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Urban Ice Organics

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If you are looking for authentic and 100% organic Kratom leaves strains, then just go to Urban Ice Organics and order your ideal product. I have personally bought Kratom strains from various vendors over the years, and I must say, Urban Ice sells excellent products.

Experienced harvesters especially accumulate kratom leaves from Kratom farmers in Southeast Asia. These leaves then go through a series of meticulous testing to make sure that they are perfect to be consumed by the consumers in the world.

Their products start from capsules, powder to extract oil available in 60, 120, and 250 grams powder packs. I, personally liked the pills, as you can take them anywhere, easy to carry, and easy to consume.

And of course, each capsule has an equal quantity, so you don’t have to worry about using an extra amount.

But if you are someone who likes to drink it as a tea, then yes, you can go for powder. Just one tablespoon of the power with a mug of water is enough for the day.

Urban Ice Organics has excellent services starting from same-day shipping. Yes, and it is free of cost on orders over $75r! If you order anything above $75, your orders will be shipped the same day. Usually, an order below $99 takes between 24-48 hours to be shipped.

And if you are a loyal customer, meaning someone who buys their product time to time, like me, you’ll get the VIP treatment. I loved the VIP treatment as you get these points on each purchase.

And these points will get you a good discount in the future. And I confess, I love getting discounts on my favorite products!

Last, but not least, they deliver at your doorstep. You don’t have to worry about going to the post office and waiting in line to get your products. Just buy, wait, and receive them where you need.

These products are easily affordable. Excellent quality at a reasonable price? Wow! It’s something that I have been looking for.


Features: Excellent packaging, Lab tested products, Sustainable growth practices, wholesale purchase option
Key Strains: Maeng Da, Bali, Indo, 3x Shot, Extract Oils
Price: $$; $$$
Retail Locations: Online and Vegas Warehouse
Shipping: USPS, Fedex (2-3 days)
Payment Method: Zelle, E-check
Coupons: will be added here

My Personal Opinion About Urban Ice Organics

I must say Urban Ice Organics has one of the BEST customer services I have ever experienced. I placed an order in the afternoon, and the order was processed and shipped the same day.

I have already been ordering from them, but once I found out they were giving a Free sample away, I hopped right on it and ordered some more.

I had ordered my usual Red Vein Bali and was able to get two free samples of 10 gram of Maeng Da and an extra 10 gram of Green Malay sample. I will order their White Vein Sumatra strain next.

I have experienced many vendors that have “cheap” Kratom but instantly regretted it. Some made me feel sick or didn’t help me at all.

Moral of the story is you get for what you pay for.

Their price isn’t that much, but it reassures you premium quality Kratom.

The Red Vein Bali I order from them is fantastic, I have bad lower back pain, and this does the job. It makes me feel relaxed, and all my throbbing pain goes away.

Overall, my impression with Urban Ice Organics is that they are into a beautiful business. The package is nicely detailed and sealed, without any spillage.

Vendor Strains

Urban Ice Organics Maeng Da

Maeng Da Kratom is one of the finest kratom strains. It is traditionally associated and has been used by locals for centuries. It is used as a drink and presented to the guests. This herbal drink is especially a must at every festivities or event. Locals use this as a medical and for refreshment purpose.

Urban Ice Organics Red Vein Bali


Red Vein Baki Kratom is another highly popular and demanded strain of kratom. It is quite useful as a pain killer and acts as the best anti-anxiety medicine. It is best known and used for mood enhancer, pain, and anxiety reliever. Consumers like me have seen it as one of the best ways to gain relaxation as it reduces stress and gives a form of happiness. I have had a great experience with this.

Urban Indo White


White Vein Borneo is excellent for people who want to be more focused and productive. I loved this since I work late, and I need to be attentive all times. A friend of mine diagnosed with depression says that it improved her mood and made her feel better. So, it increases your focus, attention, energy, mental, and cognitive functions. And yes, along with other types of kratom, this too gives you a feeling of euphoria.

Urban Green Malay Capsules


Green Malay Kratom is the most demanded kind of kratom stain. It has been observed that whoever consumes it, has a high level of energy that lasts for a much longer than others. Also, it is a great pain reliever, which can be due to new or old injuries, age-related, weakening bone structure, etc. Even for chronic pains, you can take this and feel the difference. The best part about this is that your pain is relieved instantly!

Urban 1 Kilo Indo Mix Kratom Pack


If you are looking for not one but a bundle of strains (white, red, green), then you can go for this. You will have white Indo 500 grams, red Indo and green vein Indo in 250 grams each bottle.

Third party lab testing results not displayed on their website.

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