The Yocan Evolve vape pens are designed to be sleek, elegant and speaks luxury. It’s a pen of very appreciative and proud of when you pull it out of your pocket.

If you are a shy smoker, then this is the perfect balance of class and quality for someone like you. The Yocan Evolve happens to be the ideal birthday gift for your best weed smoking friend.

This vape pen has captured my attention. In case you are looking for the perfect gift, your favorite cannabis consumer will cherish this.

Outstanding Features

1) What Does It Feel Like in Your Hands?

The Yocan Evolve comes in various styles; however, they all operate identically. The pens are perfectly well balanced. Holding it gives me a feeling comparable to owning a reliable tool. All the pens have very distinctive looks.

2) How Well Does the Yocan Vape Pen Works?

The draw is the thing that genuinely isolates the brand vaporizers from others in the commercial centre. It’s fabulous, smooth, incredible, and clean, you get a great deal of vapor, with an extremely simple inward breath.

We’re accustomed to having to truly pull in the vapor, yet not with Yocan pens. It takes five clicks to switch it on and off. To be able to change its temperature press the button 5 times located at the mid of the battery.

3) Dual-Coil Technology

The vaporizer kits are designed with two coils within them. When you press the button and hold, a red light is visible inside the pen indicating the heating of the coil.

This unique design and structure definitely give an effective hit and is recommended to people looking for more than just cigarettes to forget about their stressful day.

The pen itself is fully automatic. Just inhale through the mouthpiece and a green light illuminating will indicate that the vapor is being created.

Furthermore, the vapor is just simply smooth. This pen had the best draw of any vape pen we’ve at any point utilized, and we’ve (all together) used a lot of them.

Let it be known that the Yocan Evolve has made a special place in its users’ hearts over other pens due to its excellent draw.

Its high calibre draw puts it at the top of the chart.

The System of the Yocan Evolve Vaporizer

How to charge?

Are you wondering how do you know that your pen needs charging? Or how long is the battery life of the vaporizer?

For that, you should look out for the LED green light indicator (mentioned above) that is supposed to illuminate while you vape your problems away. When you see it flashing, you can directly connect your pen to your computer/laptop via a USB charger to bring it back to life.

This is provided to you, along with some other beneficial accessories, in the Yocan vape pen kit.

Did I impress upon the fact that this pen has a rapid charging 650mAh battery which fully charges in under an hour making it the fastest charging battery in the market?

If you are faced with long hours of studying or a party that goes on and on for hours, then this vape pen will stand by your side in your time of need.

Other Accessories in the Yocan Vaporizer Kit

There is a dab tool for applying wax or oil into the ceramic chamber. It comes with a dry herb and an e-liquid attachment. It looks more presentable with a few covers of the dry herbs.

1) Yocan Evolve Atomizer

In addition to manufacturing such remarkable vape kits, the brand also has its own line of atomizer coils. Unlike other vaporizer kits that have adapted to more traditional ceramic heating elements, the company decided to develop its atomizer around the idea of quartz heating element.

The result is instant heating thus being the most suitable choice for smokers who are impatient and demand prompt outcomes.

Precisely, less time wasted on waiting for vape kits to work at their full capacity and more time invested in enjoying what comes next after taking a puff.

2) Coil Cap

To further add to your amusement Yocan atomizer uses coil cap to keep your most desired vape concentrates from leaking.

Frequent users of E-cigarettes complain about the mouthpiece heating up after continuous use. The company has tackled this issue with the help of their unique coil cap and the mouthpiece of their vaporizer kits are immune to heat.

Now, feel free to pass your vape pens around to your friends without them swearing at you for giving them a smoked gun.

If you have gone through the trouble of going to the laundry because the tools of your previous vaporizer kits cannot hold onto their liquids and would spill in your pockets, then you would be pleased to know that this coil cap is the perfect solution to save you a trip to the laundromat.

3) Contributive 510 Connections

The 510 threaded connections utilized by the Evolve Atomizer tend to come in very handy as they can be used with a wide range of vape pen batteries and models obtainable in the market currently.

However, let me remind you that the best choice to put them to use is the Vaporizer kits manufactured by the well-renowned brand, Yocan.

How to Shop?

Unlike any of its competitors, Yocan has vaporizer kits that are sophisticated with several distinctive designs. Apart from the well-renowned Yocan Evolve 2.0 Vaporizer, there are a few other options for you to choose your poison from.

  • Yocan Deluxe Vaporizer: This is no different than the Evolve 2.0 vaporizer. What makes it distinct is the unique design and price tag. One can simply order it at their website for just $74.99 which is not a lot when compared to the pleasure it will give to anyone who smokes it. Inside the packaging, a lot of tools including a USB charger, a 510-concentrate atomizer, and most importantly a user manual can be found.
  • The user manual is there to guide you on how to take care of your goods and keep them from getting damaged.
  • Yocan Uni Box Mod: This is available for $40 deeming it a more suitable choice who doesn’t wish to spend a fair amount of cash but want a significant hit from their favorite vape concentrates. It’s a piece of well-designed equipment with a considerable amount of battery life. It comes with a pre-heat feature prime your cartridges before you start smoking. It lasts for 10 seconds, and then you can make your smoking dreams come true without any hesitation.
  • Yocan Hive 2.0 Vaporizer: It’s a limited-edition vaporizer kit available for $44.50 that comes with various textures and colors. It has a window view to help you see how much of your favorite vape concentrate is left, so you know exactly when to replace it. There is a magnetic connector on the atomizer to prevent any E-liquids from leaking in your pockets or purse. This is a desirable feature especially when you have had to get a change of clothes during a day because your previous vaporizer kits could not hold onto their liquids.

Can you Afford it?

In my search for quality E-cigarettes and accessories, I have come across enough other brands, but I barely placed any orders because the prices they offered merely didn’t seem right.

However, when I got wind of the Yocan vape pens and how economical they are I couldn’t resist my need to add it to my cart. It is surprising just how reasonable prices are on their websites.

The company sells its products exclusively online with the help of many re-sellers to keep costs low and capture the consumers’ interests. That once you buy their pen kits and start using them, you wouldn’t want to switch to other brands.

Does it Require Any Further Developments?

Yes, I think anyone who has ever used the Yocan vape pens will agree with me since the controls to turn it on/off and alter the temperature are a bit complicated.

Five clicks to turn it on and then three more to set the temperature is just a lot of motion counting and remembering. We, all know how difficult this all can be for someone who is a bit tipsy.

However, not to demotivate you but if you cannot keep up with its mechanism shouldn’t you just put it down and go to bed already.

Would I Recommend this?

Despite my whining about its mechanism, I would recommend you place an order this instant. It is an excellent instrument with the perfect velvety smooth draw coupled with superior aeration.

So, the next time you plan to get a buzz on E-cigarettes, head over to their website because for me the Yocan vape pen kits are at the top of the chart.

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