Are you thinking of benefitting from CBD oils? Have you heard about the positivity that CBD hemp oils can bring to your lives? This is not about getting “high” – CBD products legal for sale in Arizona with a low THC.

So, no real psychoactive properties – but instead ease pain, relieve nausea and reduce the paralyzing effects of anxiety and depression.

The great news is that you have a lot of choices when buying CBD in Arizona. First, there are local shops – just along the street – ready for your customers right now. Second, many reputable online stores are waiting to ship to you legally in Arizona.

Buying in-store means you can get access today – but you need to be realistic about the choice and the potency you will enjoy.

Here is a guide to the best ways to buy your CBD oil in Arizona near you.

Legality Of CBD Oil In Arizona

CBD Hemp oil is available in Arizona in traditional vape stores – but also in your local health food suppliers too.

Buying CBD products extracted from non-psychoactive hemp is no different from purchasing an over the counter food supplement. This is because there is only the smallest amount of THC in this product.

Arizona passed the law: Proposition 203 in 2010, which permitted more exploration into the possibilities of marijuana-based products.

The main focus is on the medical applications for marijuana, but this also allowed the legal growth of plants in the state.

In 2014, Arizona judge Katherine Cooper ruled medical marijuana, including CBD hemp oils, legal.

This was in direct response to the proposition that legalizing certain hemp products would negatively impact on the drug cartels of Mexico – a blow in the drug war raging across borders on the American continent.

In the same year, President Obama opened the way for further research into industrial hemp.

The Farm Bill was a big step forward for those of us who want to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil in Arizona.

It meant that all hemp products are classified as legal, as they are considered dietary supplements and can be used for educational and academic purposes too.

But don’t misunderstand. This is not just about recreational use or the interest in relieving mild symptoms. This choice to allow medical marijuana in Arizona has been life-altering for some.

The legalization of CBD oils has led to physicians being free to prescribe marijuana-based products for the easing of various health symptoms.

Arizona’s decision to legalize the sale of CBD oils with low THC was a matter of common sense. There is no chance of a high – and only an opportunity for relief from some debilitating symptoms.

If you are still concerned that you might inadvertently do something illegal in Arizona – here is the law in detail. You can legally purchase CBD sourced under the following conditions:

  1. The CBD must be extracted from legally grown industrial hemp, which contains only a trace amount of THC (0.3% or less).
  2. The CBD must be extracted from the hemp plant mature stalks, stalk fibre, oil, or sterilized seeds. Each of these parts does not fall under the legal definition of marijuana.

5 Places That Sell CBD Oil In Arizona (In-Store & For Delivery)

There are lots of places you can go right now and shop for your CBD oil in Arizona. They are available in your local trade park or shopping mall.

  1. You can get CBD oil products from dispensaries in Arizona. These dispensaries are licensed to sell medicinal hemp products – though they are under strict federal regulation. You will not find them situated near a school, youth center or nursery daycare center, for instance. They are also only allowed to receive deliveries from licensed retailers and can only provide you with medical cannabis if you have a medical card or a prescription.

    Arizona Natural Selections: 7320 E Butherus Dr Suite 100, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, United States

  2. You can also find CBD oil products in your local Arizona smoke shops. These will only be open between 6 am and 10 pm, as per federal restrictions, and you will need to prove you are over 21.

    DJ’s Smoke Shop: 70 W Warner Rd, Chandler, AZ 85225, United States

  3. In Arizona, as with other states, CBD oil is considered a dietary supplement, which means you can buy them from health food stores. You are likely to find buying your CBD oil from a health store far easier and friendlier. There are lots of stores around Arizona that will be able to help you, but you may want to phone first. You may not get the same amount of choice, but some may find this option a little less intimidating.

  4. Like with vape cartridges, it is becoming more and more common for gas stations to stock CBD products. This means when you fill your car in Arizona, you will be able to access CBD oil products too.

    Dolan Station: 15916 Pierce Ferry Rd, Dolan Springs, AZ 86441, United States

  5. The easiest way to buy CBD products is when you pick up your grocery shopping. You will be able to find a range of products, including capsules, and CBD buds in your local convenience store. There will be more of an array in Walgreens pharmacy – and you are likely to find CBD oils with more potency there.

Best Online Stores that Sell Hemp CBD Products In Arizona

The truth is that you are more likely to purchase your CBD oil online – where you can quickly scan the site for the quality, potency, manufacturing processes, growing methods, and lab results.

The CBD hemp oils that you can get from online US sellers, in particular, are high-quality and effective products.

It is worth waiting for that little bit longer and waiting for your CBD oil delivery to arrive at your Arizona home. You will then be sure to feel the satisfaction of your product.

You will get better quality, higher potency products if you buy online for delivery in Arizona. Before you buy online, remember to look for the following labels:

  • CO2 extraction processes
  • Pure CBD with 0.3 or lower THC
  • Independent lab testing
  • High-quality standards

Here are some sites where you can get some high-quality CBD products – and you won’t have to wait that long either!

