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Arbos Kratom – German Kratom Vendor

Arbos Kratom is a German-based Kratom vendor that guarantees to provide its clients the best possible and the freshest botanicals for their utmost pleasure. Since its inception, Arbos Botanicals has cemented its place in the Kratom business and continues to thrive.

With the help of their first-class customer service, they aim to make sure that every consumer is left satisfied after buying their product. Their few years of experience combined with the diverse range of unique strains at exceptionally reasonable prices is what sets them apart. Not only that, but they focus on getting environmentally conscious products to the Kratom users for their everyday usage.

They have three local stores in Tuttlingen, Augsburg, and Konstanz. Here clients can pick up their order or even meet the friendly staff to help them out. However, all of this was just a peek into this Mitrgyna Speciosa based business; let’s get into the details.

What Products Do They Offer And What Are The Prices?

As mentioned previously, Arbos Kratom offers numerous medicinal herb strains in powder and extract form for their customers. Everything ranging from Green, Red, White, and Yellow veins are easily available here. Unlike other vendors, Arbos relies on the potency of its products. It is why they have an abundance of Mitragyna variants. They also have extracts in Maeng Da, Hulu, and Thai. Not only are these of the highest quality, but they will leave you wanting more.

To make your Kratom experience smoother for you, Arbos Kratom has some botanically related accessories in store for you. These range from a manual measurer to a weighing machine. Moreover, this vendor helps make Mitragyna shopping more continuous for you because of their utterly affordable prices. Their prices start from 18.35 Euros and go up to 130 Euros! Even their 3-strain bundle pack lies at the lower end of this price range at 48.50 Euros.

If you think that is the best part, you should also know that they include shipping costs in every purchase. That means you will only be paying for the product, and that makes everything so much better!

Product Safety

Lab Testing

When it comes to product reliability, there is nothing more crucial than lab analysis certificates. It shows the market that the brand takes customer safety very seriously. Any successful vendor sends their semi-processed botanicals to third-party laboratories for rigorous testing. But does Arbos Kratom do the same? Fortunately, the answer is yes. Each batch has to pass the analyzing process, after which it can move on to packaging.

Do They Offer Discounts or Coupons?

When it comes to discounts and coupons from Arbos, customers should know that they will let every single person have a go at getting the best possible Kratom products at the lowest of prices. It is one of the reasons for their success. They have an option where users can subscribe to their email newsletter and avail the best discounts ever.

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This approach offers a variety of promotions and discounts to this vendor’s clients, allowing them to buy Kratom strains in large quantities. Furthermore, this subscription is a simple method to save money in the long term if you know you will be a regular client.

What is Arbos’ Shipping Policy?

There are two alternatives available for shipping when talking about Arbos Kratom. Customers can either go to the address provided on their website, arbos-germany.de, to get their ordered products. If this option is not feasible, they can deliver it straight to your home. Other than that, for any order above 50 Euros, they ship for free. However, anything below will get charged for 4.60 Euros per order. Although these charges are not in the final bill, it is good to keep some money on hand as a caution.

They will get you your products in a time of 2-3 days, where you can even track your order through an email confirmation. Additionally, with an extra cost of 9.80 Euros, they can get you your purchases in 24 hours using Express delivery.

They only deliver to countries where Kratom is legal. It is why they do not ship to Switzerland, some states of the USA, and England.

Do They Allow Refunds?

Customers have a period of 14-days to return their product. With Arbos Kratom, you will never have to worry about a return or a refund. It is critical to fully wrap the items you intend to return to the vendor, including any extras. It is best if you use the previous packing to prevent damage during shipment. Users can use acceptable alternative packing for the return if they no longer have that available.

What Payment Options Do They Provide?

Arbos Kratom allows its clients to pay through a bank transfer or cash on delivery to avoid any mishaps with the payments. Other than these two, they also accept bitcoin or any other form of cryptocurrency.

Final Thoughts

Arbos Kratom is a fantastic site to go if you prefer a wide variety of Mitragyna Speciosa strains. They offer you what you paid for. Clients get offered incredible quality, reasonable pricing, and highly rated services! What more could you ask for?

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