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How Do You Clean Your System For A Marijuana Drug Test?

Marijuana may be your good friend to keep you high, but it can create big troubles for you. One of the most common problem situations that marijuana causes are not letting you pass a drug test.

The point of concern for many people is to know the best possible ways to flush the system for a Marijuana drug test.

However, there could be different reasons for which people want to flush out Marijuana from their systems, but the most common goal is certainly for the drug test for employment or job purposes.

To get detailed information about how to flush your system for a Marijuana drug test, you need to get the basic knowledge about the whole thing.

A Sneak-peek about Marijuana detox process

Most of the employment drug tests involve urine analysis for metabolites, which are the byproducts left after the processes of the body.

After the consumption of marijuana, the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels will immediately boost your bloodstream.

As the body cleanses out the THC from the bloodstream, the substance left behind are metabolites.

THC remains in your body’s tissue and different parts for varying lengths of time depending on different factors.

How long does THC remain in your body?

THC cannabinoids stay in the body for 1 to 2 days after consumption for infrequent users. However, for frequent consumers, they are expected to stay for longer in the body.

Within seven days of Marijuana consumption, the amount of THC decreases in the body by 50%.

With this general calculation, it can be assumed that THC metabolites can be flushed out completely within 3 to 4 weeks of consumption, depending on your body weight, consumption frequency and the amount consumed.

THC usually stores in your body’s fat tissues and cells that will continue to release THC metabolites into your bloodstream over time.

Heavy consumers of marijuana should avoid drug tests for at least a week. Being present in the fat cells, THC is re-released back into your system as you burn fat.

For frequent consumers, THC remains in urine for up to 3 to 77 days. Also, THC will stay in your blood for seven days, hair for 90 days, and saliva for 1 to 7 days.

These estimations of the presence of THC remains will help you determine how long you will have to refrain from cannabis to pass the drug test.

Factors that Influence the flush out the time of Marijuana

Detoxing and flushing out marijuana from your system is a serious business. Every person’s body responds differently during the detox phase.

Following are some of the critical factors that can influence the flush out the time of marijuana from your body system:

  • Detox time much depends on the body’s metabolism of every individual.
  • The frequency of exercise and workout also matters for flushing out THC.
  • The higher the body mass index (BMI) of the person, the longer it will take to flush out marijuana from the body.
  • The frequency of consuming cannabis also matters.
  • The potency of the cannabis that is consumed holds excellent influence during the detox period.
  • The parameters of the drug test you aimed to pass also matters.

It is essential to consider all the above factors along with how your body responds to your detoxing efforts.

It is recommended to always consult a medical practitioner before trying out any vigorous detox regimen to flush out marijuana from the system. Always choose safe and natural ways to get through the detox process.

Smart ways to flush out THC out of your system

Most of the marijuana consumers usually lookout for the fastest ways to get THC out of their system.

If you are looking for the smart detoxing methods that can get you clean speedily, here are some of the smart ways to flush out THC out of your system:

  • Use fruit pectin to flush out THC out of your system

The most natural and straightforward way of detoxing is using Fruit Pectin. This method is useful for people facing blood, urine, or saliva tests.

Fruit Pectin is a fiber substance that provides the gel texture to jams. One has to mix a pack of fruit pectin with an electrolyte drink and intake it on the day of a test.

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The high-fiber fruit pectin will prevent the THC metabolites from passing through your bloodstream or urine.

Another idea is to increase the bowel movements with the high-fiber to force THC out of the body.

Though it is a natural way of getting rid of THC, it may not likely be an effective method for heavy consumers.

The use of rich fiber content can also cause digestive stress in some individuals, so you must not try it if you are suffering from chronic constipation or other digestive issues.

  • Try out Detox Drinks to flush out THC out of your system

The most popular way to flush out THC from the system is by using detox drinks. The idea behind them is to dilute urine and remove toxins from the body.

It can be said that these detox drinks are a fancy and attractive name of diuretics and laxatives.

You must keep in mind that every person’s body responds differently to the detox drinks, as there is a variety of choices available with varying degrees of effectiveness.

These detox drinks are often consumed several days before drug tests according to the instructions mentioned on the package. Look for the best brand in the market to get sufficient cleanout results.

  • Get into Exercising to flush out THC out of your system

Starting off a nice exercising routine can help you flush out THC from your body, only if you have a week or so before a drug test. With exercising you will be able to burn the fat cells that are holding on to THC.

However, it is not recommended to try out exercising methods 24 hours or so before the test. According to the study, exercising may increase blood plasma THC concentrations by up to 15%.

Exercising method is a bit tricky and can influence your drug test. It is recommended to skip your workout on the day of your test to avoid the re-releasing of THC remains into your bloodstream.

  • Relax out in Sauna to flush out THC out of your system

Though there is no such strong evidence, using a sauna can efficiently help you in detoxification of THC from the body through excessive swear.

Cannabis can easily be detected by a sweat test for up to 7 days after consumption, particularly in heavy consumers.

However, through the sauna, trace amounts of THC can be excreted in sweat. Also, this method is considered healthy for detoxification and overall well-being.

According to the research paper, the sauna has proved to be helpful in detoxification. It is recommended to be cautious and maintains your hydration level while using the sauna.

Also, you can grab an electrolyte drink like coconut water after sitting in the heated sauna to stay hydrated and fresh.

  • Healthy diet and lifestyle to flush out THC out of your system

One of the natural methods of getting THC out of your system is to get yourself into healthy eating.

Include lots of high-fiber leafy greens in your diet several days before a drug test. Indulging in a high-fiber dietary routine can help you greatly in cleaning THC out of your system.

The natural fibers and pectin in fruits and vegetables will keep up your digestive system active and flushes THC out from the body by excreting during bowel movements.

The more you urinate or, the more you poop, the better will be the chances of flushing out THC from your system.

Instead of using a laxative, going for a high-fiber diet is a relatively safe and effective way. The natural nutrients of fruits and vegetables will boost up your detoxification process.

To enhance the detoxification process, you can also include some additional supplements a few days before your drug test. The supplementation that can offer extra help may include:

  • B-Vitamins; particularly Niacin
  • Psyllium Husk
  • Magnesium

It is important to know that these supplements will only aid in boosting the natural detox process without enforcing masking any THC presence in your system.

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