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All PurCBD Review (Products + Coupons)

When it comes to products derived from natural herbs, finding a trustworthy vendor could be a hectic job. Beginners often end up buying products that are not up to the mark, and therefore, a waste of time and money.

Since CBD industry has grown vastly in the last few years, its users also have to face the same issues. With competition that runs high among reputable CBD vendors, people are often confronted with the questions as to which CBD brand should be trusted and whether they are investing in the right brand or not.

While there may be many CBD vendors selling quality products, PurCBD has made its way into the most highly ranked CBD brands. This is a review about PurCBD and it will state the reasons as to why it is the best CBD vendor out there, and what it does to keep its customers satisfied.

What is the Mission of All PurCBD?

PurCBD aims to improve the lives of individuals by using natural medicine only. They help people to not only achieve a peaceful state of mind but also to lessen the use of recreational drugs as well as prescribed medications.

Their biggest aim, perhaps, is providing natural health care to those who are looking for an improved and balanced lifestyle. In addition to this, PurCBD sells its products with a promise that they deliver only the purest articles to their customers.

Their website states that all the products are put through a series of tests before making them available for the public, therefore, making sure that the customers only got the Best and nothing less.

What Customer Services do they Provide?

1) Free ShippingPurCBD presents free delivery services on all products bought. This means that they do not charge you extra even if you buy only one or two products that may not sum up to a set minimum amount of money.This feature of online shopping is available with only a very few brands out there, and PurCBD is one of them, thus affirming that they keep customer satisfaction as their first priority.

2) Same Day Shipping Slow or delayed services are often frowned upon. When looking for a good CBD brand, customers always make sure that they get their desired product within a day or two.PurCBD takes fast shipping to the next level, providing same day shipping services for all orders that have been placed by 3 PM EST (Monday – Friday).

3) Money Back Guarantee While PurCBD ensures that it meets customer requirements and delivers only the best products, it does, however, realize that some customers might not always be satisfied with their performance.While the chances of that happening are very less, PurCBD has still promised a 30-day money back guarantee to all of its customers. Not only that, but it has also stated that the money will be refunded without any questioned asked, something only a few vendors are willing to do.

What Products Do All PurCBD offers?

PurCBD delivers the best CBD products at your doorstep. They strive to provide a range of CBD articles that are otherwise too hard to find in both local and online stores. The brand even provides CBD edibles and topical creams, which are considered new items in the CBD industry, and therefore, ones that are pretty hard to avail. Below is the list of all the products available at PurCBD;

1) All PurCBD Tinctures

PurCBD sells hemp-based CBD oil tinctures in three different potencies; 250mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg. The tinctures come in a 30ml (1oz) dropper bottles. The product can be purchased in either the natural flavour or in two other flavours; peppermint and salted caramel.

  • PurCBD 250mg CBD Tinctures ($44.99) – Available in Natural, Peppermint & Salted Caramel Flavors.
  • PurCBD 500mg CBD Tinctures ($30.00) – Available in Natural, Peppermint & Salted Caramel Flavors.
  • PurCBD 1000mg CBD Tinctures ($95.00) – Available in Natural, Peppermint & Salted Caramel Flavors.

PurCBD tinctures are derived from non-genetically modified (non-GMO) hemp plants that are organically grown in the US. They are laboratory tested to be free from any types of chemicals such as harmful solvents, herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

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The tinctures can be added to foods or drinks or could be administered sublingually. They are, however, more viscous than e-liquids and therefore, not suitable for the purpose of vaping.

2) All PurCBD Topical Salves

The therapeutic effects of CBD are widely known to benefit individuals suffering from muscle aches, body aches, soreness, and even inflammation. These analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of the compound have been uniquely assembled in PurCBD’s topical salves, thus creating a pain-relieving miracle product.

Only a pea-sized amount of the salve, topically applied to the sore or affected area, can help relieve pain and effectively cure aches.

The salve, however, doesn’t show immediate effects, as it has to be first absorbed into the skin, due to which it can require up to 2 hours to relieve pain and soreness.

PurCBD’s topical salves come in different concentrations (400mg and 1000mg) and are used accordingly by users depending upon their degree of pain.

  • PurCBD 400mg CBD Topical Slaves ($24.99)
  • PurCBD 1000mg CBD Topical Slaves ($40.00)

If the user wishes to have a scented product, the salve (otherwise none scented) is also available in soothing Lavender scent.

3) All PurCBD Hemp Gummies

CBD gummies are perhaps the greatest innovation in the rapidly growing CBD industry. PurCBD’s gummies come in berry flavour with three different potencies; 150mg, 450mg and 750 mg.

  • PurCBD 150mg Hemp Gummies ($27.99) – Available in Berry Flavor.
  • PurCBD 450mg HempGummies  – Available in Berry Flavor.
  • PurCBD 750mg Hemp Gummies  – Available in Berry Flavor.

They are easy to administer, tasty, digestible and easily carried around anywhere, everywhere. PurCBD gummies are an all-time-favorite for people who either follow a very busy schedule or for those who travel a lot.

These edibles are considered as capable as any other CBD product taken orally, effectively delivering all the desired medicinal and therapeutic properties that are typical of the compound.

4) All PurCBD Capsules

All PurCBD offers a bottle of 30, 750mg CBD capsules at very cost-effective rates. While the capsules provide all the properties of the cannabinoid, they are specially used for their muscle/joint pain relieving properties as well as an aid for sleeping.

  • PurCBD 750mg CBD Capsules ($44.99) – Contains 30 Capsules – For Muscle and Joint Pain.

The high-quality capsules are made from non-GMO hemp plants, which are then tested for any harmful solvents to ensure safety and consistency. The capsules are easily digested and are considered best for people who have trouble measuring and dosing CBD.

5) All PurCBD Soft Gels

PurCBD comes with a unique product, called the soft gels, which are specifically made for individuals who have a hard time swallowing pills. There are a total of 30 soft gels, each with 25mg of CBD, wrapped in one bottle.

  • PurCBD 750mg CBD Soft Gels ($79.99) – Contains 30 Soft Gels.

These gels are very effective in treating pain, inflammation, cramps, mood disorders as well as all the other medical conditions that CBD is typically used for.

6) PurCBD Hemp Lip Balm

PurCBD has come with a totally new product to help people who suffer from problems like cracked, dry and swollen lips. The specially designed lip balm helps in nourishing, soothing and regenerating cracked lips. The lip balm comes in vanilla flavour and is best for daily use.

  • PurCBD 25mg Hemp Lip Balm ($8.99).

Affordability of the Products

As compared to many online vendors Pur CBD has always ensured that their products are not just affordable but also of premium quality. While many may consider it expensive but the price is worth it considering the quality and packaging of the product.

There are discounts on various products and you can avail the sale on bulk products as well. To get your favorite CBD product, you just have to check https://allpurcbd.com/and place your favorite products in the cart and check out.

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