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VapeActive: An Authorized Vape Reseller Review

VapeActive is an authorized seller of portable and desktop vaporizers along with some of the most elegant accessories. Read the complete review.

It’s always common we buy things that we don’t need or not of high standard. The same is the case with the vaporizers that are rapidly gaining popularity over the world.

The internet is full of companies selling products that not fulfill your need and turns out to be a complete waste of time and money.

Personally, I have spent a fair share of my disposable income buying electronic vaporizers from online shops that never once met my needs.

In my research to look for a trustworthy seller, I came across VapeActive that is selling all kinds of vaporizers along with some of the most elegant accessories.

This review is an attempt to help people spend their hard-earned money wisely on vaporizers.

Is VapeActive Legitimate?

Before you start ordering stuff vaporizers online, there are always a couple of obvious questions that a consumer has. The most important one is whether the products they want to purchase are legit or not.

In this case, you’ll be glad to know that VapeActive has an awe-inspiring collection of desktop and portable vaporizers and accessories for its customers.

Instead of selling fake replicas of the industry they believe in working closely with the brands to ensure an excellent supply of electronic vaporizers straight from the actual manufacturers.

If this is your first-time purchase to satisfy your smoking needs, but you have no idea about the brands, then VapeActive is the right place for you.

They have a long list of famous brands selling all kinds of vaporizers whether you are on a budget or out in search of something stylish and practical.

Does VapeActive Has Quality Products?

To go the extra mile for their customers, VapeActive has several renowned brands in the market that are selling elegant and affordable vaporizers.

Honestly, when I found VapeActive, I was confused about choosing which brand to go with, but as I started using their website, I got to know more and more about every brand.

By the end of my surfing through the VapeActive webpage, I was with valuable knowledge about various brands offerings.

Which Vaporizer Brands Do They Offer?

They happen to have a variety of premium brands for their customers whether their need is medicinal or recreational. Here is a list of the brands of products that are available on VapeActive:

1) Dr. Dabber

This Las Vegas-based company has a line of concentrate vapes. The one pen that seems to stand out is ‘The Switch’ available on this online shop for $400.

The Switch is one of the most expensive vaporizers out there with very unique and advanced features. It has a new induction feature that is designed to heat your herb in no time. It has an incredible battery that can survive up to one hundred and fifty uses on a single charge.

It is safe to say that Dr. Dabber is one of the leading brands in the industry producing advanced vaporizers and improving their design and features on every new release.

They believe that vaping is a lifestyle; thus, dedicating themselves to manufacture chic and portable vaporizers for your favorite herbs and concentrates.

It seems as if Dr. Dabber has managed to incorporate everything that a vaporizer should have. This includes a well-balanced heat discharge coupled with a remarkable atomizer to give a smooth and aromatic vapor.

2) Grenco Science

It is safe to say that the name ‘Grenco Science’ is associated with being one of the best manufacturers of vaporizers to ever exist. This brand was the first one to tap the market of the tank system for oil concentrates.

Truth be told, they were not a very big name in the industry when they started. They worked their way up with extensive marketing and quality producing of well-designed and unique vaporizers.

The products sold by Grenco Science are known for their portability, advanced features, and durability. The user-friendliness of these vaporizers is just a cherry on top for the customers.

They always seem to be ahead of others in recognizing the needs and demands of their customers, so they can capture a larger market share.

With various temperature settings and the ability to support all kinds of concentrates, Grenco Science will soon become a champion of electronic vaporizers in the industry.

3) KandyPens

Let’s be honest, we all want to purchase a stylish and portable vaporizer so we can take it to a party and show it off to our friends.

The vaporizers offered by KandyPens are elegant, classy and thus being the perfect choice for us.

In a long list of quality vaporizers produced by KandyPens, some of the most popular ones are KandyPens Galaxy, KandyPens Gravity and KandyPens RUBI.

Before, placing an order, you can read reviews and information given on the website of VapeActive related to these vaporizers. The vaporizers manufactured by this brand supports variable voltage batteries and are very easy to use.

KandyPens is known to be innovative and manufacture advanced vaporizers that meet all the requirements of its customers. Their units are available in different colors for you to choose from.

In my opinion, with their strong casing, buying one of their vaporizers would be a wise decision since they are going to stick with you for a very long time.

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4) PAX

This is a brand known for its unique and revolutionary collection of vaporizers catering to all kinds of customers.

It is equipped with extraordinary features as well as impressive and easy controls to help you experience a flavorful vaping session.

Their newest model PAX 3 is one of its kind with features such as mobile application control, four heat modes and four preset temperatures.

PAX vaporizers started as standard vaping kits and evolved by improving and eliminating irrelevant controls such as multiple buttons.

Their vaporizers are now controlled with a single button and feature a lip sensing mouthpiece to help you manage the temperature. These are lightweight vaporizers that a person can carry in their pocket or hand to wherever they are headed.

The most appealing characteristic of PAX for me is its decade long warranty. This is quite uncommon for brands unless they believe that their vaporizers are durable and flawless.

Just when you think that I am done naming all the brands that VapeActive has to offer, I want to inform you that I am not done.

Other than the brands mentioned above there are several different brands on VapeActive such as Firefly, JUUL, Boundless, Honey stick and so on.

You can visit their website to know more about these brands before coming to your final decision.

What Is In Their Product Range?

For a person looking for quality vaporizer and accessories? Everything’s on sale. Whether you are someone who likes to smoke dry herb via their vaporizer or wax and oil of some kind, all type of vaporizers is available at VapeActive.

Their stock of accessories includes durable, rapid charging batteries, lighters, cleaning supplies, rolling papers and tray, a carrying case for your vaporizer. To sum it all up, they have every accessory that you can name related to an electronic vaporizer.

Are The Products Expensive?

VapeActive has many products which are of top-notch quality, so whatever you are paying for, are less when compared to their excellency.

Therefore, I feel that their product range is very economical with the quality offered.

How Is Their Customer Service?

Whenever I called to the customer service representative regarding any query related to their products, I was dealt very quickly by them in terms of replying to my emails or messages regarding their knowledge about vaporizers which is a sign of their excellent customer service.

Do They Ship Promptly?

Yes, whenever I ordered something from VapeActive, I have always received my delivery within the timeframe set which is very quick.

The orders are dispatched on the same day, and you receive your order within 24 hours of your order placement.

For any queries, you can email them to which they are known to reply promptly.

In case you change your mind after placing an order, you can always cancel your order or return the product via their effective return policy.

Why VapeActive Is Your Perfect Choice?

If you are a clueless person who is new to the vaping community with zero knowledge of using a vape, then VapeActive is the right vendor for you.

Instead of just providing you with a long list of expensive vaporizers and accessories to make a fool out of you, VapeActive allows you to surf freely.

Choosing them as your vendor is a wise decision since it is not just a transaction between a seller and a customer, it is more of an experience.

VapeActive has its own guide to buying the best vaporizer that you can check out before placing an order.

For new consumers, they have an article full of tips on how to use a vaporizer from which you can learn a great deal of information. There are also tips for you to spot a fake vaporizer and save your money.

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Jennifer Kurtz studied medicine at the New Jersey School of Medicine (Rutgers). She is passionate about developing her knowledge of Cannabis, Nootropics, Kratom, and nutritional supplements. In addition to attending medical webinars and conferences, she loves to write research-based articles for magazines, healthcare professionals, and medical agencies.

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