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UrthLeaf CBD Oil Review


We consistently see many CBD oils that are targeted for stress, pain, or anxiety. There is a vast list of products for other ailments and conditions such as insomnia, as well. Now that a recommended daily dose has been allotted for patients, doctors are frequently prescribing CBD oils.

The cannabinoid receptors in your body make up the working endocannabinoid framework. CBD works from various perspectives. It can change how your cannabinoid receptors bind to multiple compounds, similar to THC.

Now that the hype of CBD is rising, there is a high chance for brands to fraud, to earn more revenues, and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

The same corporations are utilizing dilutions and dangerous chemicals to provide fast and rigorous results.

UrthLeaf has been thought of as a brand that can be trusted in a world full of fraudulent CBD corporations. They claim to create their product via thorough lab testing, understanding that it will be huge for their clients to buy with certainty.

About UrthLeaf

UrthLeaf was started with the aim of introducing with succession, in hemp CBD products in the market. They have, on their own, figured out the benefits of hemp CBD.

Therefore, they wish to educate the whole world and the health industry about its potential advantages.

They claim to harvest their crops most naturally in Colorado and Maine and lead it through viable lab testing.

All hemp yields are carefully monitored from seeding till their extraction. Their farmers, hemp extraction faculty, and innovators for every item are what characterize their CBD items.

They say the majority of hemp items produced under UrthLeaf are below the 0.3% government allowance for THC. Their products are legal in every one of the 50 U.S. states and are utilized in nutritional additives and food.

UrthLeaf claims that currently, no one is making CBD-rich hemp oil items like or near to them. UrthLeaf Hemp CBD is non-GMO and contains no pesticides, solvents, herbicides, or mixtures.

They allow outsider research facilities to test their products, so you can purchase CBD hemp oil that is tested and legal to use.

Type Of Spectrums The Brand Is Selling

UrthLeaf CBD is advantageous for the brain and the body as well. They don’t make any claims of cure and treatment on their web page and provide that the FDA does not approve the statements.

Their items are made with full-spectrum C02 CBD extraction from the industrial hemp developed in the United States.

For what reason is this significant? Numerous brands use CBD isolate to make their oils, which is regularly sourced from abroad. CBD isolate can fill in as a more affordable route for organizations to extract CBD.

However, this process leaves behind the co-compounds that are necessary to provide desired effects, e.g., CBN, CBG, CBC. ‘CBD Isolate’ means the CBD has been secluded from the remainder of the cannabinoids in the plant.

While a few people love consuming isolate, full-spectrum CBD is becoming the talk of the town slowly and gradually for full benefits.

UrthLeaf claims, bringing their full-spectrum CBD into the routine will provide you with medical advantages of not only UrthLeaf CBD but different cannabinoids usually found in hemp, as well.

Transparency and Credibility

Everything on their webpage is clear and crystal that initiates a friendly environment to trust their credibility.

A note present at the base of their page shows an FDA disclosure with thorough detailing about the use, misuse and age restriction of their products.

However, it also shows that the statements presented on the page are not evaluated by the FDA (yet).

They claim legality on 50 states of the U.S. and ensure that their products are up to the mark, no matte how many different types you consume them.

The transparency of their items is further made clearer with the ‘lab reports’ section on their page.  It also displays various certifications and third-party testing proofs by ISO certified labs. You can find the details of the reports here.

Our Top Picks and Prices

Here are the best products being offered by UrthLeaf CBD:

1) 100% Organic CBD Tincture

It has earlier been proven that administering CBD oil under your tongue via tinctures is the most potent type of CBD delivery.

UrthLeaf sells CBD tinctures with a dose of Full-spectrum CBD that is 100% organic and comes with a dropper for ease of usage. The oil has been blended with MCT (Medium-Chain Triglyceride) oil that aids in fast absorption and retention of CBD in your body.

