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Where to Buy Cheap Cannabis Seeds Legally in the UK?

As the demand for cannabis seeds has sky-rocketed In popularity, thousands of online vendors or off-street shops have spawned. However, consumer’s buying preference depends on several factors like the seed’s quality, pricing, delivery, packaging, customer support and product range.

Amongst all, pricing acquires the most weightage as most of the time they endlessly search for cheap buying options. And who says you can’t get good results with low-cost cannabis seeds?

Following we have provided a round-up of the Five best stores as well online vendors in the UK offering low price cannabis seeds. So, just kick back and browse through their tried and trusted collection of cheap cannabis seeds. Hopefully, it will help all the cannabis lovers make the right decision:

First Things First: All You Need to Know About The Cannabis Seeds and The UK Law

The legality of Cannabis has long been a subject of numerous controversies. Therefore, it’s incredibly essential to get familiar with the UK laws surrounding cannabis seeds- to avoid any misfortunate persecution or interference from law enforcement.

Unfortunately, the arena is quite murky and confusing at the moment. In all honesty, it is not really clear what is legal and what’s illegal when it comes to the buying or selling of cannabis seeds.

To make it simple, the precise answer is YES.

However, if you take a deeper look, then things are pretty much complicated. Here is why:

Cannabis is classified as a Grade B Drug with its use, growth or processing being completely illegal since 1928 (Yup, that’s close to a century).

Now here comes the twist: Despite the widespread restrictions and penalties surrounding the use of Cannabis, it is entirely LEGAL to trade, order and own Cannabis SEEDS all over the UK if you are over 18 years. In fact, this is how things are in most of Europe.

Wondering why?

In 1962, 180 countries, including the United Kingdom, signed an International Treaty, namely Convention on Narcotic Drugs. According to the clauses of the treaty (that takes precedence over national law), the definition of narcotics excludes cannabis seeds.

Despite the numerous laws and sanctions, the dark reality is that cannabis strains with low THC levels (more commonly referred to as hemp) have been used for industrial purposes for over thousands of years in the production of fibre, seeds and oil.

Do you know the United Kingdom is the world’s largest exporter of legal Cannabis? (A bit hard to digest, but that’s the truth!)

Also, the UK is home to the world’s largest medical cannabis company, GW Pharmaceuticals. This alone serves testament to the mass-scale production of Cannabis behind the closed doors of illegal facilities inside private houses or apartments.

Regardless, there are specific points of interest as cannabis seeds hold a somewhat grey area within the law.

Owning cannabis seeds to grow marijuana is punishable by law. This is because cultivating, producing, buying, selling or possessing marijuana is considered a legal offence. Consequently, germinating cannabis seeds into plants is an illegal act.

However, there are reasons beyond germination why anyone would want to own cannabis seeds. For instance, alternative use of the seeds is to cure certain medical conditions or simply consuming it as a healthy food supplement for a balanced diet. This is because the seeds are a rich source of numerous nutrients, vitamins, proteins and amino acids without characterizing the mind-altering impact.

After much lobbying, medicinal use of Cannabis was legalized in the Uk in November 2018 if prescribed by a registered specialist doctor. However, to date, a lot of doctors hesitate to recommend Cannabis despite its tremendous health benefits and healing powers.

The Key Takeaway

It is absolutely legal to purchase or deliver cannabis seeds provided it is for legitimate reasons. If it is proved that the intention of owning the seeds was to grow marijuana, then be prepared to become the target of law enforcement agencies. The penalty really depends on the one suspected i.e. whether he is the seller or the purchaser.

Finally, as per law, you must be over 18 years of age to purchase the seeds which you cannot grow on the country territory where it is forbidden.

Now let’s jump to discover all the places you can order or visit to buy 100% legal and cheap cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom:

1. Sticky Seeds

Website: https://www.stickyseeds.co.uk/

Sticky Seeds

Sticky Seeds is the Number One choice of all those who wish to compare and browse through a plethora of cheap cannabis seed brands all at once. What started as a hobby back in 2014 in the form of a cannabis blog quickly escalated into becoming a household name for supplying the most sought-after cannabis seeds- that too in the lowest of prices. The foundations of the company were laid with the vision to fulfil and meet the need for affordable cannabis seeds of the entire globe.

Over time, Sticky Seeds has blatantly proved all those wrong who thought that high-quality cannabis seeds could not be bought at low costs. It would literally make the consumers instantly fall in love with the grain and stick to the brand for a long time to come. Don’t believe it? Search for their reviews.

They have been featured in tonnes of popular marijuana sites for their outstanding service, unbeatable prices and juicy seeds that are sure to get anyone drooling.

With exceptional customer support and an easy to navigate website, the company boasts an enormous selection of seeds, developed by professional breeders with vast expertise and experience in the field. Each strain is personally monitored and then tested rigorously in the laboratory to ensure consistency and quality.

The company’s flagship product is the Ganja Seeds that are shipped worldwide for many years. All products are sold in packs of 1, 3, 5, 10 or 50 with the marketing tactic of ‘larger the pack the cheaper it is’. The warehouse is situated in southern England from where delivery is made the next day within the UK and 3 to 5 days internationally.

