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What Are CBD Cannabis Seeds and How Do They Work?

Using cutting-edge breeding techniques, our CBD cannabis seeds have been precisely cultivated to generate high levels of cannabidiol in their final products (CBD). Cannabis plants that have high levels of CBD are prized for their therapeutic benefits and medicinal potential. Every cannabis plant has a complex collection of chemical compounds known as cannabinoids, which are responsible for their psychoactive effects.

These chemicals interact with the endocannabinoid system of the human body and, as a result, have the potential to elicit a wide range of biological responses. CBD cannabis seeds have been specifically cultivated to have higher amounts of non-psychoactive cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) than other varieties. It is recommended that gardeners utilize CBD cannabis seeds if they want to reduce their THC intake or if they want to use marijuana for medicinal purposes.

CBD is widely regarded as having significant therapeutic and medical potential. In addition to anxiety and depression, the chemical is being investigated as a potential treatment for a variety of other disorders such as Huntington’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disorder (IBD), migraines, pain management, and many others.

Why Grow CBD Cannabis Seeds In The First Place?

The use of CBD cannabis seeds allows medical marijuana producers to cultivate their plants at home, whether they are indoors or outside. CBD does not have the same psychoactive side effects as THC, which is the major cannabinoid found in cannabis. As a result, it is ideal for consumption throughout the day without having an adverse effect on productivity.

CBD cannabis seeds have features that are comparable to those of ordinary marijuana plants (height, yields, flowering time, flavor), but they produce significantly higher levels of CBD. i49 offers a diverse selection of seeds, each with a different ratio of CBD to THC than the others. Growers have the option of selecting the ratio that best suits their needs.

Growers of all skill levels will benefit from the availability of CBD cannabis seeds in feminized or auto-flowering variants. CBD has anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and antioxidant qualities, which are beneficial to those who use it for medicinal purposes.

What Causes CBD Production to Increase In Cannabis Seeds?

CBD cannabis seeds undergo extensive testing to guarantee that they produce the proper ratios of CBD in their final product. Our CBD cannabis seeds have been proven to be stable due to the use of industry-leading genetics and modern breeding processes used in their production. Because the amount of CBD generated by each mother plant is determined by the genome of the mother plant, we only employ the best medical marijuana plants for crossing and selection.

Search Through Our Entire Selection Of CBD Seeds

The seeds in our CBD category may be found by utilizing the “strain filter,” which allows you to narrow your search. This enables the selection of seeds based on parameters such as indoor/outdoor, yield, height, climate, type, and other characteristics. In addition to CBD cannabis seeds, we provide world-renowned cannabis strains, cup winners, and special-priced items.

What Kinds of CBD-Rich Seeds Are Available?

In order to properly acquire CBD seeds, you must first understand the sort of seed you’re purchasing. This is important since the type of seed you choose impacts how your plants will grow. Regular CBD seeds, feminized CBD seeds, and auto-flowering CBD seeds are the three primary types of CBD seeds available for purchase.


Seeds that aren’t Special

In spite of the fact that feminized seeds are more widely available, some gardeners prefer ordinary seeds, which contain a mixture of male and female seeds, because they are more natural and are not the result of inbred breeding. The male plants will need to be removed from the garden if you buy ordinary seeds because they do not create buds and their pollination hinders the female plants from creating excellent buds.

Seeds that have been Feminized

Female plants that were compelled to develop a male flower in order to self-pollinate, as explained above, produced the seeds that were used to make these seeds. Because these seeds solely produce female plants, you won’t have to worry about identifying and eliminating any male plants. Most gardeners prefer to purchase CBD seeds that have been feminized rather than unfeminized seeds.

Seeds that Produce Flowers on their own

When these seeds are planted, they will generate plants that flower at a predetermined age rather than as a result of changing light circumstances as they would otherwise. Autoflowering plants are easy to care for because they mature more quickly and require minimal attention than other types of plants. They also blossom more frequently than other plants. Autoflowering seeds that have been feminized are also available.

Beyond these broad classifications, there are a variety of cannabis seeds available, each of which has different quantities of CBD and THC depending on the strain. When choosing your seeds, you should think about how much CBD you want to get out of your plant, as well as if you want enough THC in your plant to contribute to the effects of the plant.

In What Way Do CBD: THC Ratios Affect Us?

The CBD: THC ratio reveals how much of each cannabinoid is predicted to be present in the final harvested product when it is measured in percentages. The greater the number on the left-hand side, the greater the amount of CBD present.

In contrast to a 2:1 strain, a 1:1 strain has an equal ratio of CBD to THC. This ratio is perfect for CBD seeds used for recreational purposes since it allows consumers to get high while still receiving a large number of medical advantages.

CBD seeds with a 2:1 CBD to THC ratio contain twice the amount of CBD as the amount of THC. However, while the amount of THC in these strains is often low enough to have no psychoactive effect, the ratio of cannabinoids in these strains is high enough to provide the medical benefits of both types of cannabinoids.

Cannabis strains that are 2:1 in THC to CBD may nevertheless produce a mild mental high in inexperienced weed smokers. Someone who has effects similar to those of a single glass of wine. Generally speaking, a CBD to THC ratio of 10:1 or greater is very CBD dominating, with little to no influence from the THC. A high CBD to THC ratios, such as 10:1 or even 20:1, is great for people who are not interested in getting high and who want to get the most medical advantages from CBD without getting high. Some of the most popular medical CBD seeds are found in higher concentrations than others.

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