  • CBD Hemp oil tincture 300 mg: $34.99
  • CBD Hemp oil tincture 900 mg: $89.99
  • CBD Hemp oil tincture 1800 mg: $109.99

2) CBD Topical

The best and only item in this category is the CBD Hemp healing salve 900 mg. It is made with the fusion of CBD oil along with with essential oils and beeswax.

It comes with amazing anti-inflammatory properties that are ideal for people with muscle sores and joint pains etc.

Different essential oils in this mixture help in various other purposes as well; including lavender for stress relieving, coconut oil for anti-microbial properties and more.

Beeswax provides all of the aforementioned benefits, including rehydration as well.

  • CBD Hemp healing salve 900 mg: $79.99


3) CBD Hemp Oil Tinctures For Pets

The CBD oil tincture for pets is made in a fully organic and safely extracted manner. It can be used for any breed, whether small or large. Dogs and cats can benefit from its medicinal and behavioral help profoundly.

It can also help in speeding up the healing process after injury and increasing appetite in appetite-depressing disorders.

  • CBD oil tincture for pets 300 mg: $34.99

4) CBD Gel Capsules

These are the best pick for those who are health-conscious individuals.

They come with absolutely no taste with the dissolving capacity in the intestine instead of the stomach.

  • CBD Gel Capsules 300 mg: $49.99

5) CBD Vape Pen

The CBD vape pen is made for convenience in a compact and sleek look. The glass cartridge is filled with CBD that contains no THC.

That ensures no unpleasant tastes of plastic and other impurities. It comes in a ready-to-use condition with no refilling or recharging required.

  • CBD Vape pen 200 mg: $49.99

Our Experience

For experience, the first thing that matters is credibility, followed by the overall look of the product and lastly, the taste. With different people having different preferences on the tastes of CBD, UrthLeaf, unfortunately, couldn’t impress.

They have a very small range of flavors and that too, restricted to the topical section.

Otherwise, the tinctures and capsules are offered in the usual taste of CBD. However, the topical heat salve has the aroma of lavender, which is of no use as it cannot be tasted.

Brand Social Media Presence

UrthLeaf seems to be very active and equally interactive, both on their webpage and social media sites. They have a ‘Contact Us’ section that provides their address, Email and phone number for quick contacting. Other than which, you can also send them a message via the message section and expect instant replies.

Talking about Instagram, UrthLeaf is active and keeps up with the latest Instagram trends in order to stay in the race. They currently have 13.6k followers, which is a huge number of admirers.

On Facebook, they are very sophisticated, yet less active. They have a smaller community there, but we wish them all the best to grow big and admired there as well.

Anything Negative?

Although UrthLeaf is selling quality products, despite that there are numerous cons to their items. Those are mentioned below:

  • A bit too expensive.
  • Bad tasting.
  • Packaging faults and leakage.
  • Spam emails on purchase.
  • Less effective results from their Full-spectrum CBD.
  • Pet products don’t provide sufficient results as the prices.

Differences and Similarities

The main thing to speed up to the mark in the CBD race is to be very open with the lab testing and its proper portrayal.

This is one of the strong points of CBD and makes it stand with the leading CBD brands.

On the contrary, UrthLeaf lacks the flavors that are offered in a huge variety at the comparative brands.

This is a huge downside as many people don’t prefer the original, bitter taste of CBD which leads to fewer sales.

On the basis of user experience, although not too bright, UrthLeaf still shines among the leads.

Similarly, the customer service offered by UrthLeaf is remarkable, which brings it back to the completion.


According to us, UrthLeaf has a ton of extraordinary items to present. In the realm of natural CBD Oils, there is certainly not one that fits all cure.

We have given our top choices referenced in this article. We have gone over how to research and settle on your own choices on these items.

CBD is not to be used rigorously, it’s just an approach to facilitate a portion of your sicknesses.

In the wake of the leading examination, we recommend giving the item a shot for yourself. You can then easily settle on your choice about which oils to utilize and so on.

Asad Khan
Asad Khan is an independent health journalist who specializes in food policy and global health. He is a senior fellow for investigative health journalism at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

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