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Mixing Kratom with Alcohol: 8 Key Facts You Need To Know

It is normal to get curious about your supplements or anything else you might be taking for added relaxation and see what you can do to maximize their effects. So, people start to experiment with different combinations to figure out what works best for them.

People all over the globe have been using Kratom leaves recreationally and medicinally for decades. On the other hand, alcohol is something that needs no introduction. Naturally, Kratom users who enjoy frequent or occasional alcoholic beverages get curious about mixing mitragyna leaves with alcohol to enjoy a new kind of a kick as alcohol is a depressant, and Kratom is generally considered as a stimulant.

For a combination like that, it is crucial to find out more about it before trying it out on your own. Experimenting can be fun and exciting, but such experiments can be risky as well. Whether merging Kratom powder with alcohol is safe or not is a question being asked by many. In this article, you can find out everything you need to know about this famous combination and the effects it might have on you.

Is it safe to mix Kratom powder with Alcohol?

As I said, it is rare not to get curious about the consequences this unique mix may have. Typically, we imagine it to be something much stronger with increased euphoria. Regular users of this substance have experimented with this mix, and they have had varying experiences. But, the questions still prevails… is it safe? After extensive research and finding out more about the numerous experiences by the people who consumed alcohol with Korth, we conclude that Mitagyna speciosa with alcohol is, in fact, a detrimental and unsafe combination.

Kratom has numerous benefits of its own. It provides the ultimate relief from long term pain and anxiety and induces tranquility. However, liquor may have pleasant effects in the moment, but it is detrimental for your mind and body in the long and short term. Naturally, varying dosage of these two substances together has had different types of effects on the people ranging from pleasant to absolutely terrible.

The bottom line is, consuming a mix of Kratom powder with alcoholic beverages can be risky for your body. We highly discourage using them together.

The combination of Kratom and Alcohol – 8 Key facts you need to know

You may still have questions in your mind, and you might still be curious about using both the substances together. Regular users of Kratom who also enjoy alcohol often end up consuming this combination unintentionally as well.

Unintentionally or on purpose, it is essential to get as much information as you can about this mixture before consuming it. Your health is extremely important, and it is not wise to experiment with your body using risky combinations like this one.

In this article, we have compiled some crucial facts derived from user experiences about consuming both the things together so you can be on the safe side and make an informed choice.

Fact # 1: Mixing Mitragyna speciosa with alcohol can put your health at risk

Using Kratom separately can be extremely relaxing and can take your stress away, but merging it with alcohol can induce more stress leaving you feeling unwell and awkward. The effects are strong that you can significantly feel. Both substances target the central nervous system and alter its functioning, which affects the consumer’s senses, understanding, and movements.

In addition to this, it can have a strong, possibly harmful effect on your body which can put your health at risk as Kratom enhances the influence of alcohol that lasts a lot longer than usual and can even lead to alcohol poisoning.

Fact # 2: Consuming Korth with alcohol can lead to addiction

Kratom has the ability to stimulate. It is known to have a controversial image in this world. The regular users of mitragyna describe it as a magical herb, but higher authorities suspect a certain risk of dependency concerning this herb.

It is famous for relieving anxiety and causing slight euphoria as some of its psychological effects. However, there is little to no evidence that proves Mitragyna as addictive. In fact, it is used by the majority as a lifesaver alternative during opioid withdrawals.

Alcohol, on the other hand, is a tranquilizer known to cause addiction and dependency. Alcohol addiction is no stuff of jokes. It can get very serious and ruin lives. Thousands of people end up in rehab, trying to recover from alcohol addiction every year. Alcohol withdrawals are considered to be one of the worst types, and it can take a lot of time for an addict to recover.

The mixture of alcohol and mitragyna has a chance of causing dependency. In addition to that, it can alter the natural effects of Kratom.

Fact # 3: Kratom & Alcohol can be pleasurable and soothing in small doses

Consuming the mix of Kratom and alcohol both at low doses had a pleasant effect on the users. The users felt tipsy and slightly euphoric with enhanced calmness and relaxation. It made them feel more stimulated and lifted their moods. The users did not notice any apparent adverse effects here.