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Product Overview Price/Bottle Price/mg Link

Tropic Health Club

One of the best places to buy CBD oils online is Tropic Health. It will be easy to find, as it comes high on most search engines and the testimonials for the site are exceptional. Tropic Health Club offers, as the name suggests, high-quality, pure products – which are 100% legal for delivery in Arizona.

They offer an efficient delivery service to Arizona, and they also offer a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. All the information you require to make an informed decision about a purchase is available on the website, which proves that this is a high-quality supplier of CBD oils.

$59.95/500mg $0.11

Veritas Farms

Veritas Farms comes from the fish – and this company is responsible for a range of products aimed at living a Zen existence – with the aid of natural products. This is a site that offers much more than just a beautifully designed bottle. You get all the benefits of a large company with a strong idea for the purity of its products. There is so much choice on this site – including the chance to purchase items wholesale.

Delivery from this site is quick – so you won’t have to wait too long for CBD oils that come with guaranteed quality and high potency. The website delivers all the information you require, and there are all the assurances offered by a money-back guarantee and great customer testimonials.

$29.95/250mg $0.12

Verified Pure CBD Oil

The tagline of Verified CBD is staying steady, live long – and this is the philosophy they promote through the sale of their CBD oil products. This is a trusted online store that is happy to deliver to Arizona. They are affordable and deliver efficiently – packing and dispatching your products with professionalism.

You would want to try Verified CBD because they offer by far the greatest choice of types of CBD oil. You can get edibles, sprays, tinctures, concentrates, capsules, creams and more. Customer reviews praise Verified CBD for its communication and the speed of delivery. You get a lot for your money from this supplier.

$63.95/750mg $0.085

CBDPure Hemp Oil

PurCBD offers free and same-day shipping if you order before 3 pm EST. They also offer a 30 day no questions asked money-back guarantee. The site offers a range of products, including topical salves, tinctures, soft gels, lip balm, gummies, and capsules. The slogan for the company is that “Quality is our priority.”

They believe that CBD oil products offer people a better quality of life – and that this can only be achieved with pure, well-manufactured products. They take the craft of producing CBD products seriously and the customers reap the benefits.

$79.99/600mg $0.13

Final Thoughts

The CBD oil products are safe and hugely beneficial for all sorts of conditions. You can use your CBD oil to relieve pain, or nausea, or feelings of anxiety or depression.

The health benefits of whole-plant and full-spectrum products are now well-documented – which is why you are free to shop at the mall or online for your CBD oil products in Arizona.

When you go in search of your CBD oil products, remember to avoid getting trapped into excessive claims and poor advertising practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Consume CBD In Public In Arizona?

The law explicitly does not highlight the use of CBD in public. Laws in Arizona have prohibited the smoking of cannabis in public places located all over the state.

The only form allowed by the government for public consumption is cannabis-infused edibles, which is only for the patients.

A person cannot consume cannabis in a car parked in a public parking space. A person is also banned from driving under the influence of marijuana.

What’s The Legal Case For Marijuana In Arizona?

Arizona is known to have some of the harshest laws against marijuana use, possession, and sale. Nevertheless, marijuana state laws are still tricky there. For example:

The state of Arizona classifies marijuana possession as a class 6 felony. However, if the judge so wishes, it can be filed as a class 1 misdemeanor.

So, the laws about marijuana are quite jumbled up, and if you’re in Arizona and require medical marijuana for an ailment, it is best to have a legal wiz by your side in case something goes south.

However, you can legally carry if you have a medical marijuana identity card that confirms that you are a patient/physician/caregiver that requires marijuana for medicinal purposes. The card is valid for two years.


How Much Does A Bottle Of 30ml CBD Oil Cost In Arizona?

There is no straight answer to this question because the cost of CBD oil varies due to several factors.

The main factor affecting the price is the type of CBD. Is it full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolated, etc.?

Another factor is obviously, its quality, better the quality of the product, higher would be the price (However, this is not always directly proportional).

To give you a rough estimate, a 30ml bottle of CBD oil should cost anywhere between 20 USD to 75 USD.

Can I Take Oil or CBD Edibles Out Of Arizona State?

The possession and use of CBD edibles or CBD oils have been legal in the Arizona state.

The 2014 ruling made all cannabis extracts that have a less than 0.3 percent THC level and high CBD level because of its certain medicinal benefits.

So you can keep and use CBD products in the Arizona state, without having to face any harsh repercussions.

Can I Fail A Drug Test By Taking CBD Oil In Arizona State?

Since there is still confusion regarding the legality of marijuana and CBD products, they are not regulated. And because there is no regulation of such products, one can expect impurities, such as THC.

Now, CBD should not show up in a drug test, but if there are traces of THC in the CBD product you use, it can show up on a drug test.

To avoid any misconception, you should tell your boss that you are taking CBD for medicinal purposes.

Moreover, you can also show your medical marijuana identity card that confirms that you are a patient/physician/caregiver.



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