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YoKratom Review – Is it a Scam or Legit Brand?

Selecting a vendor is probably one of the most critical steps when you are buying Mitragyna products.

Many factors distinguish shady and substandard brands from reliable and trustworthy ones. Beginners just venturing into the world of kratom often overlook these factors and have to face repercussions.

For this exact reason, we bring you a detailed review of what to consider when selecting a vendor.

YoKratom is a brand that has been popping up on social media advertisements. The name of the brand itself seems to be leaning towards a younger customer pool rather than being a professional and upfront brand.

There is hardly a mention of the brand on the online kratom forums. YoKratom is a relatively new vendor but has still managed to attract customers because of its insanely low prices.

There are, however, some instant red flags with the brand. These red flags are evident to anyone who has the slightest experience with online kratom vendors. There is an apparent lack of information on their website.

No mission statement aims or backstory of the brand is present, which automatically appears shady. Below is a detailed review of where YoKratom goes right and what it does wrong.

Key Features of YoKratom

Forms of Kratom

Mitragyna can be used in several different ways. These include chewing on fresh leaves, like dried leaves, powdered forms, extracts, tinctures, etc.

Many people use skin and beauty products that have been infused with kratom leaves as well. A good brand always has plenty of different forms of kratom on sale. The reason for this selection is to cater to the preferences of all types of customers.

YoKratom sells Mitragyna in the form of kratom powder and kratom capsules. These two forms are the major forms in which the public generally uses Mitragyna.

The brand sells seven strains in these two forms. One of the distinct features of YoKratom is that it sells kratom in bulk form.
There is a brief introduction about each strain from the brand present on its website. The pricing of the kratom powders and capsules is exceptionally economical and reasonable. The brand’s kratom powders start retailing at a stellar price of 24.99$ for 250 grams.

The company’s low and cheap pricing is one of the major factors that attract customers towards it.

Lab Testing

Lab tests are easily one of the most telling factors when online kratom vendors are concerned. A reliable brand not only has tested products but also has their lab results displayed on their website.

This display serves to increase the trust and confidence of the buyers on the brand. Untested or improperly tested kratom products can have toxins as well as cause health complications.

YoKratom does not have any mention of lab testing throughout the website. Not only does this appear shady, but it also draws away customers.

There are hardly enough descriptive details about the product on sale present on the company’s website. The absence of lab results can not only medical complications but legal ramifications as well.

For this exact reason, lab results and tests are one of the prerequisites of an excellent online kratom vendor.


A reliable kratom brand always has appropriate and secure shipping methods to facilitate their customers.

Usually, brands do their utmost to make sure that the customer receives their ordered products as soon as possible. YoKratom offers a variety of different shipping options for the customer to choose from depending upon their need and urgency.

These options include the USPS, UPS, and Priority Mail. They also have a FedEx option available.

The brand ensures customers that their orders are dispatched on the same day that they are placed. Same-day shipping allows the products to reach the customers quite fast.

Payment Options

One of the biggest perks with YoKratom is that they accept payment through credit cards. Due to various legal complications, a significant number of kratom vendors can no longer accept credit card payments.

Most customers prefer payments through cards because they are easily accessible and encrypted as well as compared to bitcoins and e-checks. YoKratom’s credit card payment is easily one of the few positive features of the company.

Customer Service and Approach-ability

Customer satisfaction should be the priority for every good brand. The reviews of the customers make the image of a brand, especially if an online vendor is concerned.

No customer puts up with bad customer service in the online world. Multiple customer reviews are complaining about the lousy customer services of the brand.

The buyers have had their queries ignored for various days before someone from the company has gotten back to them. Many customers have had their orders delayed because of poor customer support as well.

Another factor that plays a substantial part is the approach-ability of an online forum. It is essential to be easily approachable by the public.

Not only does YoKratom have poor customer service, but it is also not approachable. The only contact information the brand has displayed is the email address. There is no mention of a phone number or an address on the entire website of the brand.


Who doesn’t like free stuff? Especially when it comes as a result of a lucky giveaway. Another one of the very few pros of YoKratom are the regular giveaways that the brand has. To attract customers, discounts and promotions are extremely important.

Not only does the company have its kratom giveaways, it also has discount coupons which are available online.

Other than these coupons, there is also a loyalty program which you can join to make sure that you never miss an offer or discount. The members of the loyalty program are regularly sent emails about anything new that the brand launches.

How Reliable is This Brand?

This question raises a serious problem with YoKratom products. Any customer who is experienced with kratom products would want to know the location from where the products are sourced.

