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4 Natural Dopamine Boosters To Enhance Mood And Motivation

In this article, you will read about:

  • Natural dopamine boosters for mood and motivation.
  • What does it refer to the term dopamine?
  • Dopamine deficiency and its treatment.
  • What are dopamine supplements?
  • What is L-tyrosine, Mucuna supplements or l-dopa, Rhodiola Rosea, and L-theanine?
  • Side effects, drug interactions, and precautions while using these natural dopamine boosters.
  • FAQ’S.

Years before studies and research were conducted regarding the chemicals and medications by the health-associated authorities, and herbalists made use of natural plants for their therapeutic benefits.

The Indian Ayurvedic medicines and Chinese herbalists are considered as the oldest medical modalities which have offered the human beings with therapeutic benefits from thousands of ancient plants, flowers, herbs, and roots.

People are suffering from depression more commonly due to the ongoing stress and everyday life.

Individuals are seeking a solution to help themselves get rid of the symptoms associated with depression.

The dopamine supplements are used for improving the signs and symptoms linked with depression, aids in uplifting mood along with motivation. These supplements also help in correcting the dopamine deficiency.

What does it refer to the term dopamine?

There are multiple neurotransmitters in the brain which help in communication, one of which includes dopamine.

This neurotransmitter is involved in various human behaviors such as pleasure-seeking, motivation, and addiction.

The neurotransmitter plays an essential role in improving attention, mood, memory, learning capability, movement, and sleep along with anticipatory pleasure.

Dopamine is a type of a neurotransmitter which gets triggered in a healthy individual when you are expecting or planning to approach a reward.

When dopamine is released in the brain, it results in a good feeling with a gush of energy while you are reaching for the award.

Dopamine allows you to seek motivation, stay alert to the things which you are interested in and will enable you to remain motivated while performing the things which meets your interests.

With raised levels of dopamine, you stay motivated and have a pleasure while experiencing activities in life such as performing exercises, listening to music, involved in social interactions or sexual activities.

Dopamine deficiency and its treatment

Dopamine deficiency can be easily treated with the help of the supplements. According to a study published in 2000, in a journal of JAMA Psychiatry, it was reported that individuals suffering from clinical depression had lower levels of dopamine.

It was concluded that Dopamine aids in an uplifting mood and improves the mental health of an individual. It also indicates that Dopamine supplements aid in restoring the low levels of dopamine neurotransmitter.

According to different research and studies, it is often assumed that Serotonin is the essential player involved in depression but dopamine is also included along with other neurotransmitters.

Depression leads to difficulty while focusing, concentration and results in lack of motivation due to the involvement of these neurotransmitters.

Dopamine deficiency results in the following symptoms such as loss of concentration, focus, motivation as well as pleasure leading to laziness among such individuals.

Certain conditions lead to low dopamine levels such as nutritional deficiencies, poor diet, obesity, addiction, dopamine antagonist medications or thyroid disorders.

There are many pharmaceutical drugs which help in restoring the dopamine levels, but all of them result in adverse effects, so it is better to opt for dopamine supplements which are clinically tested.

The dopamine supplements safely enhance the levels of dopamine in the brain without any adverse effects.

Many physicians are recommending these supplements for the treatment of anxiety, depression, and low motivation along with other dopamine symptoms.

Natural dopamine boosters to enhance mood and motivation:

So, what are dopamine supplements?

Dopamine supplements are pills which help in increasing the levels and activity of dopamine in the brain.

These supplements work by enhancing the levels of dopamine by increasing the production of dopamine precursors in the brain which have a positive impact on movement, motivation, mood, concentration and mental drive.

The four most common and natural dopamine boosters include L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, Mucuna, and Rhodiola.

These natural dopamine supplements increase the dopamine levels in brain or aids in balancing the dopamine functions in mind.

These natural dopamine boosters aid in the enhancement of motivation and mood along with it helps in treating the dopamine deficiency symptoms which include fatigue, depression, poor memory, impulsive behavior in everyday life and lack of interest in daily activities.

How do the dopamine supplements function?

These pills either increase the levels of dopamine or prevent the breakdown of dopamine rapidly while others grow the number of dopamine receptors which help in enhanced attachment sites for dopamine.

  • L-tyrosine

It is a non-essential type of amino acid which serves as a precursor to the formation of dopamine and noradrenaline.

The supplement helps as an anti-stress agent under acute stressful situations. It aids in preserving the memory deficits which might be stress-induced.

The body can produce L-Tyrosine but not under stressful situations such as during illness or when extremely exhausted. L-tyrosine is primarily found in foods which are rich in proteins such as legumes and animal products.