Rest assured, whatever you desire, or your growing collection requires, you will find it here and more. So, what are you waiting for? Click on their site to explore and order their ravishing products.

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2. London Seed Centre

Address: 9 Adrian Avenue, NW2 1LX, London
Timings: Monday to Friday 10 am-6 pm and Saturday 11 am-4 pm
Website: https://londonseedcentre.co.uk/

London Seed Centre

If you are hunting for some pocket-friendly cannabis strains, then look no further. Simply head out to the London Seed Centre’s outlet situated in the heart of London. If you are based out of London or just not in a mood to drive, then no problem! One can access their fully interactive site through any device: android phone, pc, tablet or laptop. This makes choosing the perfect seed a simple and easy task from anywhere, anytime.

All the seeds are sourced from the finest and the most stable cannabis strains in the world and sold directly. Their massive database covers 4000 different world-class standard cannabis strains derived from genetics that have been honed and perfected over the course of years.

Not only that, one can enjoy amazing discounts on hundreds of these strains. So, browse through, order online and receive your parcel within days in secure packaging in any corner of the world. Yup! Their delivery service is worldwide.

Tip of the Ice-berg: There are no delivery charges on orders above £20.

2. Grizzly Seed Bank

Website: https://grizzly-cannabis-seeds.co.uk/

Whether you are a first-time cultivator or an expert in the field, Grizzly Seed Bank’s comprehensive catalogue has got you covered. One can access hundreds of the very best potent strains right at their finger-tips from the comfort of their home. What a convenience! No?

Whether you are looking for auto-flowering, regular or feminized marijuana seeds or have your eye on the latest cup winning genetics, their affordable cannabis seeds are sure to impress you.

Besides, this seed bank stocks an impressive range of medical marijuana too. Some of their product highlights include Wedding Cake Regular, Tangerine Dream Feminized, Sherb Tree Feminized and Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Cannabis seeds).

Perhaps what lands them one step ahead of the competition is their range of first-rate, stabilized seed genetics with a 90% germination rate- if done correctly. Despite this, every order packs some extra, free seeds. After all, it is Grizzly’s ultimate aim to make your garden brim-full.

They offer customer-friendly packaging, delivered stealthily and safely in any corner of the world. Besides, you can pay at your convenience through any one of the dozens of secure payment options. What more can you ask for?

4. Emporium Cannabis Seeds

Address: 817 Liverpool Road, Eccles Manchester. M30 7LH
Contact Number: 0161 707 7426
Website: http://emporiumcannabisseeds.co.uk/

Emporium Cannabis Seeds

If you are a marijuana enthusiast, you must have had a chance to shop from the Emporium.

This is definitely the place to get cheap weed seeds in a safe and secure environment for all those who are sceptical of ordering online. Conversely, if you wish to get rid of the hassle of driving all the way to the shop, you can browse their site (which too is loaded with fantastic strains) until you find the perfect ones that satisfy your needs.

This cannabis seed supplier based in Manchester has been in the business since 2012 and has built a solid reputation for its top-notch quality, amazing discounts, swift delivery and discreet packing. Not only do they run a diverse portfolio of cannabis seeds from prestigious breeders around the world but also offer premium quality bong and vapes.

Whether you shop online or in-store, be confident that you will only receive the highest quality seeds that too in the lowest prices. If you are looking to buy a particular strain, then the store owner strongly recommends to call and confirm the availability before paying a visit to avoid any inconvenience.

In case of non-availability, they promise to arrange your request and deliver it within two working days at your doorsteps anywhere in the world.

Rest assured, the Emporium promises there is something for everyone out there with a great bang for the buck. So, don’t give it another thought! Hurry up and get your hands on one of their exclusive offerings!

5. Paddy Seeds

Website: https://paddyseeds.com/
Office Timings: Monday to Friday: 10 am to 4 pm

Paddy Seeds

This online vendor is the perfect one to round up and finish this list. Paddy Seeds is definitely worth considering for your next cheap cannabis seed order. The foundations of the company were laid in 2011 to make quality seeds genuinely affordable for every collector.

Back in that time, Paddy Seeds was one of the first and the only kind to offer bulk cannabis seeds. Their attractive pricing, coupled with the exceptional quality, quickly garnered attention from consumers all across the globe and established them on a firm footing in no time.

Today, it has become a prominent name in the official distribution of 1500 types of strains from 50 different seed banks. So, basically, there is a bit of everything: auto-flowering, feminized, outdoor and indoor seeds- the comparing and categorizing of which are made easier on the website.

Oh well, if you are concerned about the quality of seeds in terms of pricing, then rest easy knowing that you will not be disappointed. The seeds have been sourced from some of the world’s finest genetics.

The team of 8 members rigorously work on updating the catalogue, testing the strains and getting your order shipped swiftly from either of the two offices; one in London and the other in Malaga (Spain).

From the moment you place an order until it gets delivered, they will go the extra mile to make the customers happy and satisfied. After all, the company is solely surviving for their loyal customers – without whom it won’t be here.

Disclaimer: Brands mentioned above are not subject to any kind of ranking or endorsement by Red Storm Scientific. Remember, it might be illegal to own cannabis seeds in your country. Therefore, it is solely your responsibility to conduct adequate research before placing an order.

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