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White Vein Horned Kratom Effects, Dosage, And User Reviews

Talking about the rare Kratom strains, white Horned Kratom is one of them. You may never know the effect of Horned Kratom leaves, but it is famous for all the right reasons. For the new Kratom users, white vein horned Kratom is a new type of traditional Mitragyna speciosa tree which has particular benefits to offer.

The users endorse it for a high energy strain, and it is perfect for someone who wants a boosting Kratom experience. The way it will work for you needs a proper guideline of use, quantity, and method. A first timer may not know all this before so here is all the information to help you.

What does white vein Horned means?

It is a new name which is admittedly different from traditional Kratom strains. If you are a regular Kratom user, you may know that most of the Kratom strains get their names from their respective regions of growth.

Looking for white vein horned Kratom, it doesn’t appear to be the name of a place. Indeed it is not a region but a particular type of leaves. White vein means that this individual Kratom has bright white veins instead of typical green veins.

Horned leaf is an unusual shape of leaves which appear to be similar with horns. It is way different from the standard leaf form, and one can easily differentiate between these two.

The complete name of white vein Horned leaves shows that there may be other horned leaves which are not white. That’s true; horned leaves grow in red, green and white strains. Out of all these, white strains are the most soothing and energetic. That is why white Horned Kratom is now gaining sky high popularity.

Where does it grow?

The regular Kratom strains grow in their respective locations which are even easy to guess from their names. In case of horned Kratom, these specialized horn shaped leaves of Kratom grow only at one place.

It only grows in Indonesia, particularly at Borneo which is an island territory of Indonesia. Its location is near to the Kalimantan which is near the Indonesian Border with Malaysia. Thel eaves don’t grow in abundance. Even if someone finds a patch of them, the white vein horn leaves are less likely to be a part of it.

White vein Kratom leaves grow much lesser as compared to red and green vein leaves. For this, they are always a rare thing to find. Also, this is the reason that white horned Kratom was not popular before, as it was not even common to find at that time.

How do white horned leaves benefit a user?

It’s not just the rare occurrence which makes the status of white horned leaves so stable, but the effects contribute too. The benefits are what adds to its fame at large. People prefer to use white vein leaves of horned strains because of the following reasons.

  • It elevates the energy level

The most widely remarkable effect of white horned Kratom is the energy boost that gives to the user. For some people, it is the best morning supplement which retains the energy evenly for the day ahead.

The use of white horned leaves powder overcomes the usual feeling of lethargy, weakness, and lack of motivation. This quality makes the demand of white horned leaves more by working professionals and students.

  • It is a natural stimulant

For the general fatigue and down feeling, a stimulatory agent like white vein horned leaves works best. It works best for all user, irrespective of their previous experience with Kratom.

  • It improves the mood

The probability of having a bad day will be a lot less if the user prefers white horned Kratom over other strains and supplements. White vein leaves which have special appearance work efficiently for improving the mood. It also overcomes the extreme mood swings and provides an overall self-control to the user.

  • It initiates a positive thinking

It doesn’t look like an effect, but work load, stress, and fatigue can make anyone pessimistic. To avoid this feeling, white horned Kratom leaves are a great help. Having a regular dose of horned white vein powder makes the user optimistic and confident. It eventually benefits his work efficiency and decisions.

  • It is a nootropic Kratom strain

The benefits suggest white horned Kratom to be the best natural nootropic. These safe properties ensure the user for the benefits. It is better to use it over the chemical supplements which are artificial and damaging by nature.

  • It is euphoric

What the extreme effect of white vein leaves in horned shape is that they are capable of inducing euphoria. However, this euphoria is less likely to occur at small doses. Only the high dose of this particular strain brings it up. The euphoric potential of white horned Kratom is very desirable among users.

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How much dosage of white horned powder is enough?

The dosage sensitivity of Kratom is no more a myth. Nearly every user knows that best effects come with the small dose. For the new users, here is the basic dosage guideline.

A small dose (2 grams-4 grams)- Brings the stimulation, improves the mood, adds motivation, enhances the work efficiency and energy boost.

A moderate dose (3 grams -5 grams)- Brings active attitude control, significant energy boost, best nootropic effects and improve the cognitive as well as the physical working of the user.

High dose (4 grams to 8 grams and over)– It usually brings the extreme relaxation, energetic experience along with euphoria. The euphoria only appears on higher dose whereas all other effects start to fade away. For this reason, it is famous that Kratom works best on small dose when approximately all effects hit the user for a long time.

These effects last for 4-6 hours and new users; it may last even longer. Users suggest to try it on an empty stomach for the more fulfilling experience with stable outcomes.

What includes in white vein horned strains?

Horned leaves are only the shape of leaves which is different from the standard Kratom leaves. It doesn’t mean that it is a new strain. It is the same Indonesian strain which is otherwise available at all big Kratom stores.

Considering the horned leaves, most of the Indonesian white strains Kratom strains are available under horned leave appearance. If you see a product as white vein horned leaf powder at an online store, it is more likely to be a mixture of any two or white strain. Otherwise, they are available by the specific name, i.e., horned Maeng Da.

Using a mixture of multiple strains is good in a way that it has the best effects of all. However, if the user is looking for one certain benefit, using a particular strain’s horned leaves is better.

Can you easily find horned leaves?

The only reason that horned strains of Kratom are not commonly available is that they are not easy to find. First, their natural growth is prolonged and white vein leaves are less in number to grow.

Secondly, even after they are here, the Kratom suppliers who can stock it are only a few. Finding and processing white horned leaves is a long process which takes so much time and effort. The average level Kratom vendors don’t put effort to find it. That is the reason that you may not see horned strains in the stock of many Kratom vendors.

Another thing is that one has to be extra careful when ordering horned Kratom. Many shady websites take advantage of the rare occurrence and present any random leaves powder as horned leaves. To avoid a possible scam, always order white horned Kratom from a top class and trustable Kratom brand.

What are users saying about it?

Majority of the user views online show that white horned Kratom is making their Kratom experience enjoyable. A user named surelytempo started a discussion thread where his experience with white vein horned leaves appears to be a lovely, stimulatory and euphoric thing with the dosage 5.0 grams only.

 Another active Reddit user Celtics1899 shares the experience with white horned to be amazingly energetic and a favorite strain to use.

A commentator with the user name 2 minutes to midnight shares that capsule form of white horned Kratom leaves was the best experience. The style of using Kratom of this user was different; it had initial and secondary dosages. For a very high dosage, white horned leaves were active within 15 minutes of consuming it. The effects were very stable and easy going, and they were helpful to overcome the effects of red Bali for two weeks.

However, some users share opposite views. For example a Reddit username ResearchLibertine shares that white horned leaves do have some energetic potential, but it is so weak than green and red vein leaves. Other comments on this same thread suggest that white vein doesn’t work same for all. Mixing it with any other strain may become a right combination for all those which think white horned Kratom isn’t working for them.

A similar thread shares the experience of another user which describes the regular dose, i.e., 5 grams to be not effective. On the same thread, a user SighOp shares that the serious effects need 3 hours to come.

The slight difference between opinions suggests that white vein horned leaves don’t work the same way for everyone. One has to be extra cautious when selecting a strain.  The effects which come with Kratom also depend on the health status, time and method to use Kratom and previous experience with Kratom.

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