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Review Of DG Botanicals – Products, Prices, & Negatives Of The Brand

DG Botanicals

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DG Botanicals is one of the many vendors present in the Kratom market. It should be noted that for some reason, their website and online shop is inaccessible. But they have been said to be a part of the Kratom world for quite a few years.

This article will focus on essential questions, such as; what are the strains offered by DG Botanicals? What is the overall quality of the products? Are the products lab-tested? Are the prices charges high? Aside from these, other questions will also be considered.

Key Features Of DG Botanicals

1) Are The Products Provided Lab-Tested, and Is There GMP Compliance?

It is quite hard to find out whether the products are lab tested or if there is GMP compliance since the website cannot be accessed. However, careful research indicates that the products are lab-tested.

Nevertheless, there is no evidence to back this claim. No further elaboration has been given with regards to this, and also GMP compliance.

This aspect can prove to be dangerous and could deter customers from choosing DG Botanicals as their vendor.

2) Different Forms Of Kratom Offered By DG Botanicals

Research indicates that DG Botanicals offers Kratom in only one form, which is powder. However, there are many strengths offered within this form.

So for a beginner, a weaker strain would be the ideal product to buy and test it. There are many strains offered by DG Botanicals, such as; White vein, Green Vein, Red Vein, Maeng Da Kratom, Bali, Indo and Sumatra.

3) Quality Of The Products Offered By DG Botanicals

The brand advocates and assures that the products provided are of high-quality. It is quite obvious and predictable of them to do so, as they would want their own business promoted.

They would not highlight their weaknesses. Keeping that in mind, there is no evidence to support the fact that the products are of good quality. The fact that they have provided no lab reports concerning their products further adds on to this.

They have also not detailed out or even explained briefly what their manufacturing or farming methods are for the products. There is no mention of GMP compliance and no collaboration or association with the American Kratom Association (AKA).

Considering all these factors, one would be quite right to doubt the claims of DG Botanicals. Any diligent consumer will be suspicious of the vendor.

It should, however, be noted that the brand has a somewhat positive reputation in the Kratom Market. Now, they could not have received this reputation without good quality products.

Also, the fact that the brand has been present in the market for a while shows that there may be some truth to their claims (with regards to the quality of the products).

4) Packaging

The products are said to be packed very carefully. The packaging, while attractive and straightforward, is also airtight. Hence, there is no risk of contamination with bacteria.

This aspect reflects positively on DG Botanicals, as it shows that they are serious about the quality of their products and also, try to maximize consumer satisfaction. This kind of packaging also allows problem-free shipping and easy transportation.

5) Shipping

DG Botanicals have claimed to be very serious about shipping. Reviews also suggest that the brand is swift and good with shipping. This feature is excellent as many customers prefer quick shipping.

This feature will undoubtedly attract many customers and allow them to increase customer satisfaction.

6) Customer Service

Reviews indicate that the customer service of DG Botanicals is impeccable. The representatives are very professional and helpful. The clients are claimed to be treated amicably.

7) Kratom Alternatives Offered By DG Botanicals

Unfortunately, research could not disclose whether any alternatives to Kratom are offered or not by DG Botanicals. Hence, it is safe to assume that no alternatives are provided and that Kratom is their primary and sole focus.

Since the website cannot be accessed, there is no way to confirm this assumption. This aspect can be seen as advantageous. It allows DG Botanicals to focus on Kratom only.

It will enable them to ensure that the product is of good quality and they can continuously work on it to improve it.

Most Popular Products Offered By DG Botanicals

Almost all products of DG Botanicals are good. A popular product is the DG Botanicals Green Indo. This brand has many effects. It helps in improving the focus of the user and also helps them achieve a euphoric feel.

It is the ideal product for pain relief. While it helps in relaxing the user, it also, at the same time, heightens the users’ alertness.

Another great product is the Premium Maeng da Kratom. This product not only helps with headaches and pain relief, but it also relaxes muscles.

Another great benefit is that it helps with stress, depression and anxiety.
Furthermore, it improves the mental and physical cognition of the user.

Aside from assisting the user in achieve better sleep cycles, it also boosts alertness just like the product mentioned above (DG Botanicals Green Indo).

Another popular product is the Green Borneo Kratom. This product helps with immediate brain stimulation. One of its distinctive benefits is that it helps the users’ digestive systems.

It also helps in relaxing muscles and is suitable for pain relief, just like the products mentioned above. It is a great product that helps in improving the users’ mental cognition.

Lastly, Bali X is another popular product offered by DG Botanicals. Like the products above, this product also helps with pain relief.

