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What Is ACDC High Cannabis Strain? Benefits, Side-Effects, And How To Grow

A Cannabis strain got popularized in the past couple of years. Offering a whole bunch of benefits, they are becoming the primary choice of all the specialists in the UK, America, and Canada.

For a brief introduction, let us have a quick look at Cannabis strains and its two famous products in the market.

Cannabis strains are both pure or hybrid species of the Cannabis class of plants that contains the variable C. Sativa, C. Indicia, and C. Hybrids.

The idea behind the sorts may be a marketing strategy to stand out among competitors, modify its advantage as a drug and to dig deep into the uses of the cannabis plant. Usually grown by the growers these hybrid strains are rich in Cannabidiols.

What Are The Types Of Cannabis Strains?

The Cannabis has numerous species, but three commonly grown species evolved at a more substantial amount are:

  • Cannabis Sativa

The tallest amidst the three central strains this plant can raise up to 25 feet, though, in common, its height is 12 feet, taking almost 10 to 16 weeks to grow completely. Unlike indicate they have thin leaves and larger flowering stage.

Sativa is responsible for rendering more stimulating, uplifting cerebral consequences that complement physical activity, social meetings, and artistic plans.

  • Cannabis Indica

Growing under 6 feet with relatively smaller in size is cannabis Indica, this plant is famous for its unique fat leaves and shorter flowering period.

Indicia takes around 6-8 weeks to mature and is assumed to be bodily sedating, excellent for reclining with a movie or as a nightcap ere bedtime.

  • Cannabis Hybrid

The third significant variety of cannabis strain is hybrid. Total opposite to the earlier two discussed, this kind of cannabis strain is a mixture of the two. Consequently, it possesses the characteristics of both.

The hybrids can fall on any of the teams either Stevia, or India depends on whose properties it adopts. The majority of the Strains accessible nowadays is hybrid.

What Is An ACDC Cannabis Strain?

Now, after a quick introduction, let’s get back to the main topic since we are here to analyze ACDC Cannabis strain. Do you know what does it mean? Let me simplify it for you!

As you must have learned by now the three basic kinds of a cannabis strain, an ACDC fall under the category of the hybrid with Sativa as the authoritative one.

As we are conscious of the fact that all the cannabis strains obtainable in the market have a specific ratio of CBD and THC, the ACDC comprises of 1:20 proportion of THC and CBD.

This ratio makes it the least painful or psychoactive and more curing treatment for the consumers. The ACDC is best for medicinal pain, anxiety, epilepsy, several sclerosis, and the bad effects of chemotherapy, all with a clear head.

Appearance, Flavor, And Odor Of ACDC Cannabis Strain

Speaking about the image, the ACDC strain is a peer to a mossy-style embryo, with yellowish-green hues, mingled with traces of orange streaks completely.

Furthermore, the brassy orange pistils rolls and wraps the sugar leaves completely, which do not seem very frigid, due to the shortage of THC content.

However, we can understand its flavor through adjectives such as citrus, woody, a bit spicy, sweet and herbal making it enjoyable for the consumers. The odor of ACDC Cannabis strain resembles a lot of its taste that is an earthy sweetness with a hint of citrus fragrance to it.

This is the largest plus point of ACDC as patients, such as epilepsy, who are allergic to bad odor should give it a try because it has a delightful scent.

How To Grow ACDC Cannabis Strain?

The above contents lead us to our next question, how is it grown? Commonly, buds growing in bunches called the colas, this plant is around 4 feet in height and is quite challenging to cultivate. It demands equal time and attention to maintenance.

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The ACDC plant’s formation is typically busy and has thin, feathery leaves grown. Its flowering span is 9 to 10 weeks also it demands a relatively steady climate between 68 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The best feature of an ACDC cannabis strain is that it can flourish both indoor and outdoor, nevertheless, here it is essential to assure that it has adequate time to flower fully ere the fall steps in, but growers recommend to cultivate it indoors as you can conveniently control the temperature as per plant’s requirement.

It is not immune to insects or infections of any sort, so consistent detection is indispensable in case a spread of dusty mildew, fungus, spider mites or anything else alike.

Here it is significant to notify that in case of detection of any disease take curing steps instantly as it drops health rapidly.

The under discussion cannabis plant necessitates a tremendous level of calcium and magnesium so you must keep supplements on hand whenever needed.

Medical Significance Of ACDC Cannabis Strain

Available in the market in the infinite form an ACDC cannabis strain is an exemplary medicine. Comprising of a high ratio of CBD it heals multiple medical problems and pains, few of them are below:

  1. Since we know, CBD is the perfect treatment for anxiety, so naturally, this makes ACDC a dominant medication for anxiety disorder.
  2. ACDC is also a significant therapy for seizures, muscle spasms, nerve pain, and even chronic pain.
  3. There are multiple medical problems incurable through medication, and researchers recently found out that a high dose of CBD can help treat epilepsy, cancer, multiple sclerosis, tremors from Parkinson’s disease.
  4. Some psychological issues of people are beginning to solve, all thanks to CBD dominant strain like ACDC. It has the power to overcome the bipolar disorder, neuropathy, and depression.
  5. Additional benefits include the prevention of a migraine, nausea, and inflammation.
  6. It is available in smoke, eatable and Vape form, hence making it easier for the patient to consume according to their suitability.

Drawbacks Of ACDC Cannabis Strain

I’m sure by now you are quite well aware of ACDC, this brings us to the final and the primary question of this topic, the flaws of ACDC.

It’s obvious that nothing in the world in perfect, Let’s have a quick look at the flows of ACDC cannabis strain:

  1. The first drawback is the “wake-promoting” overdose of CBD can result in keeping you awake for long.
  2. Besides a list of disadvantages, ACDC promotes dry mouth and dry eyes, which you can overcome through hydrating yourself.
  3. The main disadvantageous effect of CBD, and noticeable on a high dose, is mental sedation. In simple language, doses over 100 mg of CBD can make one feel less “thick.”
  4. Some people are complaining of headache after the overdose of ACDC.

On a concluding note, every product has some plus and minus, but the decision is entirely yours, I hope I’ve cleared some of your doubts. However, the internet is flooded with information in case you still have some queries.

Does ACDC Cannabis Strain Get You High?

The answer to this is No, ACDC does not get you high. The high dose of CBD provides a feeling of calmness and relaxation. As we know, CBD is a nonpsychoactive herb; therefore, it does not get you high. Instead, this hybrid improves mental leisure.

What Is The THC And CBD Content Level?

The hybrid Cannabis strain ACDC is CBD dominant like other strains in the market. So, the ratio of CBD and THC in ACDC strain 1:20, this means 20 percent of CBD and 1 percent of THC. In short, ACDC provokes scarce to no intoxicating impressions.

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