Certo (Sure Jell) Drug Test: How To Use Certo And How Does It Works

You need a 100% negative test, then Certo, also called the Sure jell is the best thing to use. In this 1500 words articles we have discussed in detail what Certo Sure Jell is, and how should it be used to pass any Drug Test in 2018.

We are here to give you the confidence to know that you are on the right track when you think of using Certo detox or the Sure Jell.

Here we have highlighted, how Certo detox can be purchased online, Sure-Jell drug test Direction for 2018, and the mechanism of action in your body.

I would prefer that you read this Certo (Sure Jell) article to the end to avail the complete information regarding the Certo Drug Test Detox Method and Instructions.

The most important information is given under the following subheading:

How Long Does it take for Certo to Work for a Drug Test?

You have the opiate urine test in 4 to 5 hours, and you just found out. Don’t fear because we are here to provide you the most effective and short solution to pass the drug test in 2018. Ready to get a clear urine test in 3 hours, Certo drug test review method shows that Certo is effective within 1 hour of ingestion up to 4 hours.

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If you have a UA test scheduled today then take a few sips of Gatorade and add a Certo pack to it. Drink it completely followed by a gallon of water.

Certo binds the drug to your poop instead of urine and is excreted from the body rendering a clear Urine Test.

What is Certo?

Cerro or Sure-Jell are the brand names of Fruit PECTIN marketed by Kraft foods in the USA since 1912.

The fruit pectin is natural polysaccharide present in fruits.The polysaccharide is the long chain of monosaccharides.

It is a digestible fiber which is excreted in stools. It is extracted from orange, plums, peaches, and apple.

It is a soluble fiber present in the cell wall of fruit. It is commonly used in jams and jellies due to its excellent gelling properties.

Pectin is also used to prevent colon cancer and in diabetes, high cholesterol, and gastroesophageal reflux disease GERD. It’s useful for weight loss, and skin freshness.

It is highly soluble fiber that’s why helps to detoxify the system. It absorbs the toxins. Therefore, it is used to treat diarrhea.

Constipation is also treated with pectin because being fiber it increases bowel movement. Lead poisoning can also be treated with pectin.

What are the ingredients of Certo?

Certo, or sure Jell contains following ingredients.

Fruit Pectin, water, citric acid, and Lactic Acid are principal gelling agents. Potassium Citrate is used to control acidity while Sodium Benzoateacts as a preservative.

What’s the difference between PECTIN and Gelatin?

Both are thickening agents used to make semisolid gels. But PECTIN is more potent and obtained from fruits while gelatin is derived from animals and used in the broader range of food. Pectin is a fiber while gelatin is a protein and cheaper than pectin.

What are the uses of Certo or Sure Jell?

  • Certo is used in jams and marmalade which are made from the fruit of low pectin content.
  • Addition of Certo helps in less boiling and quick settling down of jams.
  • It retains the natural color and flavor of fruits.
  • It has detoxifying properties which help to pass the drug test. The Certo Sure Jell review method for 2018 has been discussed here in detail.

What is Certo drug test?

It is a urine or blood test used to pass the blood and urine drug test. Effects of the drug from blood and urine are clarified, and drug test is passed.

It is one of the most known products among MARIJUANA USERS due to its excellent cost effectiveness and convenience.

Athletes, students or other professionals are tested for the addiction to drugs. Blood, urine, saliva, breath is examined to detect the presence of the drug, or its metabolites.

The Drug test is performed to identify alcohol, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, amphetamine, marijuana, and cocaine, etc. Mostly urinalysis is used for determining the drugs.

Certo or Sure Jell is used to detoxify the blood and urine from marijuana, cocaine, opiates, and its metabolites.

Pectin is the primary ingredient of the Certo or Sure Jell which plays a vital role, in passing a drug test.THC is the active ingredient of the cannabis marijuana which causes euphoria and addiction.

THC-COOH is the main metabolites of marijuana which is excreted in the urine.  THC remains in the blood for 2 to 3days after use while in chronic users for 2 weeks.

