.

Christina Earle
Christina Earle is a licensed psychologist practicing in Oakland, California since 1999. She provides counseling to people who are struggling with managing stress, and anxiety related issues. In her free time, she often writes on mental health conditions that educate the individuals to explore ways of improving their health.

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