Mechanism of action

The amino acid termed Tyrosine serves as a precursor of a neurotransmitter,i.e., catecholamine which includes dopamine.

This amino acid can be digested through foods such as meat, fish or eggs and can also be synthesized within the body.

Tyrosine converts to DOPA which then forms Dopamine and turns into Norepinephrine which aids in an uplifting mood.


L-tyrosine helps in enhancing the production of dopamine which results in proper sleep, motivation, mood-uplifting properties, promotes mental/ cognition function and emotional well-being under everyday situations such as psychological or environmental stress and also in individuals with genetic ability to produce little dopamine.


Begin with 500 mg of each capsule daily of L-Tyrosine. You will feel the effects of this supplement within 30 minutes, if not then consume the second pill and third within another half an hour if the results are not experienced.

Continue to eat 1-3 capsules of 500 mg L-Tyrosine for the acute phase of depression twice or thrice daily,i.e., early in the morning, mid-morning and then mid-afternoon.

You can also lower the dosage if you experience agitation or there is a rise in blood pressure levels.

For severe symptoms of depression, consume 5 grams of L-tyrosine safely. However, at high doses, the supplement leads to a headache, nausea and jittery energy.

For long-term use of L-tyrosine consume the pills with neuroprotective nootropics such as Alpha brain or Alpha brain stack and others.

  • Mucuna supplements or l-dopa

Mucuna Pruriens– a type of tropical legume also termed as cowhage or velvet bean.

The beans are found on the trees which feel itchy while you touch due to the presence of serotonin over the surface.

The pods and seeds contain L-dopa which serves as a dopamine precursor. Mucuna pruriens also has another psychoactive agent which are present in low doses.

Mechanism of action

Velvet bean or Mucuna Pruriens contains around 5% of L-Dopa also known as Levodopa. The Mucuna or L-Dopa supplements are similar to the amino acid L-Tyrosine produced in the human body. This amino acid then results in the formation of Dopamine.

When you consume this amino acid in the form of supplement, L-Dopa releases from the Mucuna supplements and cross the blood-brain barrier leading the elevation of dopamine levels in the brain along with other neurotransmitters such as noradrenaline and adrenaline.

Mucuna pruriens have anti-oxidant properties which promote the high levels of dopamine and allow the L-dopa to cross the blood-brain barrier.

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According to different studies, the anti-oxidant property of this amino acid prevents the brain from oxidative damage that might occur due to free radicals.


The mucuna seeds in the powder form have been used by the Indian herbalists in the traditional medicines for supporting and treating various ailments which primarily includes Parkinson’s disease.

According to different studies, Mucuna supplements have shown the promising results in treating the dopamine deficiency such as depression along with psychological stress as well as the Parkinson’s disease.

The Mucuna extract increases the dopamine concentrations and leads to the enhanced production of the neurotransmitters involved in mood-uplifting properties such as norepinephrine and serotonin. These amino acids also aid in optimizing the mental performance.

According to a study conducted on 120 men with psychological stress, each provided with Mucuna pruriens supplement. It concluded that it helped in easing the tension and reactivates the anti-oxidant mechanism which maintains homeostasis in the body.


The Mucuna Prurienshas, a standard value of 15% L-Dopa and each capsule,i.e., around 300 mg, should be taken twice daily.

  • L-theanine

L-theanine is a type of amino acid primarily present in tea such as black, white or green tea in the form of L-Glutamic acid.

This amino acid improves the learning capability, allows you to recall and boosts the happy mood by increasing the levels of dopamine.


It is an amino acid usually found in green tea which leads to the sense of alert state resulting in relaxation and less drowsiness.

L-Theanine can cross the blood-brain barrier and leads to increased levels of dopamine in the brain.

According to animal studies, L-Theanine results in increased levels of Serotonin and GABA. The supplement aids in boosting the alpha brain waves allowing you to remain calm, alert and promotes clarity.


The L-Theanine has anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects leading to reduced physical and mental stress.

It also improves the learning capability and enhances memory in animals as well as humans. L-theanine aids in improving the sleep and reduces the anxiety.

The supplement acts as a neuroprotective agent and leads to increased NGF or nerve-derived growth factor. L-theanine provides you with immune-boosting functions and has anti-oxidative properties.


A small dose of L-Theanine results in improved ability to focus and pay attention when compared to the consumption of placebo. Take around 100-200 mg of each capsule of L-theanine twice or thrice daily.

If you want to avoid supplements and consume this amino acid from drinking tea, then it is recommended to consume 3 cups each day.

