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California Light Works Review

Whether you are looking for solar lights or you want your indoor plants to grow taller and, stronger; the California Light Works is the best place! The indoor plantations require steady and consistent environmental conditions to grow to their full potential. Let’s see how California Light Works helps with this aim and maybe the best option out there.

Product Details

The California Light Works offer an array of lighting equipment that helps with indoor plants while you save energy and lower your bills.

The company produces a series of LED lights that have distinct qualities to suit various types of plants. You can find the right one for your indoor plantation needs and see results for yourself! The various products are divided into categories in the online shop:

  • Commercial use
  • Greenhouse use
  • Personal use

The different products under these three categories can satisfy your need as a business or a private user. This variety helps new buyers to understand what kind of product will be suitable for their plantation.

Once you log on to the website, you can choose the products under these three categories that will be most suitable for the kind of plantation you are looking at.

If you are a personal indoor garden grower, there are loads of options for you to keep your indoor plants fresh and green. The broadest range of grow lights for different types of plantations is what California Light Works offers.

These days, no matter how advanced and detailed online shopping has become, one can hardly find horticultural or agricultural products specifically. California Light Works offers the full range and choice that any user could desire!

The new LED technology

Before the advent of LED bulbs for indoor plantation; people used HID lights. These lights were not only heavy on electricity consumption but also made it hard for growers to regulate the amount of heat or light intensity.

The high-intensity lights were never suitable for plantation, but due to lack of options, people often turned to them. Not anymore! The LED light options at California Light Works are ideal for all kinds and sizes of horticultural needs.

The various product ranges

Finding your one-stop shop for your indoor plantation growth is a challenge, but with California Light Works, it has become simpler and choicely. You can find three kinds of product options:

  • Solar System
  • Solar Xtreme
  • Greenhouse Pro

The Solar system range is a variety of LED grow lights for fruits, leafy vegetables, and plants. The purpose of all grow lights is to provide an illuminated environment for the plant to carry out photosynthesis.

The various plant types such as fruit plants or everyday green plants with only leaves require different temperatures, heat intensities, and wavelengths of light energy.

California Light Works will give you a choice of the full spectrum or broad-spectrum LED grow lights. These lights are most suitable for all kinds of plants if you want to be more specific, no worries! You will find the right indoor grow light for your plants to grow healthy and active!

The Solar System lights consume less energy and will not give you a shock as you receive the electricity consumption bill! Whereas, the HID lights available at other local vendors cost much more due to the high electricity consumption and short life of the bulb.

Solar Xtreme is a beautiful addition to the indoor grow lights as this range offers full spectrum lights which are suitable for all kinds of plants at all stages. Every plant, be it a fruit-bearing plant or a vine; requires different intensities and wavelengths of light to varying stages of growth.

A sapling may require higher strength and warmer temperature, while a grown plant may require moderate light. The Solar Xtreme has various sizes, and types of LED grow lights with Optigrow light spectrum.

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The Greenhouse Pro is an excellent range of products for all the horticulturists who grow their plantation in greenhouses and require lighting for multiple plants in a larger area. You will not find a greenhouse light fixture with Bluetooth mesh to allow remote spectrum control.

If you are away from the greenhouse and it is time to intensify the lights, no problem! You can use this option to regulate the greenhouse conditions to ensure better plant growth.

There is the option of WiFi gateways, which allow multiple operations and zones to be operated through remote control over the cloud!

This unique feature means that you can change settings of your greenhouse lights from anywhere in the world! These options are a dream come true for all cultivators and greenhouse owners who know the perils of light regulation.

What’s more …

There are controllers, light refills, and fixtures available to suit every indoor plantation! You will not have to find refills or repairs from other places. The California Light Works will be your last choice for every purchase you make from now.

The simple online shop interface

Apart from the benefits and special features of the products at California Light Works, the simple and comprehensive website is a treat for every user. You can find all kinds of products quickly and under the right categories.

There is no hide and seek game! No matter how untechnical you are, you can find your way around the website and search for the LED indoor grow light you always wanted!

Older versions of LED grow lights

The California Light Works discontinued some of its older LED grow lights series, but the warranty for them still exists.

This offer speaks volumes about ethical consumerism as old users and their products are never ignored. Solar Storm and Solar Flare were manufactured and available till 2018 on the website.

However, due to new products, the older varieties are not available for sale, but the customers who own the previous models do not have to go here or there.

They can find repair work for their products under warranty. There is no extra fee for this other than the service charge that is applicable for all repairs from California Light Works.

California Light Works is not China import

The LED grow lights available at the California Light Works are from Osram, which is the world leader in LED technology. This level of technology is what makes every product stand apart!

The manufacturing of fixtures and controllers is in California, but the technology is world-class and above the conventional and straightforward products available for horticulturists on Amazon and E-Bay.

Some shopping features:

The simple booking procedure

Just like most online shops, the California Light Works has a simple booking procedure. You can select the items you want to buy and check out.

You will make payment quickly, and your order will be on its way to you! You will receive your goods within three business days. The shipping charges are according to your location.

Money-Back guarantee and easy returns

The California Light Works offers secure options for customers. One of them is the ability to return purchased goods. In case you ordered something wrong, or you want to try another product, the shop offers easy returns and money-back guarantee to add to your shopping experience.

Five years warranty

Customers can sit back and relax after purchasing from California Light Works! With every purchase, you get a five-year warranty. This means that any defect or repair work within five years from the purchase is free for all!

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