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Why I choose for the Ageless (CBD , Vitamins UK Brand Review)

With the absolute wealth of online CBD stores that currently populate the World Wide Web, it can be difficult to know in which direction to head. When you begin the hunt for a new vendor, I always ask myself the following question:

  • Are they legitimate?
  • Do they offer quality products for sale?
  • Do they deliver promptly?
  • Is their customer service up to scratch?
  • What are other customers saying?

I’m sure that like me, you’ll not make a purchase unless all of the above are answered satisfactorily. If they are not, then move onto the next site and perform the same checks.

When I first encountered for the Ageless I asked myself these very questions, did the research and made a purchase. I will tell you now, that yes, they do meet expectations on all these points and passed with flying colors too.

Is for the Ageless legitimate?

You can easily find their London-based headquarters on Google maps. What intrigued me more than anything else was their Soil Association-certified state-of-the-art facility (located in Northampton).

Their warehouse is one of only a handful that meets the exceptionally high standards laid down by the Soil Association, DEFRA, and the EU – encouraging news when they sell organic CBD products.

Being a fan of organic and ethical products, this was something that immediately drew me to them and seeing these credentials almost sealed the deal straight away!

What’s more, you can call or email their customer service team who are both helpful and knowledgeable. I had a few questions which they answered promptly and politely.

Does for the Ageless offer quality hemp products?

The criteria by which they choose their products is very strict – stricter than I’ve seen anywhere else.

They state on their site that only products which are organic, have been extracted using supercritical CO2 extraction and are full-spectrum CBD will make the grade.

While some stores will offer a vast array of brands and products, the Ageless instead solely focusses on premium-quality CBD products. No ifs. No buts. Just pure quality.

If I’m putting something into (or onto) my body, I will not accept anything less than the very best – something that for the Ageless provides.

Which CBD oil brands do they offer?

When I purchased, for the Ageless stocked the following brands: BioPurus, BioBloom, CannabiGold, Love Hemp, Pharmahemp, Hemptouch, Love CBD and Charlotte’s Web Oil.

A superb selection of brands if ever I’ve seen one. Here are some of my personal favorites:


A young, up-and-coming UK-based brand that utilizes whole-plant CO2 extraction, resulting in oil much more nutrient-dense. I’m a big fan of their 20% Organic CBD oil as well as their delicious hemp teas!


Austria’s Number 1 organic CBD oil manufacturer. 100% organic CBD oils are very hard to find, but BioBloom is leading the way. Their 8% Organic CBD oil is a staple of mine.

Love Hemp:

A UK brand that uses the finest Cannabidiol from Colorado, USA (is there a better marriage?!). Not a fan of CBD oil? Their CBD capsules may be the right fit for you.


Touted as Europe’s finest CBD oils, this Slovenian company produces ultra-high-quality oils, balms, and creams. Whenever I have problems with dry skin, I always resort to using their CBD balm – it’s a lifesaver.

One thing is for certain: you can be rest assured that for the Ageless only stocks the best brands currently available on the European market.

What is in their hemp product range?

The Ageless has a very broad range, stocking over 80 different CBD products. Most stores I have used tend to only stock a small range of their own products making comparison very difficult. This range covers absolutely all bases. No matter what type of CBD product you’re seeking, or what strength you require, you’ll find it.

Obviously, I’m not going to list all of the products in this review (it’d be far easier for you to head over to their site now and browse them for yourself!), but I’ll take a quick look at some of the CBD-based products that they have to offer.

  • CBD oils and sprays (containing up to 10,000mg)
  • CBD capsules, soft-gels and gummies (I have a sweet tooth and love a gummy!)
  • CBD balms and creams
  • Hemp teas
  • CBD vape oils
  • CBD crystal isolate

In addition to CBD, they also offer a modest range of other health-related products such as collagen peptides, skin-care, nutraceuticals, superfoods, and antioxidants.

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Are their products expensive?

My mantra here is a simple one: ‘You get what you pay for’. If you want premium-quality, organic CBD products then you’re going to pay more than standard, lower quality products. I feel the product range is priced very reasonably given the level of quality on offer.

I even visited some of the websites of brands they stock to complete a quick comparison. They were almost identical in all cases and occasionally cheaper too.

Is the customer service up to scratch?

There are two ways by which I judge a company’s customer service.

  • Firstly, how quickly do they respond to emails and resolve problems
  • Secondly, their knowledge of the products and the industry in which they operate.

Having interacted with for the Ageless on numerous occasions, I can comprehensively say that I have always been impressed. Response to emails and messages is always extremely prompt and the one time I did have a slight issue, it was dealt with exceptionally quickly.

Also, and perhaps more importantly, their knowledge of CBD, the industry and health products, in general, is second-to-none. They do as we say in the UK, ‘know their onions’.

If ever I’ve been unsure of which product to choose or which might suit my circumstances best, they’re always there to give me a helping hand and nudge me in the right direction.

This is something that I actually find rare nowadays. Many stores appear to have just jumped on the bandwagon, yet with for the Ageless, you get the impression that they care.

That they want the very best for their customers and therefore will only provide the best customer service to accompany their premium quality product range.

Did they deliver promptly?

From my experience I have always received my orders promptly; always within the timeframes listed on the site – which are very fast! For UK customers (like me) orders placed before 12:30 pm are dispatched the same day.

Shipping is free for orders over £75 (£3.99 for orders under that value). That the standard delivery option is a 24-hour service is something that I am indeed a fan of. Who wants to wait!

Delivery options for customers located in Europe, the USA, Canada and the Rest of the World are also very reasonably priced and most importantly, are tracked.

This is something that I know will make international customers feel a lot more secure. I won’t buy from abroad without a tracked shipping option.

What are customers saying about for the Ageless?

Like me, they’re very pleased. Both their website and social media showcase the satisfaction of their customers via verified reviews.

It is not only what customers are saying about the company itself – but it’s also about their thoughts on the products offered. Positive product review after positive product review after positive product review and so on and so forth. Why don’t you check some other reviews for yourself!

A few examples of for the Ageless reviews

“Amazing communications with the Customer Service team when I was looking at purchasing my 1st CBD oil product, I have now made my purchase and it came so very promptly too. I can definitely recommend the Ageless. :)”.

“Very good professional service and very helpful. CBD oil has helped with my anxiety which I thought over the years was depression and has helped with my mind fog to make my life enjoyable again. I can only wish I found it several years ago.”

“Fantastic range of high-quality products, I have opted for the 5% blend with Curcumin and Black Pepper. I am no expert but since using my heartburn has completely disappeared and my asthma has improved. Fingers crossed for it working with vitiligo.”

To Conclude

Perhaps you’ve been utilizing CBD for a while and are simply looking for a new vendor. Maybe you’re completely new to the exciting world of Cannabidiol and are unsure where to start. Or possibly somewhere in between. No matter which category you fit in to, they will certainly be a great place to start.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Ageless is the leading purveyor of CBD products in the UK. It’s not often that an online store ticks all boxes, but I can hand-on-heart say that this store does – and does so handsomely.

Seldom do I write such glowing reviews (I can be quite a harsh critic, trust me!) but during the time I have used for the Ageless, I have been mightily impressed.

So, if you’re in the market for the best, then you must buy from the best.

Christina Earle
Christina Earle is a licensed psychologist practicing in Oakland, California since 1999. She provides counseling to people who are struggling with managing stress, and anxiety related issues. In her free time, she often writes on mental health conditions that educate the individuals to explore ways of improving their health.

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