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The drug test screen THC-COOH in the blood and urine.The basic aim of Certo or Sure Jell use is to make THC undetectable.

How to use Certo or Sure Jell for passing a drug test?

Below is the Certo Drug test method review which shows that Certo Detox is very economical and easy to use for passing opiate, weed, and coke drug test.  Ideally, Certo or Sure Jell is taken 3 to 4 hours before the drug test.

Following are the easy steps for using Certo or Sure Jell before going for a marijuana drug test.

  1. Add one packet of Certo or Sure-Jell in 32 ounces Gatorade or any other drinkable liquid.
  2. Dissolve vigorously until the liquid becomes thick.
  3. Now it’s ready to drink. Drink it completely. You may dislike its taste but no other option.
  4. Now you need to finish at least one Gallon of water before the test.
  5. Make sure that you pass urine 3 to 4 times before going for the test. The urine contaminated by drug will be cleared in this manner.
  6. Excessive water intake leads to discoloration of urine which may alert the laboratory personnel. Therefore, take a vitamin-B pill 1 hour before the drug test. Vitamin-B pill will add color to urine.
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Certo or Sure-Jell is one of the best options for detoxifying urine in less time. For the blood test, Certo or Sure-Jell is a strong detox drink.

Marijuana test kit is available on the market so you can test urine at home before going through the formal testing process.

The drawback of Certo or Sure-Jell to pass a drug test

The only drawback is too much-diluted urine due to excessive water intake. Urine Sample may be rejected if it is tested for dilution.

How does Certo drug test works?

Marijuana weed once smoked, it undergoes the metabolism like other drugs. The essential metabolites of marijuana are THC 11-nor-Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol-9-carboxylic acid.

A small amount of THC is excreted in urine and stool while remaining is stored in body fats.It is released slowly into the blood as body fats are metabolized.

THC being fat-soluble binds to bile. This combination of THC and bile is water soluble and excreted in the urine.

A small amount is excreted in saliva and sweet. This is how to drug test detect the presence of THC metabolites in the urine.

When a person takes Certo or Sure Jell before a drug test, the pectin binds to bile in the intestine.

The pectin being fiber will be eliminated via faces. In this way pectin takes the bile bounded THC Out of a body.

The fiber will increase the bowel movement, and the significant amount of THC metabolites are excreted. Less amount of THC left in the blood for re-absorption.

Blood is detoxifying and the drug test is clarified. The metabolites which are filtered into urine but when you take 1 gallon of water before testing.

The urine is diluted and detoxified from metabolites due to excessive urination before the drug test

What is the price of Certo or Sure Jell?

Certo or Sure Jell is a quite affordable in price. Many deals are also available which offers Certo or Sure Jell along with marijuana test kit. 1.19$/ounce is the best-offered price of Certo while for Sure Jell 1.85$/ounce.

Certo premium liquid 4 fl ounce is available in 3.97$ at WalMart.

Pros of Certo or Sure-Jell:

  • It is sugar-free.
  • It has zero calories, therefore, no worries about weight gain.
  • Diabetic can safely use it.
  • It is fiber so helps in weight loss.
  • It’s fat-free.
  • It has no gluten.
  • It is delicious.
  • It is economical and readily available.
  • Its source is fruit therefore perfect for the ones keeping kosher.
  • It is the bundle of four, each containing six ounces.
  • It is a natural product made from fruit.

Cons of Certo or Sure-Jell:

  • People allergic to pectin should not use Certo or Sure-Jell.

Certo/Sure Jell available for purchase online

Certo or Sure Jel is available on Amazon and eBay. For buying follow below-mentioned links.


Certo Sure Jell is the best detox to use for all kinds of opioids, weed, and coke. Certo detox, Sure Jell gives a 100% clear result if used as per the usage instruction.

It can be used as a last 3-hour resort. Mark the test date on the calendar and also write down the test type so that you enough time to cleanse your body from the drug.

Different brands provide different discounts. Avail the best discounts from quality sellers. Always research the brand thoroughly before buying. I have shared the best brands of Certo seller in my article.

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