Additionally, it provides the user with a euphoric feeling and helps in achieving relaxation. It also improves mental and sexual performance.

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Prices Charged By DG Botanicals In Comparison With Competing Brands

It is very tough to assess the prices charged by DG Botanicals. However, careful research has revealed quite a few things, specifically about pricing by DG Botanicals. There are mixed thoughts. Some reviews suggest that the prices offered are incredibly fair and reasonable.

On the other hand, some reviews indicate the prices charged are very outrageous and are overpriced.

Those who find the prices high can do a simple google search for coupon codes and avail discounts. These facilities and benefits can also be availed by those customers who think the prices charges are low.

However, reviews suggest that it is tough to find any such discounts and coupons. This aspect is a serious concern, as prices play a significant role in the consumers’ mind, in determining whether they should choose that relevant vendor or not.

Social Media Presence Of DG Botanicals

Social media is everywhere and used by many. Because of this, there are many businesses out there that take advantage. They use these platforms to promote their business further and generate sales.

It would have been better to say that DG Botanicals had a social media presence, but is not active on it. But unfortunately, even that cannot be said.

DG Botanicals is not part of any social media platform, not even the most famous ones, such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. An effort should be made to be not only a part of this community but also to be active in it.

There are so many Kratom vendors who make so much profit and get so many customers through social media. The same cannot be said for DG Botanicals. It is also not clear if the vendor has any system of newsletter or subscription emails.

Being a part of the social media platform can be very useful. It can be used to attract customers. It can be used to keep customers up to date about any new products, details, discounts or promotions. A strong following base can give them an advantage over other competitors.

Does DG Botanicals Make Any False Medical Claims?

It is not clear whether DG Botanicals have made any false medical claims or whether they are indulging in ethical business practices. It will be hard to accuse them of anything like that since they don’t have a website up in the first place.

In the site, if they had mentioned anything in their homepage or on the section products’ descriptions, concerning benefits or dosage, then it might have been right to accuse them.

But this cannot be applied to them. It also matters if they have made any claims during their customer service or any feedbacks. But there are no reviews that suggest this.

Negative Points Of DG Botanicals

The biggest shortcoming of DG Botanicals is the fact that they don’t have a website. Research indicated that they dont have it for a while now.

This aspect is grave as many customers indulge in online shopping, and they can’t avail that facility with DG Botanicals.

The brand will be losing out on a broad consumer market. Through websites, customers can also get more information about the brand and make an informed decision.

However, customers don’t have the luxury to do that with DG Botanicals. As a result, they will be wary of buying products from this vendor.

With regards to lab testing of products and GMP compliance, no evidence has been provided. This is a serious shortcoming, especially considering how Kratom is such a controversial product.

Even the littlest mishap can prove to be seriously dangerous. The presence of such features and compliance could have shown to the customers that the products are safe to consume. Hence, consumer satisfaction would increase.

Moreover, this feature is vital, especially keeping in mind the concerns of the FDA with regards to contamination, like Salmonella and heavy metal poisoning.

There is also no reference to the American Kratom Association. If DG Botanicals were associated with this organization, it could have legitimized the brand and made them more prominent.

However, the brand, in reality, is lacking in this area as well. This feature should be made a priority by DG Botanicals, especially considering the shortcoming highlighted above.

The brand only offers Kratom in one form. The other forms are not provided, like capsules, tinctures, and extracts. As a result, DG Botanicals is losing out on many advantages.

The brand is losing out on many customers. Many prefer capsules, for example, because of the aroma and taste of powder.

Having different forms generally allows customers with many options. It will enable customers to sample various forms and caters to a broader consumer base.

The quality of the products is a serious concern, as highlighted above (under the sub-heading of Key Features). The consumers will generally not want to experiment with such a brand, and as a result, DG Botanicals may lose out on customers.

There are mixed reviews with regards to the pricing of the products. There is no social media presence, whatsoever, of the vendor.

There are also no alternatives to Kratom offered by this brand. Having alternatives reflects positively on the vendor, as it shows that they have more options for their customers.

It increases consumer satisfaction and allows the vendor to generate more revenue. However, this is not that big of a disadvantage compared to the problems mentioned above.

Our Verdict

Indeed, DG Botanicals has been present in the market for a while now. But there are too many shortcomings that cannot be ignored.

Compared to other vendors that provide lab reports and can assure safety in the consumption of products, this brand is significantly lacking. Hence, one should be careful when buying products from DG Botanicals.

Asad Khan
Asad Khan is an independent health journalist who specializes in food policy and global health. He is a senior fellow for investigative health journalism at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

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