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Vital Elements Review – Should We Go For This Brand?

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Kratom is an herb coming from the deep forests of Southeast Asia. Kratom is famous for its various names, for instance, Mitragyna Speciosa, Ketum, Thang, and more. It is widely used for its recreational benefits and stimulating properties.

Even though Kratom is highly rich in benefits but still this herb is banned in many states of the U.S. Today, Mitragyna is taking over the West countries by a storm, thanks to its amazing results.
People use Ketum to boost energy or for pain relief. Many people prefer herbal medications due to fewer side-effects as compared to drug therapy.

However, there is a pool of scammers that sell fake Kratom. The usage of fake Kratom can cause serious side-effects, so be sure you are purchasing Kratom from the right place.

Vital Elements is a retailer of Kratom. Although this brand has no store or an online shop, you can purchase their products from various resellers.

Vital Elements is famous for its great taste and amazing effects on the body. They have a vast range of products so that every customer can find something for themselves.

Apart from it, the brand also deals in bulk quantity, so if you are looking to purchase Kratom in large amounts – Vital Elements is the store for you!

In this review, we will help you to buy this Kratom from the well-known ‘The Herbal Place’ resellers. Keep reading!

Shop Vital Elements Kratom From ‘The Herbal Place’

‘The Herbal Place’ are known for their excellent services and selling out authentic products from the original sellers. From their product packaging to their customer service, everything speaks of their professionalism and their zeal to render only the best services to their customers.

They make sure that customers do not face any trouble while ordering. Thanks to their fantastic website – you can easily order anything you want.

The Herbal Place sells all the products by Vital Elements in great packaging and condition. They ensure to test their products before selling them out. There is no way to doubt this reseller.

If you want to get your hands on the best quality Vital Elements products, then The Herbal Place is the only way.

Here we have mentioned everything that ‘The Herbal Place’ if offering for the Vital Elements Kratom. Check everything below and order your favorite products until the stock lasts!


When it comes to buying from resellers, the prices are often too high as they put their profit margin as well. However, the case is different from ‘The Herbal Place.’ Their prices are great compared to what they have to offer. It also shows that the original price of the Kratom must be extremely affordable.

Here you can get kilo Kratom in just $99.99, which is far low than what most sellers ask for. Apart from it, their capsules cost between $12.99-$69.99 depending on the quantity. They sell Kratom capsules in 30, 90, 150, and 300 counts.

In short, if you are looking to purchase something extremely affordable and in your budget, then Vital Elements by The Herbal Place will be the best choice for you. Check out their whole range of products and shop the best one for yourself.

Product Forms & Range

For those who don’t know this fact, Kratom comes in multiple strains – each of them for a particular purpose. Most Ketum sellers sell all strains; whereas, some prefer to sell only the famous ones.

Mostly, Red Bali, Green Maeng Da, Bali Gold, and White Vein are always on the seller’s list. Here at Vital Elements, you can purchase Bali Gold, Gold Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, and White Vein Kratom.

Each Vital Element Kratom strain has specific advantages, so don’t forget to check out the description of each product.

Vital Element Gold Maeng Da Kratom Capsules and Vital Elements Gold Maeng Da Kilo Kratom is much loved by customers. They are best for relaxation, wellbeing, and improving sleep, so if you are facing any such issues, then you can get these strains for yourself.

Additionally, Kratom comes in many different forms. You can either purchase it in powder, tincture, pills or extract form. Here at Vital Elements, all the kilo packets are sold in powder form.

Also, you can get Ketum capsules from their store. Currently, the brand is not dealing with tinctures or extracts.

Shipping & Return Policies

Here come the trickiest part – shipping and product return policies.

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The Herbal Place is a reputable brand, and therefore, it is very unlikely that they will show non-professionalism in their dealings. In fact, the good news is that they offer FREE SHIPPING in the U.S. However if you are living in Indiana, Vermont, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, or Alabama, then you cannot order from them.

As mentioned earlier, Mitragyna Speciosa is banned in various U.S. states; therefore, The Herbal Place does not ship in these areas.

Now coming to their product returning policies – they are quite fair. If you want to return any damaged or defected product, you can easily do it under their 30-days return policy.

Email them with your information along with the reason for the refund and wait for their response. Don’t worry, The Herbal Place does not take much time to get back to their customers.

Make sure that the product is not consumed or opened; otherwise, you will have to pay a 15% return processing fee. Also, in case you do not like the product and want to return it, you will have to pay the shipping charges as well.

They have quite clear policies so that nobody faces any issues with them. If you want further details to check their return policy page.

‘The Herbal Place’ Coupons & Discounts

Everybody loves coupons and discounts, but sadly you will not get much of them at The Herbal Place. Although they keep offering discounts from time to time, that mostly happens on certain occasions or holiday season coming up. You can follow them on their Instagram account to know about any deals and discounts on their website. Stay up-to-date!

Customer Reviews

From the customer reviews, one thing is confirmed that everyone loves Vital Elements. Most people commented on the taste of the herb along with its aroma that is very different from local Kratom products.

Many customers found Vital Elements extremely reasonable and highly recommended it to others. Apart from it, customers highly appreciated the delivery time of The Herbal Place.

Many customers even mentioned that headshops are selling fake Vital Elements products, so The Herbal Place is the only trustworthy place to shop it from.

Lastly, customers suggested that this Kratom works extremely well for pain and relaxation. So, if you are someone who is going through these problems, then this Kratom will be the best for you.

If you are looking for honest reviews, then you can check them online as well. Vital Elements is the best Kratom, and you can easily shop from them without any doubt. What are you waiting for? Order now and get the best Kratom experience!

Payment Options

You will not get many payment options at The Herbal Place. They only accept payments through Green eCheck. If you are someone who often pays through their cards or digital means, then this can be a problem for you. However, if you can somehow manage it – you will definitely never regret it!

Customer Service

Talk about excellent customer dealing!

The Herbal Place surely knows how to deal with their customers. You can easily contact them through their email and report your concerns without any hassle. No matter if you have a small inquiry or a big one – you can contact them and talk to them about any trouble you are facing.

They make sure their customers get the best service, so they don’t face any issues. You can ask them about your order or anything else, and they will always reply to you unless your problems are resolved.

Our Verdict

From the overall product, one thing is confirmed that Vital Elements sell one of the best and authentic Kratom. They offer good quality products that have instant results on the person with the least side-effects. Although not being able to buy directly from them is definitely a problem.

But as long as reliable resellers such as The Herbal Place are in the market, you can get high-quality Kratom in no time. They are trustworthy resellers, and therefore, you must not worry about spending your money.

Even though they have limited payment options, the strict refund policy and shipping restrictions – The Herbal Place is the best online store to purchase Kratom from.

If you do not want to waste your money on fake and harmful Kratom, then try Vital Elements for a great experience. Not only will you get good quality, but reasonable prices, fast shipping, and much more. Do not wait out on this chance and order Vital Elements today through The Herbal Place!

Kate Freeman
Kate Freeman is the wellpreneur behind Ayuni Organic; a brand focused on spreading the goodness of Mitragyna Speciosa. Kate supports scientific research on this natural tree "Kratom" and believes that this herb can help millions of people to live a healthier life.

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