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Kratom, a natural herb has extraordinary importance in the lives of millions of people. It has magical properties that cannot be compared with any other relaxing therapy in the world. Being used for centuries, its value keeps on increasing with the new addition to the already existing Ketum products. With the advancement in all fields of life, Kratom industry has also made progress in the last few decades. Many people have started Kratom businesses to provide the drug to as many people as possible.

Why Did I Write The Review?

With the many sources that are selling Kratom and promising to be number 1, the confusion among people keeps on increasing. They are puzzled when they have to choose a brand that they can order Ketum supplies from. I know this situation makes everything seems bad and instead of making a suitable decision, some people take a step back and do not order any Korth because of all the confusions going on in their mind. What can help people in such a situation?

After wondering a lot, I thought only authentic reviews about the best companies can save fellow Kratom lovers and allow them to follow their passion.

Therefore, this review is for all such people. After going through this, you can decide whether you will order from Kratomgardens or not.

About The Brand

Based in the Netherlands Kratomgardens is one of the many companies known for selling Kratom in Europe. This brand has been successful in making its place among the favorite suppliers within a short time of its launch. The products that are used by them originate from Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia and they believe in using only 100% pure and natural stuff. They promise to deliver fresh and superior quality Korth products to their customers.
Let us find what else the brand has to offer!

Varieties Of Kratom

Keeping things traditional and simple, Kratomgardens deals with the basic three strains of the plant.

  • Red Vein Kratom
  • Green Vein Kratom
  • White Vein Kratom

I have categorized them according to the prices for the convenience of customers as people are interested to know the price of the products as it is an important factor for buying things, whether online or in in-store shopping. They have the following products that you can choose from

Red Vein

  • Pontianak Maeng Da
  • Pontianak Red Horn
  • Red Thai
  • Kratom Bali

White Vein

  • Pontianak White Horn

Green Vein

  • Pontianak Green Horn
  • Malaysian Green

All these types listed above are available in six different quantities and the price varies accordingly. You can choose according to your requirements.

  1. The 25 gm pack is for €8.95
  2. 50 gm pack is available at €13.95
  3. 100 gm pack is sold for €24.95
  4. 250 gms pack is for €52.30
  5. Get the 500 gms pack for €89.95
  6. The largest, 1000 gms pack is available for €139.95

These products differ slightly in the prices and therefore are separately listed.

Red Vein

  • Borneo Red
  • Red Sumatra

White Vein

  • Borneo White
  • White Vein Sumatra

Available in six different quantities, you can get these varieties for the following prices:

  1. The 25 gm pack is for €7.95
  2. 50 gm pack is available at €12.95
  3. 100 gm pack is sold for €22.95
  4. 250 gms pack is for €48.50
  5. Get the 500 gms pack for €83.95
  6. 1000 gms pack is available for €129.95

Apart from these, Kratomgardens also offer combos and sample packs where you can select the quantity according to your requirement and choose the Ketum products that you are interested to buy.

Stuff Other Than Kratom

They also deal with botanicals and the products under this category are:

  • Robusta Indo Coffee Beans: 500 gms pack for €11.95.
  • Tongkat Ali root: 100 gms for €22.00 and 250 gms for €47.00.
  • Matcha: 100 gms is for €18.00, 250 gms is for €38.00, while 500 gms is for €65.00.
  • Green Tea Extract: 100 gms is available for €18.00 and 250 gms is for €38.00.
  • Maca: get this for €5.00.

You can also get your hands on Capsule filling machines and empty gelatin capsules in different sizes, the latter being Halal certified.

Pricing Comparison

The prices of Kratom products sold online is an interesting issue and different brands have a unique pricing strategy, which makes them one of a kind. When compared to the other online dealers of Ketum in Europe, the prices that are fixed by Kratomgardens are extremely reasonable which gains customers’ attention. As most people are interested in getting their hands on quality stuff at a price that will not make a hole in their pockets, this place is a one-stop solution for them. Being intelligent in business, Kratomgardens have set their prices in affordable ranges so everyone can enjoy them.

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Payment Options

While shopping online, one of the many concerns is the payment options that a company accepts. Therefore, brands with a range of options are always favorite as eventually, the customer finds one of those methods suitable for paying. Talking about Kratomgardens, they accept payments through three popular methods.

  • Bank Transfers
  • Bitcoin
  • Cash Payments

Bank Transfers

You can pay them directly through your bank, as they accept Bank transfers.


You can also pay them through Bitcoin.

Cash Payments

Cash payments are the most preferred method by customers’ all around the world. Luckily, Kratomgardens makes it possible to pay through this method too. They accept cash payments in € Euro’s, $ US Dollars or £ Pound Sterling only.

Shipment Details

As soon as your payment is received, the order will be shipped. Shipments within the Netherlands are delivered the next day while for Europe, shipment takes 2-5 days. A piece of good news for international buyers is that the brand delivers stuff internationally too. Kratomgardens ensure safe and secure delivery to your address and therefore, when you place an order, trust them to get your orders in the best condition within the promised time.

Lab Testing

Being a Korth fan, what makes me believe in the brands’ authenticity is the lab test result of products offered at their store. I believe other people will agree to my thoughts, as checking the purity of Ketum is not possible by other methods. To my disappointment, Kratomgardens does not have any policy of testing the Mitragyna variety available at the website and therefore there are no lab test results available as proof. This is a negative point and questions the quality of the stuff sold under the company name.

How Ethical Is The Brand?

You won’t find any medical claims related to Ketum consumption at Kratomgardens website. They have mentioned that the products are not sold for human consumption and can only be used for research purposes or be used for educational purpose. By analyzing these statements, I reach to a conclusion that Kratomgardens is an ethical brand that abides by the laws and regulations and doesn’t state anything which is beyond the scope of their business.

Social Media Presence

In a world where social media has taken over everything, being active on social media platforms is a plus point for businesses. As it enables them to interact with people at large. Kratomgardens is not available on any social media site and you can only order them through their official website.

  • Positive Points
  • Negative Points

Positive Points

The things that I like about the brand and feel like sharing with others too are:

  • All three strains of Kratom are available.
  • Worldwide shipment facility is provided as well.
  • Economical prices of all products.

Negative Points

Although there are many flaws of the brand, according to me, one thing that carries a lot of weight and should be corrected is:

  • There is no lab test policy for Kratom products, which means there is no evidence to trust the purity of all products sold at the shop.

Our Verdict

Overall, Kratomgardens is a great brand as it offers a good variety of Ketum to choose from. With the best prices, reliable shipment and hassle-free payment options available, they are going in the right direction which is the only way to success. However, they should work on the lab-test policy to become a more powerful brand. Otherwise, everything about the company seems fine to me.

Some wise words for all people interested to buy Kratom are that they should do their research before ordering something online. Many sellers claim to be the best and spotting the best one out is a task that very few people can hit right in the first go.

That is why, reading reviews, customer comments on websites can help a great deal to choose the next Korth brand for getting your Mitragyna supplies. Check the product line of Kratomgardens as well, and order the stuff that catches your attention. Happy shopping to you!

Asad Khan
Asad Khan is an independent health journalist who specializes in food policy and global health. He is a senior fellow for investigative health journalism at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

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