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Where To Buy Kava Locally And Near Me?

Kava is a plant that is gaining fame as an alternative treatment these days. You will see many online sellers trading Kava and various products of it. It is relatively a new name if you are not much into herbal products.

Kava is a powerful enough for comparison with Kratom. Like Kratom, kava has soothing and relaxing effects, which help to relieve the stress.

Many people are going through a stressful phase of life and need help. Using herbal products is better than using medicine. If you also want to avoid medication, using Kava, in this case, is the best option.

Being a new product, you may not be able to find Kava around you. You may ask people about it at health stores, and none of them have it.

It is essential to know the necessary details on Kava and where to get Kava locally around you so that you can buy it right away. This article will discuss where can you get Kava with ease.

What is Kava?

Kava, also known as Kava kava is a plant of tropical lands. It is called Piper methysticum, which is derived from Latin.

The common name kava is from Tongan and Marquesan language. There are many alternate names of Kava by its area of growth. They include away, yaqona, sakau, milk, etc.

It abundantly grows in tropical forests of Pacific Ocean. It is not a tree but a shrub. Significant areas of its growth are Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu, Micronesia, and Hawaii.

Kava is famous as a part of a ceremonial drink. It is also a popular herbal remedy for various health issues.

It is due to the therapeutic effects of Kava that it made its way to the international markets in less time. For pleasing effects, Kava produces good sensations, calming, relaxing and tranquil impact on its user.

These effects of Kava are due to the active compounds in it, which are called kavalactones. A research study by determines the lactones in Kava plant. It is a detailed quantitative determination by using supercritical fluid chromatography.

Kavalactones are proven to be the proper medical treatment for the short-term general anxiety disorder. An extensive joint research proves it by 18 international research centers.

This study was funded by Australian National Health and Medical Research Council, co-founded by MediHerb (Integria Healthcare (Australia) Pty. Ltd). It has been published in Trials journal.

This 18-week placebo study used 240mg of Kava dose per day. It showed positive findings that this plant-based product is the first line therapy for generalized anxiety disorder. You don’t even need the formula to get all these benefits of kava.

In which forms Kava is available?

Kava is a plant, but its commercial products are available in some forms. It is due to the rapidly growing popularity of Kava that the manufacturers are introducing options in it.

So you select a type of kava, which is easy for him to use it. All these forms and versions of Kava are readily available at specific Kava selling points.

Kava is available in powder, capsule, tea and liquid form. The recommended dose of Kava per day is more or less 200 mg– 250 mg that should never exceed this limit at any cost. Following are different forms of Kava.

Kava tea

Kava tea is one favorite product of Kava users, which you may find at health stores. There are many brands of Kava tea.

You have to boil water and brew the tea in it. It is either available as just kava tea or a mixture of multiple herbal blends. Using 2-3 cups of kava tea per day is safe.

Kava tinctures

A tincture is a liquid form of kava, which is available for the customers. It is made out of the distilled root of kava in different size bottles.

People use a few drops of this tincture in their choice of juice or beverage. Kava tincture has a strong taste for which it is nearly impossible to use it directly.

Kava powder and capsules

Kava root is available in a fine powder form that you can add to any recipe of choice. You can also make a tea from this powder if you don’t have access to the instant kava tea. The same kava root powder is available in encapsulated form.

Using capsules is better for a defined dosage. Each capsule is pre-packed with the exact amount of Kava powder. Both these types of Kava are easily available around you.

Does law prohibit the trade of Kava?

In the USA, Kava is available as a dietary supplement and herbal tea, which is as per the regulations by FDA. But an important point here is that it is not a proven natural medicine.

Supplement and tea form of Kava is not a therapeutic form but recreational. It reflects that US laws have no issue when you are buying Kava for leisure.

There is not any recommended dosage announced by the regulatory authorizes but the safe dosage is between 200-250 mg. FDA’s role on Kava is not very prominent.

The only thing that it emphasizes is that the manufacturers are using Kava roots to make all kava products.

Kava leaves, and the stem is not considered safe for human consumption. It is only the root, which has all therapeutic benefits.

Canada being a second largest user of Kava has regulations over Kava selling. The research-proven to show some link between live toxicity and kava usage led Canada and other countries to set this control of Kava trade.

You may hardly see a Kava product commonly available at superstores. However, this administrative order doesn’t apply to kava products manufactured outside of Canada but shipped inside the country.

In the UK there is a ban on kava products for medicinal usage, food additive or therapeutic product. But they may be available in the form of supplements and tea. Australia has a ban on Kava sale.

It can be imported for research purpose after a written permits but not otherwise. Adult travelers can also take up to 2 kg Kava for personal use from Australia.

Similar bans and regulations are usual to see in other countries. The manufacturers try to warn the consumers for the mismanaged use of Kava.

