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12 Best E-Juice Vape Flavors For 2024

Vape juice has a lot of other terms like e-juice, e-liquid, or e-cig juice, but it only refers to one thing, a liquid that turns into a vapor by using vapes.

Aside from having many different e-juices flavors around the globe, there are also different categories when it comes to e-juices.

For beginners, it would be better if you have at least some basic knowledge on how to determine the differences of every juice. E-juice plays a crucial role in your overall vaping experience, and you must pick the right flavor to avoid wasting money.

Since there are thousands of juice flavors of e-juice, it will not be easy to choose, especially for beginners.

All About E-Juice Flavors

E-liquid flavor divides into categories, so vapers can quickly determine where to look at their favorite e-juice flavors. You can choose from Tobacco, Menthol, Fruit, Dessert, Drinks, Meals, Menthol-Tobacco, and others.

They categorized on their ingredients, so if you like cola e-juice, you can go to drinks flavors.

The e-juice will decide if you are going to enjoy your vaping experience or not. Since there are thousands of e-juice flavors in the market, you may think that it is easy to pick a flavor. The truth is there is a chance that you might choose the wrong one.

PG and VG level is necessary to consider when buying e-juice; whether you like 50/50, 30/70, or 70/30, it will depend on your taste.

Not all e-juice is good, and one example is, can you imagine vaping a roast beef e-juice. When you buy e-juice, make sure that you are 100% sure of the flavor, base, and nicotine level to avoid wasting money.

PG vs. VG

There are two e-liquid bases, the Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Let’s talk about these two.

PG-based e-liquid: PG is more popular compared to VG. A petroleum-based product is also an ingredient of your conventional household products. The liquid is odorless and colorless.

People with experience in smoking tobacco say that it gives the throat hit of real tobacco, and can carry the flavorings more effectively. PG is thinner, and can easily absorb by the cotton fabric and polyfill.

The only downside of PG is it can cause allergic reactions on some vapers, but it is only a minor reaction like throat irritation.

Once you experience allergic reactions better, stop using it, switch to VG-based e-liquids, and consult some professionals.

VG-based e-liquid: A natural chemical liquid from vegetable oils, and If you are a vegetarian and a vaper, you should try this. VG can be in some of your food, medical, and personal care products, and this e-liquid can give a thick sensation to vapor. It is thicker, and it is a little bit sweeter than PG.

It gives a smoother throat hit than PG, and that makes it suitable for sub-ohm vaping.

Since nicotine and flavorings are present in PG, VG is an alternative offering to enable 100% VG mixes. Because it is thicker, it can clog and gunk up vaporizers that will require more cleaning.

So if you are looking for, which is better, it depends on your desire. Also, you can mix both PG and VG.

Nicotine in E-Juices

There are many ways to absorb nicotine into our bodies. It can be through our skin by using a transdermal nicotine patch, with mouth by chewing tobacco, and nicotine gum, or by the lung inhalation using vaping and smoking.

If you are a smoker, you have an idea of how much nicotine works on your body, but for beginners, they should have proper knowledge of nicotine in E-juices.

People usually start with the 16mg level of nicotine since it is the same as the traditional cigarettes. There are 6 levels of nicotine, from 0mg, 8mg, 11mg, 16mg, 24mg, and 36mg.

People who want to quit smoking use vape as an alternative because you can slowly reduce the nicotine inhalation of your body, but if you can reduce, of course, you can increase it too.

A friendly reminder that if you want to switch levels, you should move up or down by one level at a time. For example, from 16mg, you should only change to 11mg or 24mg, do not shift from 16mg to 36mg.

If you are a regular smoker and you instantly shift to 8mg, there is a chance that you vape more because you need to give your body needs, and you may think that vaping is not working for you, but the thing is all you need to do is the right customizing and changing or nicotine strength on your e-juices.

If you are a light tobacco smoker and you instantly shift to a higher level like 26mg, you may overload your body with nicotine, and you might experience light-headedness. You will not be satisfied with vaping, but the thing is you just got the wrong level of nicotine.

The nicotine level and bases serve a huge role in the e-juices. Looking for the best flavor of e-juices is hard since they are many e-juice flavors in the market. Here is a list of the best vape flavors in the market.

Best Tobacco Flavored E-Liquid

12) Eclipse by Space Jam

This e-juice is the most popular among the vendors. It is a sweetened tobacco blend, and on the top of Cavendish, tobacco is a layer of sweet vanilla custard.

It comes with 30 PG, and 70 VG, you can choose from five nicotine levels from 0-18mg/ml. It has a very realistic tobacco smell, the tobacco leaves and not the cigarettes.

If you are a tobacco lover, consider this one. It has a caramelized taste combined with a bit of vanilla, and if you want a nice throat hit, this e-juice delivers that.

Get this 60ml juice for $25.00.

11) Candied Cavendish by the Plume Room

Another tobacco flavored e-liquid is from The Plume Room. This Candied Cavendish is a popular e-liquid mixer that gives superb e-liquids, and it leads to a more authentic flavor. This e-juice is known for one of the best tobacco flavored juices in the market.

The fruity notes from a banana add some sweetness in the e-juice. It also won an award in the year 2013 the Spinfuel Choice Award, which means many people are patronizing this product.

This e-juice is available in 6 nicotine levels from 0 up to 24mg/ml and with 70% VG 30%PG

Get this 60ml e-juice for only $29.70.

Best Fruit Flavored E-Liquid

10) Reds Watermelon – Reds E-Juice

The good thing about e-juices is that it has a wide variety of flavors, and if you want a fruit-flavored e-juice, you are in the right place.

Red is one of the most respected brands when it comes to the e-juice world, and vapers around the globe are patronizing this brand because of its fruit-flavored delights.

