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CBD Oil Ireland – Getting Popular For Massive Benefits

CBD Oil in Ireland: How Much It Cost & From Where You Buy?

Since the 1970s, CBD products have become a well-known entity in Ireland. Previously it was more of a taboo and an unreported substance in Ireland, which is why people tend to stay away from it.

Then gradually, some high-profile personals and journalists started a medical campaign in favor of CBD.

These campaigns made Cannabis and related products like CBD oil visible and brought them into the market. Eventually, now we can find cannabis-based products like CBD being sold legally in specific markets, pharmacies and health food stores across Ireland.

However, despite the massive campaigns, there is still some confusion amongst the masses. People are not sure whether it is legal or not and about its efficacy.

Also, the emerging sites selling CBD oil do not provide detailed and comprehensive information, based on research about the product which adds to the vagueness about it.

This article will help the natives of Ireland to know more about CBD oil and give them an insight as to where to buy it from and at what cost.

CBD oil in Ireland

The regulations of extracting, marketing and selling CBD oil in Ireland are stringent. It is tough to set up a CBD business in Ireland because the EU regulations are too strict. You cannot buy it or sell it if it is extracted by methods that involve CO2 extraction or certain additives.

Therefore, it is a must to know about the extraction method before buying or selling CBD oil in Ireland. Why is this particular regulation in place?

The reason is that CO2 extraction involves the addition of impurities to CBD, which can cause euphoria or make you high. This can make CBD a substance of abuse.

Selling CBD oil in Ireland needs proper authorization from the EU. If it is obtained by cold-pressing the seeds, you may not require approval. However, other methods of purification and extraction require a Novel food authorization.

So, most of the vendors that sell CBD in public, usually have a proper and regulated brand. However, despite EU regulations, each batch of the product can’t be checked, and therefore, sometimes you may get high with CBD as manufacturers tend to add products to increase their sales.

For the general population, CBD oil is anything that is derived from Cannabis Sativa and is commonly marketed as a food supplement or a dietary supplement in the form of a capsule, liquid, lotion, gummies or balm.

CBD is a non-psychoactive substance that has analgesic properties. It has a number of significant medicinal properties that are still under research. In Ireland, so far it is not allowed to market the product using therapeutic claims.

To sell CBD in reference to its medical properties, it must be authorized with the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA). According to the report of HPRA, released in January 2017, no CBD products can be branded as medicinal supplements.

Therefore, if you see any vendor claiming that XYZ CBD product is for curing arthritis, do not go for it.

Why has CBD oil gained such massive popularity in Ireland?

When CBD oil got famous in the US and Canada, the trend followed Ireland. With the claims that it is a legal alternative to Marijuana, it doesn’t make you high and helps one in the management of various health issues like epilepsy, chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

It gradually gained popularity in Ireland. People started considering these claims, and the demand for CBD increased. Initially, it was imported from the US, later onwards there was the advent of Irish brands of CBD.

Vendors like Eats of Eden and Charlotte’s Web were one of the pioneers to bring in CBD oil to Ireland. People got to know more of it, started using it, and the tremendously positive feedback led to a vicious cycle of marketing, and within no time it became the top seller Cannabis product in Ireland.

People generally buy CBD oil in Ireland to treat chronic pain as CBD oil is a potent analgesic. It comes in topical products as well as capsules and tinctures.

People suffering from joint pain, arthritis, post-operative pain take CBD oil and have found it very useful. It is also used as an anti-inflammatory substance and has proven efficacy against childhood epilepsy.

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Some people even take CBD oil to achieve relaxation and get rid of anxiety and stress.

What are the CBD products available in Ireland?

Different vendors sell different varieties of CBD. The most common variant available in Ireland is CBD oil, and it comes in a range of flavors.

Vendors like CBD Relieve sell products that include:

  • CBD Blend liquids
  • Tinctures
  • Full Spectrum CBD Rich Hemp oil
  • CBD capsules
  • High strength CBD balm
  • CBD infused bath salts
  • Body lotion
  • Rich tea
  • CBD protein
  • CBD gummies, etc.

Similarly, other vendors sell different CBD products under their brand names. You can buy them online or visit a pharmacy or health store to get them. You do not need the prescription of a doctor to buy CBD oil or other products.

CBD Relieve store in Ireland ensures that it only sells products to 18+ and ensure that they do not have any medical complication. They encourage customers to talk to their physician before purchasing the product.

What is the cost of various CBD products?

The prices of products vary as different brands sell different quality and type of CBD products. The average prices of some products are given below;

  • CBD E-Liquid (100mg): around 20-25 euros
  • CBD tincture (500mg-15ml): around 50 euros
  • CBD oil (1 gram): around 50-80 euros
  • CBD Capsules (300mg – 30 pcs)- around 30-35 euros
  • CBD Balm (1000mg) – around 100 euros
  • CBD infused bath salts – around 10 euros
  • CBD Tea- around 15 euros
  • CBD protein- around 50 – 70 euros
  • CBD infused cream – around 40 euros
  • CBD gummies- around 40-50 euros

Is CBD oil legal in Ireland?

It is legal to grow Cannabis in Ireland under the license from the Department of Health. It is produced legally in Ireland and used in a variety of food items.

According to the regulations of the EU, any species of Cannabis or hemp can be cultivated in Ireland if it has less than 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content.

These species are stated in the EU’s Common Catalogue of Varieties of Agricultural Plant Species’.

THC is a psychoactive substance that is considered dangerous by the health regulatory bodies of Ireland. The EU ensures that each batch of product that is prepared follows these regulations.

CBD is not illegal in Ireland and is not placed under the Misuse of Drugs Act, but as such, it is not recognized as a medicine by the HRPA.

It is available in pharmacies and health products related stores and can be purchased if it meets the demands of HRPA.

CBD Ireland Reviews

Even though CBD is legal in Ireland, the medical community still asks the general masses to be cautious while taking CBD.

David Finn, from the Centre for pain research at NUI Galway, tells that though CBD is different from THC in a sense that it is not psychoactive, yet it produces neuronal changes and has an impact on the brain signaling and activity. He’s also of the view that patients suffering from anxiety and stress shouldn’t just start taking CBD without being fully aware of its concentration and dosage.

Dr. David Robert Grimes, a cancer researcher states that many people take CBD as if it is the cure of cancer, and this distracts them from the prescribed medications, leading to disastrous consequences. He emphasizes that it is more of a food supplement and plays a minimal role in the palliation of cancer.

Top CBD Brands in Ireland

1. CBD Relieve

It is one of the top-selling CBD brands in Ireland that is entirely dedicated to CBD products. It has a range of products, from capsules to tinctures, from body lotions to balms, from CBD oil to CBD gels. The products come in various sizes and concentrations. Most of them are very affordable and reliable as this vendor strictly follows the EU Regulations.

2. Organico

It is an extensive online website that dedicates one section to CBD and Hemp products. The various types of CBD come in a range of flavors, and occasionally one can find discounts on some CBD oils. It has positive reviews and offers incredible customer satisfaction.

3. Discount Supplements

This vendor sells a range of CBD products, for oral consumption, vaping and topical use. It also provides a variety of Pure CBD extracts that are a bit costly but highly effective.

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Jennifer Kurtz studied medicine at the New Jersey School of Medicine (Rutgers). She is passionate about developing her knowledge of Cannabis, Nootropics, Kratom, and nutritional supplements. In addition to attending medical webinars and conferences, she loves to write research-based articles for magazines, healthcare professionals, and medical agencies.

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