Some areas have a complete ban on Kava and its products like Poland, Ireland and some parts of Switzerland.

Why is Kava under a legal threat?

The benefits of Kava put it on the verge of controversies, which is a criticism on the safety of Kava. Kava is not addictive, regulates sleep and makes the stress go away. There are some drawbacks, which are a center of attention for the world.

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The recreational use of kava can cause liver injury, which leads to its ban in various countries.

The Drug And Alcohol Review published research on the risks of drug abuse by Kava. It turns out to be true that at some point Kava has a potential threat to liver health.

Another research published in Phytochemistry is a pioneer to study the Kratom alkaloids. It was a joint study between four international academic research centers.

It tells that for centuries; people are using Kava without any side effects. But the standardized extracts of Kava from Europe have a high risk of health complications.

As per this research, the extraction process is responsible for the toxicity of the product. The extracts are either in water or acetone. Kavalactones are essential for the liver health.

Along with antioxidants, kava lactones protect the body against hepatotoxicity. The protective extraction can cause the risk of side effects by the maximum.

This research shows that potential side effects are a manufacturing problem and not a side effect of Kava plant. It can be avoided through the careful processing.

Where can you possibly get Kava and Kava products?

The availability of Kava and Kava products around you depends upon where you live. The national and state laws of the area of your residence may determine where could you find Kava around you. Here are a few options that you should check while searching for Kava products locally.

Kava at Local Smoke shops

The local smoke shops must sell Kava products because of the possibly increased profit. The recreational product users, i.e., cigarettes are more likely to try new options like Kava, Kratom for a better experience.

Some users smoke Kava. But it doesn’t have a historical approval from the native people of tropical areas.

Smoking kava may not be the wise decision and may bring up minor side effects. It is more likely to find kava at the local smoke shops.

Kava at Health stores

You may find kava in dispensaries and health stores around you. But most of these shops and clinics have a license to prescribe Kava supplements.  The higher authorities for the safe usage mostly approve the supplements that you find here.

Remember kava selling here is not a medicine but a health supplement. You cannot use it against any health issue.

It shows that it is vital for the user to collect the necessary information about Kava and the most suitable form for him.

Kava in Food stores

Check the local food stores around you for Kava tea and Kava supplements. You can find your favorite kava product here without a legal complication.

These forms of Kava are edible and safe for human usage. That is why there are no complications to find them here.

You will find Kava at Gas stations

More closely you look around you, more options to buy Kava will show up. One not so favorite place to find Kava products is the gas stations.

Due to the increased demand for Kava, many gas stations try to keep it along with food items. You can easily purchase Kava from these gas stations and enjoy it while traveling.

Google map Will Help You locate a reliable Kava source around you

A fantastic tool to help you finding Kava and its products is Google map. You may be thinking that it is not even going to work.

Let us tell you that it will work. Using Google map is convenient to locate kava-manufacturing companies, their outlets, if any and stores where these products are available.

Try to use this global tool of Google map to find the reliable options. Remember that buying from the genuine seller is necessary to get the original Kava product.

Can you find Kava products at Walmart and GNC?

Unlike Kratom and various other natural opioids, you may easily find Kava and its products at Walmart and GNC.

It is even more convenient for you to order it online or go to the nearest branch and buy it manually. Some Kava products, different forms, and various size packing are available at Walmart and GNC.

Can you purchase Kava online?

Surprisingly, there are so many options to buy Kava including an online purchase option. Despite the question mark on the safety level of Kava, it is readily available in markets and stores around you just like an ordinary health supplement.

A few options that you can try for buying Kava online are as follows.

Phytoextractum – https://www.phytoextractum.com/

Kratora – BuyKratom.us

Try to buy Kava only from a reputed online supplier to avoid a low-grade Kava or a possible fraud.

What to look for while buying Kava locally?

If you have decided to buy kava products, it is necessary to do the relevant background research to complete the efforts at your end. Here are a few things that you should always keep in mind while buying Kava products.

  • Check if you can use Kava or not. There are a few health conditions and medicines during which you cannot take Kava. It has a high risk of potential side effects. Consult your doctor in such a condition before buying Kava.
  • Know and understand the local laws on Kava. You can take help from Google to search the regulations on Kava sale in your locality. You may also ask for an online kava vendor to cross check if they are permitted to supply in this area.
  • Check for the reputation of the vendor. Prefer those vendors, which sustain a longevity track to check. If you are ordering online, check the user reviews and make the necessary verification before order.
  • Select a suitable form of Kava for you. If you are new to kava, using a high-end product like Kava tincture is not the right thing. Use the standard forms, i.e., powder, tea, supplements for initial usage.
  • Read the labels carefully. Check the quantity of Kava for that specific product. Make sure that the kava product that you are taking is safe for human consumption. Also, read the recommended dosage for the user.
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