There is no mention of the sourcing location at the brand’s website. Furthermore, the brand has not provided any information as to whether or not their products are AKA GMP approved or not. This factor raises questions regarding the quality of the kratom that the brand is selling.

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It also makes the brand look quite shady and unauthentic because of the lack of information present on the brand’s site.

Best Selling Products

The brand does not have a wide range of strains on sale. They have seven strains available in the form of powders and capsules. Their available strains include Red Bali, green Vietnam, Green Maeng Da, and White Borneo.

The brand has an extremely brief description of some of their strains mentioned on the websites. While for other strains, there is no description available at all. The brand also sells Mitragyna strains in bulk form.

The prices of the bulk kratom are surprisingly low as many customers have mentioned online. However, if you do not prefer to buy kratom in bulk form, there are smaller sizing options available as well.

How Good is YoKratom as Compared with Competitors?

There are many factors where YoKratom fails to compete with other top kratom brands like Kratora or Super Natural Botanicals.

However, the brand does have a few positives as well. One of the most significant features where YoKratom excels is the payment through credit cards. Credit card companies usually do not do business with kratom vendors.

Secondly, the prices of the products from the company are extremely low when compared with the rates of other kratom vendors. There are amazing deals available when bulk kratom is considered.

A kilo of their Red Maeng Da strain is available for 89.99$, which is extremely economical and less than half of the usual price range. For instance, PA Botanicals (a leading kratom vendor) sells a kilo of their Red Maeng Da for 124.99$.

A lot of customers believe that the brand offers low prices to make up for the less than adequate quality of their strains.

Is this Brand Involve in any False Medical Claims?

According to the rules and regulations of the FDA, it is not permissible for kratom vendors to make medical claims about their products. There has not been enough scientific research conducted on kratom to support these medical claims about the substance.

YoKratom has included various medical benefits about their strains on their website. These include anxiety relief, sleep induction, sedation, etc. The website also calls certain strains as a replacement to opioid medication and painkillers.

The brand’s site does not mention that the statements on the website are not approved by the FDA either.

What do the Customers Think?

In the kratom industry, word of mouth is easily one of the most reliable ways to figure out whether a vendor is worth trying or not.

All the kratom forums are easily accessible, and the customers are vocal about their preferences. However, there are not plenty of customer reviews when it comes to YoKratom.

The brand is not as well-known as other traditional brands of the market. There are only a few reviews present on the brand’s website, and those too sound far too positive to be authentic.

There are a small number of reviews present on different forums. A few customers have complained about the quality of the kratom being sold by the brand.

Others have shown concerns towards their bulk orders that were held up and delayed. There are also negative reviews online about the brand’s customer services.

Social Media Presence

Many brands believe that having an active social media presence doesn’t matter, but the actual case is quite the opposite. In the current age, every online business needs to have an active participation on social media to attract more customers.

However, YoKratom does not have any significant social media presence. Although their advertisements can be seen on Facebook and Instagram, the brand itself does not have pages where the customers can contact.

The absence of active social media pages also decreases the transparency and accountability of a brand.


YoKratom is a problematic kratom vendor. There are several drawbacks with the brand. Some of the major cons concerning the vendor include:

  • The brand does not provide detailed descriptions of the strains that they are selling. Providing customers with thorough descriptions helps them to understand better what they are purchasing. This lack of information about the available strains can result in several problems, especially if you are venturing into the kratom world.
  • There are various sizing options available, but the brand is not selling ounces of their products. They do not have descriptions of their products. Therefore, if a customer buys a wrong strain, they have to put up with a large quantity of unsatisfactory product.
  • There is an absolute lack of transparency associated with the brand. This lack is evident to anyone that opens the website of the brand. There is no information about the brand or a mission statement present on the site. Furthermore, there is no mention of the locations where their strains are being sourced. This lack of transparency clearly says that the brand has things to hide from its customers.
  • The product range of the brand is quite limited. There are only seven strains available on sale. These strains are also sold in only two forms i.e., the powdered form and as capsules. Many customers prefer to have a more extensive product range to choose from and select. Moreover, the lack of lab tests on their website is another shady characteristic that YoKratom possesses.

Reviewer Notes

As is evident from the review, YoKratom is undoubtedly not one of the most reliable brands in the market.

Although they have a few winning points, the cons certainly outweigh the pros in this case. It is advised to a customer to try their sample packs out before actually buying a larger quantity.

Doing this will give you a better perspective as to what you are buying. Customers are advised to steer clear of this vendor, but if you are feeling adventurous, make sure that you think twice before ordering.

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