RED is known for its authenticity and accuracy and expects a natural tasting of the fruit in an e-liquid form. The watermelon e-juice is one of their rising stars. It is 70% VG, which is suitable for people who experience some irritations from PG-based, and with three different levels of nicotine, 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Get this 60ml e-juice for only $19.99.

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9) Tropical Pucker Punch – Fruit Twist E-Liquid

The Tropical Pucker Punch by Fruit Twist is quite famous that they even sold out within hours after Lemon Twist started taking pre-orders of the Tropical Punch. It is one of the best selling fruit-flavored e-juice in the market because it is well adjusted.

It is the next e-juice that Fruit Twist released after the massive success of Lemon Twist. The tropical pucker punch has a refreshing mix of tropical fruits. Lemon Twist never disappoints the vaping community with their e-juices because they use the best ingredients from the USA.

It consists of Hawaiian pineapples, berries, and other tropical fruits. It has three levels of nicotine, 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg, and 70% VG and 30% PG. If you are a fan of tropical fruit and like some fruit-flavored e-juice, taste it by yourself.

Get these two 60ml e-juice for only $19.95.

Best Dessert Flavored E-Liquid

8) Naked Unicorn – Naked 100 E-Juice

Naked 100 became popular in the year 2018, and they are still in demand this 2019. These e-juices are popular because of their fruit-flavored e-juices, but now they expanded it.

They made some dessert-flavored e-juices, which is becoming popular now. Naked Unicorn is in the dessert-flavored categories, which are plentiful and delicious that you can use this e-juice all day.

The sweet strawberries taste natural and come with a smooth velvet cream. Strawberries and cream are always a perfect combination, no doubt on that. This e-juice contains 30% PG 70%VG and has four levels of nicotine from 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg.

Get this 60ml e-juice vape for only $16.65.

7) Lemon Donut Lover Vape Juice

If you are a lemon, a donut, or a lemon donut lover, this might be the perfect e-juice for you. Inspired by the all-time favorite glazed donut, but with a twist of burst lemon flavoring mixed with condensed milk.

You are going to get hungry imagining the image of the donut.
If you feel like having this donut less the sugar and calorie, try this delicious e-juice. People who have a sweet tooth will love this one.

It is available for 30ml and 60ml, and you can choose between three PG and VG ratio of 50/50, which is the recommended, 70/30 for beginners, and maximum VG for sub-ohm. It has 5 nicotine levels from 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18 mg.

Get this e-juice for as low as $15.99.

Best Candy Flavored E-Liquid

6) Peppermint Candy

Get the Christmas vibes for every inhale with this Peppermint Candy flavored e-juice. Peppermint is a combination of spearmint and water mint, and it is famous as a candy flavor that everyone loves. This e-juice from Mig Vapor gives the refreshing feeling of the real peppermint candy.

Peppermint is a familiar e-juice flavor, but what makes it different is that they are ready to compete with other e-juice makers. The e-juice is FDA registered, and they are transparent in everything.

You can choose the nicotine high and VG levels depending on your needs. They have a 30-day return policy and is free shipping in the USA.

Get this e-juice for as low as $15.95.

5) Sour Worms E-liquid by Candy King

If you are a fan of sour candies like sour worms, you might want to try this sour Worms E-Liquid. This e-juice is made from the USA and manufactured by Drip More, and this flavor is a hit in the market.

The flavor contains lemons, oranges, and other delicious fruit flavors, which they keep as a secret.

You can customize the nicotine level of this e-juice from 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg, and it based on 20% PG and 80% VG.

Get this 100ml e-juice for only $19.95.

Best Beverage Flavored E-Liquid

4) Buttered Beer

Great news for Harry Potter fans out there because of a butterbeer flavor if e-juice is now available. It tastes like butterscotch with caramel and some cream soda. Get the Harry Potter feeling in your mouth with this flavored e-juice.

The primary flavors of this e-juice are cream, vanilla, caramel, and butterscotch. Choose from the six levels of nicotine, and VG and PG blend depending on your desire.

People who bought it love it very much because it is not over-powering, and because it is cheap compared to other e-juices in the market.

You can get the 30ml e-juice for only $6.99.

3) Cappuccino

Coffee and nicotine are perfect combinations for smokers, and now you have the chance to get both of these from your home. If you are a coffee lover, but you want to avoid caffeine, using it as an e-juice can be a smart idea.

This e-juice is very satisfying because all the things that you love about cappuccino are in this e-juice, and this will make you happy all the time.

You can customize the nicotine level and blend according to your cravings. One good thing about this e-juice is that it is budget-friendly.

Get this e-juice for as low as $7.99.

Best Food Flavored E-Liquid

2) Pizza Ria (E-Liquid Flavor)

This e-juice flavor is unique. Have you ever imagined inhaling some pizza flavored e-juice?

Well, now is your time to try this e-juice. If you are a fan of pizza, you will love this flavor because it tastes like the supreme pizza. It has a strong odor, so you can feel like you are having a pizza while vaping.

Although this one tastes, and smell like a pizza, it is not a type of e-juice that you would love to vape all day, maybe just for something new, you would love to try this.

You can customize it from some extra flavor, base mix, and nicotine level. Also, you can add some mot mint hits.

You can get this pizza-flavored e-juice for only $2.50.

Best Milk Flavored E-liquid

1) Kilo Moo Series Vanilla Almond Milk 60ml Vape Juice

For people who love vanilla, milk, and almond, all those three are combined to make this best milk flavored e-liquid in the market. It is very smooth and gives a subtle flavor while vaping.

Get your desired nicotine level from 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg with VG/PG: 70/30. You can use this flavor all day.

Get this 60ml e-juice for only $9.99.

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