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CBD Patches: Working, Types, Advantages & Side Effects

Are you a CBD user having little to no information about this relatively new method of administering cannabidiol? Or are you just in search of some information? Regardless we have prepared an all-inclusive account that will cater to all your needs.

We will begin by looking at what CBD only patches are, followed by their working and usage. Moreover, we will see the pros and cons of this product supported by credible research. Lastly, we have listed the top three products that you can buy online.

So without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

What is a CBD Transdermal Patch?

We can define a CBD patch as a band-aid-like body with a fixed dose of cannabidiol in it. It is a recent, advanced way of taking your daily dose of CBD. You must be familiar with the conventional methods of taking CBD like capsules and vapes. Unlike all of those methods, a patch is manoeuvred externally.

Furthermore, a pure ratio CBD patch is just placed on your skin like a bandaid. That is why a patch is preferred by people who are not comfortable taking CBD orally and don’t like smoking either.

Besides, like other medicinal patches, this one also administers the dosage into your bloodstream via your skin. It is similar to an IV, just without a needle. Sounds good right? You must be thinking, how can it do that? But, before answering this query, we will first clear a frequent misconception.

Will this Patch get me ‘high’?

Well, the answer is pretty straightforward. No, a pure ratios CBD patch will not get you high. Like all other CBD products, if the patch contains no THC(the psychoactive component of Cannabis that makes us high), it will not get you high.

That being said, let’s finally look at how this product works.

How do They Work?

The science behind the product is as simple as the product itself. See it for yourself. 

When we apply a patch onto our skin, our body heat ‘activates’ the ingredients. As the substance concentration is higher in the patch as compared to or skin, the cannabidiol moves down the concentration gradient through our skin and into the bloodstream. 

Furthermore, there are two significant types of cannabidiol patches, and both of them work on this very principle.

Types of CBD Patches

Firstly, we have a reservoir patch. It contains the substance in a gel-like reservoir, sealed by an adhesive. The substance diffuses slowly from the gel into our skin. 

Secondly, we a matrix patch. This patch does not contain any reservoir. Instead, it includes the substance in the patches’ matrix or in the adhesive itself. The cannabidiol infuses into the skin based on the same principle.

Now you must be thinking which one is considered best. Well, both of them have their perks. However, a reservoir patch is preferred over a matrix pad because of the substance’s controlled flow into the bloodstream.

Simple right? Precise and effective to be accurate. Now as we know the principle behind the working of a patch, let’s see how can we practically use it ourselves.

How to use them?

Using a patch is as simple as applying a band-aid. We remove the cover and adhere it to our skin. However, there are some specific spots on our bodies where it gives the best results. Therefore it is recommended to apply a patch on a veinous location, like our wrist forearm, or ankle.

The reason behind this is that in these areas, the circulation is the most efficient, making the process brisk and efficient. The patches are also popular because of some unique privileges they offer. Continue reading and enlighten yourself with a huge list of advantages offered by cannabidiol patches.

Exclusive Advantages of CBD Patches

So perhaps the most unprecedented benefit of a patch is increased bioavailability of cannabidiol.

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When the CBD goes directly into the bloodstream from the skin, it skips the digestive and respiratory tracts. As when CBD doesn’t travel down these paths, it is not metabolized, unlike when inhaled or ingested. This keeps the medicinal benefit of cannabidiol to its fullest, making a patch THE most efficient way to take a dose.

Apart from the increased bioavailability, a patch is also the best fit for treating any localized ailment. Its handiness makes it perfect for quick and localized effects. Furthermore, a patch also reduces the time of action for the substance. As it is going directly into the bloodstream, it can generate results as swiftly as thirty minutes.

Moreover, a CBD patch is used to treat many infirmities. But, before diving into the list, it is vital to know that CBD is not a direct medicine for any of these ailments. 

Furthermore, the FDA has NOT approved CBD for treating anything but two rare forms of epilepsy. However, CBD is useful for reducing the symptoms of many ailments. 

CBD patches have been used successfully to help with:

Apart from these, CBD patches for pain relief are also quite popular. Due to their localized treatment proficiency, unlike CBD for anxiety, CBD for pain relief is better suited at its job.

On the contrary, despite all these advantages, there are some drawbacks to using this product. So now, let’s gaze upon a few risks associated with the patches.

CBD Patch Side Effects/Risks

Even though CBD is an organic substance, it still possesses some risks. However, we should note that these side effects are very rare and are negligible if we use cannabidiol within the prescribed limit.

 Some of the potential threats of misusing CBD include:

  • Appetite changes
  • Diarrhea
  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Liver damage
  • Probable allergies

Furthermore, we will see what the researchers have to say as this will further clarify our account.

What Does the Research Say?

According to several studies done in the United States, CBD patches have shown promising effects in relieving pain.

Furthermore, researches have shown the benefits of patches over all other methods of administering CBD. They include:

  • Least side effects
  • Localised anti-inflammation
  • Best for localised pain relief
  • Long-lasting effect

Also, CBD patches have shown promise in helping people with a disease called Temporomandibular disorder. According to a study, CBD patches helped people with myofascial pain.

Moving on, if you have the question ‘Where can I buy CBD patches online?’, the next portion will specifically address your query. We have listed three of the best products which you can buy online. Besides, we can also buy CBD patches wholesale.

Top 3 Products Currently Available

  1. Mary’s Nutritionals CBD Patch
  2. Pure Ratios — 96 Hour Transdermal CBD Patch
  3. MÜV — 72-Hour Transdermal CBD Patch

Also, a 10mg CBD patch is considered the optimum dose for an average person living in the US. Moreover, you can also look at the CBD patch reviews which are available at the websites of all three of these products.

This leads us to or conclusion, where we have a few special tips waiting for you.

Final Words

In this account, we have learned everything one needs to know about CBD patches. In the end, I suggest you consult a doctor or a medical professional before using a patch. A doctor best knows whether your body will support a patch or not.

Besides, I also recommend you clean and dry the skin of the area where you plan to adhere the patch to. Following all these measures will allow you to make the most of a patch. CBD patches do work if one uses them precisely.

John Schroyer
John Williams has been working as a health writer since July 2011 and currently spends most of his time writing about marijuana and Kratom. He lives in San Diego, Ohio, as the beaches are nicer there. He is a regular contributor to many top health magazines and frequently writes for Redstorm Scientific.

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