  • Rhodiola

Rhodiola Rosea is a type of Scandinavian herb and a traditional medicine used by Chinese people. It helps to promote cognition and physical vitality.

The herbal supplement aids in reducing fatigue and prevents you from exhaustion under stressful situations.

The herbal supplement serves as a neuroprotective agent and results in longevity. It serves as a precursor for both essential neurotransmitters such as Dopamine and serotonin.


The Rhodiola Rosea also termed as Golden Root is a type of popular plant used in traditional medicine especially in Asia and Eastern Europe.

Rhodiola results in beneficial effects via positive impact on the central nervous system leading to enhanced stability along with support and reuptake of dopamine.

The effects on dopamine lead to a reduction in depression, fatigue, anxiety along with it allows you to withstand stressful situations.


The Rhodiola Rosea leads to improvement in depression, mental ease, and elimination of fatigue, enhanced work performance aids in treating the symptoms which might occur due to psychological and physical stress.

According to a clinical trial which involved 150 individuals who were suffering from depression, all of them were given this herbal supplement for one month.

In the end, it was concluded that there was an improvement in symptoms linked to depression and weakness.


According to human studies, Rhodiola results in improvement in symptoms associated with depression, stress-linked fatigue, and anxiety when compared to the group consuming the placebo.

Use the herb supplement derived from the root of Rhodiola Rosea which contains 3% of total Rosavins along with 1% of Salidrosides.

Consume around 100-170 mg of this herbal supplement early in the morning for memory and cognition function.

However, for depression and stress, consume around 100-400 mg of this supplement twice daily to enjoy the benefits.

The short-term use of this drug leads to increases concentration and memorizing capability. It aids in reducing anxiety and depression.

If Rhodiola Rosea is used in high dosage, it leads to stomach discomfort, increased blood sugar levels and rapid heart rate.

Other than these herbal supplements, you can also consume multivitamins which help as a booster for mood and motivation.

These vitamins include Vitamin B6, Zinc, and Folate which play an essential role in the synthesis and neurotransmission of dopamine.

These nutrients are usually worn-out in people taking medications, or having an inadequate diet, exposed to environmental toxins and excessive stress leading to the depleted synthesis of dopamine neurotransmitter.

Side effects, drug interactions, and precautions while using these natural dopamine boosters

  • The extra amount of dopamine is fatal and should be avoided. Avoid taking more than one supplement at a single time without consulting your doctor.
  • Avoid using these dopamine supplements if you are using antidepressants, methyldopa or antipsychotic drugs.
  • Mucuna pruriens and Tyrosine interact with the nutritional supplements such as 5-HTP, SAMe or tryptophan.
  • Avoid taking these supplements during pregnancy or in lactating mothers.


Other than using the natural dopamine supplements, you need to adopt healthy lifestyle changes which include the following:

  • Start practicing yoga,
  • Meditation,
  • Perform exercises,
  • Listen to music,
  • Specify the small and finished tasks,
  • Start creating new things,
  • Get an in-depth massage which releases your stress,
  • Have a proper sound night sleep,
  • Start consuming healthy foods which lead to increased production of Tyrosine such as Avocados, almonds, beef, banana, chicken, coffee, chocolate, eggs, milk, watermelon, green tea, yogurt and many others.

The dopamine supplements are highly efficient, safe and serve as natural boosters for this neurotransmitter. However, consult your doctor or physician before you start using these supplements.


Which conditions lead to low dopamine levels?

Certain conditions lead to low dopamine levels such as nutritional deficiencies, poor diet, obesity, addiction, dopamine antagonist medications or thyroid disorders.

Which foods enhance the production of dopamine naturally?

The foods which serve as a precursor to enhanced levels of dopamine include:

  • Avocados, almonds, beef, banana, chicken, coffee, chocolate, eggs, milk, watermelon, green tea, yogurt and many others.

Which foods lead to depletion of dopamine?

Avoid eating saturated fats, sugary foods or artificial sweeteners such as aspartame.

Does the consumption of dopamine supplements balance the level of dopamine in the brain?

The use of dopamine supplements along with adoption of healthy lifestyle changes is useful in balancing the average levels of dopamine in the brain.

Can aspartame or other artificial sweeteners be used in everyday life?

It is advised to avoid using the artificial sweeteners because they reduce the levels of essential mood-boosting neurotransmitters such as Dopamine and serotonin.

What are the causes fo dopamine deficiency?

The most common causes include fatigue, apathy, unable to feel pleasure, lack of motivation, procrastination, social problems, sleep issues, hopeless, mood swings, memory loss, loss of concentration, self-destructive behaviors such as addiction and many others.

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