Taking this combination in low doses also heightens your emotions and lets you feel things more strongly. The effect of this combination at small doses is mild and considered safer compared to moderate and low doses. Both substances complement each other’s effects and shape it into something pleasant and new for the consumers.

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There are no apparent harmful effects of consuming this mixture at low doses, but, if you plan on trying it, make sure you do it responsibly.

Fact # 4: Alcohol With Kratom in moderate doses can have effects ranging from pleasurable to awful

During our research about this combo on different forums regarding moderate dosage, we came across a variety of experiences and opinions of the users who have tried it. Consuming this combination in regular doses can have varying effects from feeling good to feeling awful.

We all are aware of the harm that alcohol can cause when consumed excessively. Experts also advise consuming only moderate amounts of Kratom at once. They also encourage people to start with a smaller quantity and increase it slowly and gradually, so the body gets enough time to accept the change.

We came across users who had an overall positive effect of consuming Kratom and alcohol in a moderate amount, and they felt minimal adverse effects. On the other hand, we also found users who had a detrimental impact overall.

Consuming this combo in moderate quantities made them feel unwell with increased stress and anxiety, along with other side-effects this combination offers. Using particular sedative strains of Kratom with liquor generally had more triggering and negative effects on the users.

Every person’s body is different, and how it reacts to the substances it consumes varies from person to person. This is why moderate doses had positive effects on a few users while it turned out to be bad for some.

Fact # 5: Kratom with alcohol together in high doses poses serious risks to your health

Taking both components at high doses had adverse effects on almost all the users. High doses of this mixture led them to feel absolutely terrible. The most common adverse effect the users experienced was intense nausea with headaches and impaired movements.

Consuming it at higher doses can get very risky, and you might end up at the hospital. It may also lead to a coma. It also causes a terrible hangover the next day.

Even though Kratom separately is not known to cause any harmful effect, it is still advised to consume this herb at low to moderate doses. Overdosing anything can be harmful to your mind and body and can pose severe risks to them. We strongly advise against consuming this combo at medium or high doses.

Fact # 6: The effects of this combination can vary depending on the type of Kratom strain

The effects caused by the combination of Kratom and liquor greatly depend on the strain you use and its potency. Kratom belongs to the coffee family and comes in a wide variety of strains. These strains only slightly differ from each other due to little variations in their alkaloid content. The potency of these varieties can range from high to low.

Each strain is known for its special effects. Some of the strains of Mitragyna are excellent for pain relief, while some help induces tranquility and calmness.

Consuming alcohol with potent Kratom strains are likely to cause more intense effects even in low or moderate dosage. Alcohol itself is a powerful substance that you can dilute for varying effects.

Fact # 7: There are several short and long term side effects of consuming Mitragyna with alcohol

We still don’t know everything about the effects caused by consuming Mitragyna strains and liquor at the same time. Still, there is enough evidence to prove that it is very risky and dangerous. We studied the experiences of the users to come up with the general side effects that the users experienced and shared. We have mentioned these side effects below;

Short term side effects

  • Loss of hunger
  • Excess fatigue
  • Intense nausea
  • Dehydration
  • Lethargy
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Hangovers
  • Vomiting

Long term side effects:

  • Respiratory problems
  • Psychosis
  • Loss of weight
  • Stress
  • Liver problems

Fact # 8: Kratom alone can be helpful during alcohol withdrawals

If you suspect that you might be mildly dependant on alcohol, you are likely to experience unpleasant withdrawals when you try to quit consuming alcohol. Kratom is known to be helpful during such alcohol withdrawals you may face after.

When you consume alcohol, your brain releases feel-good chemicals like endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. You may get addicted to the frequent release of these chemicals especially endorphins which can lead to alcohol dependency. On the other hand, Mitragyna can stimulate the release of endorphins in the body with minimal risk of addiction which can help during the withdrawals.

Final Thoughts

This article contains significant facts regarding mixing Kratom with alcohol and its adverse effects. If you are considering taking them together, we sincerely advise against it due to the mentioned reasons.

Consuming Kratom separately can be useful for you, and it can help you in many situations, but mixing it with alcohol can cause several adverse effects that are bad for your health and body. However, Kratom is also known to help with alcohol withdrawal. But these two have the potential to become an enemy of your body when taken together.

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