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Wicked Kratom: Is It a Brand You Can Trust?

As you probably already know, kratom is becoming a well-known star in the world of medicines and herbs. When people can easily scam one another, users need a company they can easily place their confidence in. Wicked Kratom is perhaps a name you’ve heard countless times if tea powder is a product you have purchased and used before.

If you don’t know what this non-GMO herb is all about and what it does to you, let us inform you. It’s a tree belonging to the coffee tree family, originating from Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Malaysia. The plant was used for medicinal purposes, and now it is taking flight as a recreational substance. This plant is usually used for its euphoric properties that act as energy-boosters and create a calming effect for short-term users. On the other hand, for more frequent users, it increases alertness.

The chances are that you’re pretty new to using Mitragyna Speciosa, so you can sit tight and rest assured as this article will hopefully clear out a vast majority of your doubts through this brand review. Soon you’ll be the one giving guidance to newbies instead of being one yourself!

What Does it Stand For?

With product names like “Yellow Brick Road,” “Flying Money,” and “Confetti,” this company sure does know how to pull in an audience. Even though they have now changed their name to Wicked Tea, their fans still praise them to no end. Aside from changing their brand name, they’ve also added a tumultuous collection of flavors, extracts, powders, and even essential oils! 

For the past few years, Wicker Kratom has only been rising to the top with innumerable reviews. However, several speculations need to be cleared out. Being a predominantly online store, it’s no surprise that sometimes there are a few mishaps in quality, but the customer services are quick to swoop in and keep their users satisfied.

One of the most important features about Wicked Kratom that sets it aside from its competitors is its vast range. The brand offers exciting blends of pure leaf powder, but that isn’t all! They also sell an extensive variety of assortments based on different veins and their strains. 

Selection of Choices

As we already discussed in the overview, it is no surprise that Wicked Kratom offers a large variety of options to choose from, which also keeps them reeled in and stay loyal to the company.

The essential products they offer are related to tea powder strains and their veins, categorized with color. Some of the colors they sell are White, Red, Green, and Yellow. These colors are then divided into at least five options: White Gold, Red Gold, Dark Green Borneo, or Dark Brown Bentuangie.

Most mitragyna Wicked Kratom sells come in funky names, which may seem enough to attract buyers. Still, in reality, terms like “Red Buddha” don’t explain or describe what the product offers. Instead, it wouldn’t be very shocking for clients to run the other way when they hear names like “Chocolate Sunset.”

In addition, since the company offers such a wide variety of choices, you need to heed the instructions and ingredients with a fine-toothed comb. Simply making a purchase based on cool names could be a huge problem, especially for new users. 

According to the numerous reviews from consumers on platforms like Reddit, using a new strain with a heavier dosage than you usually consume could result in side effects, such as nausea, or mood changes.

What Do The Customers Have To Say?

Many customers praise Wicked Kratom to no end only for its customer service, which also makes the pricing worth it. With a delivery time of about two business days, clients have reported their respective packages to be transported in an intact and sealed box. 

Along with that, since the tea is yet to be used universally, there may be some social stigma attached to using it. To overcome this issue, the company sends their parcels in a discreetly wrapped package as well!

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However, it may be challenging to reach them since they only have an email and number registered on their website. Most new users would have to believe reviews and details from preexisting customers since Wicked Kratom does not allow access to their information without a password.

While this is an excellent initiative in terms of security and privacy, all these passwords and private conversations to see their collections and go through their website may drive new customers away due to extra hassle compared to more open and available competitors. 

Is The Pricing Really Worth It?

On average, many kratom companies offer incredible deals, such as about five dollars for an ounce or twenty-eight grams of tea powder. Wicked Kratom is definitely on the higher end, demanding around ten dollars for ten grams worth of kratom powder.

The owner’s claims about tree powder quality and their drive to keep customers satisfied and safe may make the prices worth it, especially with their vast array of alternatives. Although this may not be enough for new users, many customers suggest waiting for a discount deal before purchasing.

While the prices for tea tree powder go from $9.95 for ten grams to $500 for a kilo, the capsules and extracts aren’t cheap either. Wicked Kratom offers tablets ranging from $8 to $110, and the extracts are sold at $29.5. MitraGaia, on the other hand, sells their capsules at a range of $6 for an ounce and $160 for a kilogram. 

Compared to well-known brands like MitraGaia and Phytoextractum, Wicked Kratom stands out, but negatively. While MitraGaia stands out as the cheaper brand, Phytoextractum is also great with its numerous deals and packages. 

Additionally, Phytoextractum and MitraGaia set the bar way high up since they have information more accessible to new users and are AKA and FDA approved, unlike Wicked Kratom

Is it Medically Approved?

The most significant aspect that sets Wicked Kratom at a disadvantage is that it does not provide any certification attesting to the purity and safety of its products. 

While users have reviewed the product on favorable terms, stating that the strains and veins they purchased are always rich in quality and delivered consistently. It does not have any recorded affiliation with the American Kratom Association, which means it lacks the Good Manufacturing Practice certification.

However, there have been accounts of sour quality tree powder sold, reported, and refunded by the owner, which is a great plus point for the brand. It shows that instead of being a delivery service, they put in outstanding effort for the betterment and satisfaction of their customers.

While giving customers a heads up and a refund about manufacturing problems is a good initiative, several speculations have also been made. For example, there is no way of knowing or confirming that Wicked Kratom successfully disposed of the damaged product or tested its products.

The brand found stainless steel shards in some of their sold strains and informed their buyers immediately. However, this incident shows that the company probably hadn’t been vetted appropriately, as finding metal pieces in your tea powder is not a common issue. 

Users still swear by it, but if you prefer to have a thoroughly tested and approved company, Wicked Kratom may not be the one for you.

Final Verdict

Wicked Kratom is a brand that finds itself on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of pricing, but a variety of loyal customers would argue that their options and services make it worth it. 

With activity on their websites only available through passwords and reaching out via email and phone numbers, this company can be a bit untrustworthy at first. If their options entice you, it is suggested that you reach out to a customer of theirs and ask for their insight. We hope you learned something from this brand review and find yourself a little more comfortable with the subject of Mitragyna Speciosa!

Christina Earle
Christina Earle is a licensed psychologist practicing in Oakland, California since 1999. She provides counseling to people who are struggling with managing stress, and anxiety related issues. In her free time, she often writes on mental health conditions that educate the individuals to explore ways of improving their health.

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