Lately, life has become much more fast-paced than ever. There is so much more to do and more to explore and learn. As time progresses, mankind has made significant advancements in every aspect of life. Although these advancements helped us in the long run, it has also created chaos within us where we have to balance many things all at once.

When a lot is going on, it is easy to lose focus on something that might require your full attention. This never really used to be a problem in the past. But these days, it’s like almost everyone struggles to keep track of what they are doing. It’s fascinating how this problem has opened a whole new market of products geared towards helping you focus. 

Today, we look into one such product that claims that it will boost your brain, making you extra alert and ready for your tasks. 

What Is Addall XR? 

Addall XR is a dietary supplement that provides you with brain-boosting means to effectively continue your work! This product is manufactured by AddFocus that is located in the US. They offer a subscription-based service and only offer two products on their site. Both of which are different capacities of their AddFocus XR capsules. 

Even though they do not claim it. People consider this supplement as a handy replacement for Adderall. So, before you think of getting some focus pills, let’s deep dive into the world of Addall XR!


It’s always good to know what you’re going to be putting into your body. So, what exactly do these “focus” pills contain? 

Truthfully, their proprietary blend isn’t actually known. There has been some confusion regarding the ingredients. 

Well, from what we know, these pills only have a handful of active ingredients. Most of which are water-soluble vitamins, such as Thiamine, B6, Riboflavin, etc. 

What Makes It Actually Work? 

The biggest thing that essentially makes these pills effective is GABA. 

GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) is a neurotransmitter already present within the brain and helps block nerve impulses. Lower levels of this neurotransmitter are linked to anxiety, stress, and restlessness. This is why GABA supplements exist to counter that, and people often use them to correct sleep or anxiety.  

Is It Worthwhile To Invest Into Addall XR? 

So, why shouldn’t you just go for a more prescription-oriented drug instead? People claim that products like Addall XR have lower amounts of active ingredients, so they must be safer than traditional medication. But is it really true? 

The FDA has yet to deem these pills as safe for human consumption. So, there might be a risk involved if you’re taking the chance to boost your mind. 


The company claims that their product will “ADD FOCUS TO YOUR DAY” and make you focus better, provide you with better energy, and improve concentration. 

GABA is an ingredient that may make you relax more and control your nerve impulses. But there isn’t much in these pills that will help you improve focus per se. But some people have benefitted from it. 

As previously mentioned, some people consider it a lesser concentrated replacement of Adderall. Adderall is used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). And it generally contains amphetamines. So, widely different chemicals that effectively resolve similar issues. No wonder people consider it as an alternative.


On their website, they offer:

  • ADDFOCUS XR 750 mg, 2 caps pack. $26.97
  • ADDFOCUS XR 30 caps bottle. $99.99 

A single dose amounts to two pills, setting you back around 13 dollars. The price is pretty steep for just two. And for something that isn’t really FDA approved nor listing their ingredients clearly, it is a cause for concern.


Their website might not have much in terms of products or interactiveness, but they do have elaborate policies. It is best to read through them all before you buy from them. Considering you will find many things that are important for your purchase. 

Terms And Conditions: 

Furthermore, on their website, when you go through their Terms and Conditions, they clearly state that they are not responsible for the information that they provide on their site. The data is most likely subject to change or maybe “historical”. They also state that they have the right to withhold any new information and that the consumer is responsible for checking any changes. 

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You can also get their products off of Amazon, as they have their own store there. A newsletter system is in place, and they offer a subscription service. You can call them on their customer number service or even reach out on the email provided on the site. 

Shipping And Delivery: 

Shipping will take about 3-5 business days. But to order, you must be 18 or older. They do have a return policy of 30 days. But you have to ship and pay for the product yourself, and if they deem it a reasonable request, they will offer you a refund. There are some weird statements here and there scattered throughout their terms and conditions, which may make it feel like they are doing something shoddy. Overall, it comes across as very passive-aggressive as they clearly claim that they can withhold any or all information, service, communication, or more if they want to. You really can’t do much about it. Which is such an odd way of doing business. 

Where Can You Reach Out To Addall XR? 

Besides the website and the Amazon store, they also link their social media accounts. Both of which (Facebook and Instagram) have been inactive since 2020. Their social sites don’t even really talk much about the products themselves. In fact, their Insta page is just a babble of aesthetic quotes relating to mind and spirit. 

This general inactivity is also not a good sign when trying to purchase something that will affect your mind. But, why listen to us? Let’s see what actual consumers think about the product. 

Customer Reviews: 

The review for the product and the company is a mixed bag. As for almost everything, the positives really boil down to, if it works for you, it will work for you. And that’s all. 

Although people do like the product, the one claim all of them do make is that it is costly.

What is concerning is that most of the negative reviews point to specific disturbing side effects of taking the pills. Most people feel nauseous throughout the day, even vomiting minutes after consumption. 

Health issues aside. People also mention that the packaging is awful and does not match what is shown on the website. The website already stated that there could be a difference in packaging, coloring, and even labeling. But people are still upset for a good reason, as the product they receive is often busted. 

One such customer received the product only to find that their capsules were sticky, easily dented when they tried taking them out of the plastic-cardboard package and that it was all generally falling apart. 

Another concerning thing is that there is a lack of customer support. Many people have opted to cancel their subscriptions from the site but are still getting charged for and delivered the product monthly. And anytime they reach out, the other side is unresponsive. 


Personally, with all things considered. Addall XR just doesn’t seem like a product to invest in. Despite having detailed policies for shipping, returns, and privacy. They do not have proper ingredient lists. Nowhere on their site do they state that they are not FDA approved. Nor do they list any side effects or allergens or so. 

It all seems like a job half done sort of situation. It is somewhat shady and concerning, but people managed to get a better deal out of it. From the inflated prices to the potential risk of falling ill- maybe it’s not worth it. There are better products/supplements available in the market for much cheaper. And if you’re just someone that doesn’t actually need any drugs. And is just looking for some relaxing downtime. A simple cup of tea would even do you good! Always be careful when you’re out in the wild looking for products like this. It is often a hit or a miss.

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